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His origin story (which may be similar to that of Superman) hasn`t been told, but it IS known that Satans soldier came from another planet.

On Earth, he started to fight against bad guys and save people. Just for his own amusement. On rare occasions, he causes damage to civilians himself, just because.

He tried to rape a superhero named Heroine, but she cut of his penis. It`s not known if SS managed to get it sown back to its place, or if he grew it back.

The babies caused tremendous havoc. SS whisked them to outer space.

He got in to a magnificent fight against a being similar to himself, Justice Truth. He crippled Truth.

Then he teamed up with d`Ark and Human shield to fight against aliens.

An army sent by Black Sabbyth and Cosmoses tried to kill him. They didn`t succeed.

The two then trapped Soldier inside the Earth.


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