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    Satannish was created by the Dread Dormammu. He is sometimes referred to as the son of Dormammu and father of Hellstorm and Satana. Satannish has been one of many demons to be called Satan.

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    Satannish is a Hell Lord, an extra dimensional demon, created from the energy residual that was left over near and surrounding Earth after the powerful Demogorge destroyed and caused many of the Earth Elder gods to flee. As such Satannish is several millennia old. It is also known that Satannish creation was somewhat orchestrated and planned by the powerful faltine dread Dormammu. Satannish views and recognizes Dormammu's authority as such and has acted as an agent on his behalf. Satannish lives in a pocket dimension adjacent to Earths line of reality, and in this dimension he is the lord, and master, and near omnipotent. Satannish has at various times promised to give superpowers to those who followed him in exchange for their souls. A number of followers formed a cult named after the demon, called the Sons of Satannish. He has also played an important role in the formation of the Maggia. Despite their seemingly mutual goals, Satannish and Mephisto in particular have feuded several times over the centuries, one such instance came about when Baron Mordo sold his soul to both Hell Lords. Although Satannish was initially the victor of the claim of Mordo's soul when his Sons of Satannish paved the way for his victory, Mephisto would end up just challenging the green devil directly, resulting in both making war on Earth. Sorcerer Supreme Stephen Strange would threaten both with merging their powers and personalties with each other, causing both to back down.


    Satannish is a Marvel comic book character and was created by Roy Thomas, Tom Palmer and Gene Colan. Satannish first appeared in Doctor Strange #174 released in 1968 however the character had been mentioned two years prior in Strange Tales #144.

    Character Evolution

    One of the numerous Hell Lords that inhabit the Marvel Universe, Satannish has never become as popular as his contemporaries such as Mephisto or Satan. Primarily a Doctor Strange villain, Satannish fictional history has shifted around a fair bit, since his creation in 1968. Satannish had multiple forms as the years passed, like a living fire or a apparence resemble more the one of a human, but his current one is quite obviously demonic with large horns, supernaturally green skin and a large facial visage on his body, Satannish is supposedly an embodiment of concentrated evil, but later character developments in stories also suggest that he was a creation of the Dread Dormammu. In recent times the character has appeared in such series as Captain Britain and MI-13 and Journey into Mystery.

    Major Story arcs

    The Sorcerer Supreme

    Doctor Strange is known to be one of Satannish's greateast enemies. They first met when Lord Nekron, another demon, tried to give Satannish Doctor Strange's soul instead of his own. But this attempt by Lord Nekron was failed. Later, a group called Sons of Satannish was formed which was led by Asmodeus. They tried to use Satannish's power to plot an evil plan but it was stopped by Doctor Strange and the Avengers.

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    They had multiple encounters such as the fight to take Baron Mordo's soul and during Satannish's personal quest against Mephisto, which involved both Doctor Strange and Mephista.

    Hell Lords United

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    Later, Satannish struck a deal with Asmodeus and after tried to go after the Defenders, but failed. His plans seemed to be stopped by the Avengers or Doctor Strange. Then, Satannish teamed up with other hell lords like Mephisto and Thog to create hell on Earth but that to was ended by the Defenders. Satannish has had a long hate for Mephisto.

    Which started after a battle for Baron Mordo and the formation of the Satannish team Lethal Legion which was made up of souls stolen from Mephisto.

    When he tried to conquer all hell realms, the result was his defeat and Mephisto destroying Satannish's physical body when the same wasn't aware of his presence.

    Secret Invasion

    Rather than destroyed by Mephisto, or possibly having revived since then Satannish was recently observed trapped in the Dark Realms however he was released from that magical prison by Pete Wisdom acting as an agent of MI13. It was in part necessitated as the Earth as well as Avalon had been overrun by invading Skrulls. Satannish would also somewhat predictably threaten Wisdom with the idea that he would eventually conquer the very lands he had just saved out of obligation. Satannish would also gather among various other high ranking Hell Lords and higher demons on various occasion, once convening with Hela, Mephisto, Pluto, Blackheart and Dormammu to met the empath Meggan and once summoned by the demon Belasco's daughter Witchfire who wished to join the group.

    Fear Itself

    Satannish was present when several Hell Lords met at the Devil's Advocacy. The large grouping of demons and hell lords met to discuss the actions and consequences of Cul, the Asgardian fear god, also known as the Serpent. The Serpent had been released from imprisonment and had pursued aggressive actions towards Earth and Asgard causing residents of both worlds in strife. Eventually the Serpent would be defeated by Loki, Thor, many of Earths heroes and a contingent of Asgardian figures.

    Powers and Abilities

    Satannish is known to be one of the most powerful demons to exist and even the most powerful mystical being according to Lord Nekron. Satannish's vast mystical powers include teleportation which he uses to travel through different dimensions; indefinite command of time, space and matter; he also has the ability to cast illusions; possesses shapeshifting powers; the ability to command devastating mystical force bolts; telepathy; demonic possession; and Satannish also possesses immense strength as his incident against Joe Fixit showed and amazing durability too.

    It seems Satannish have a natural resistance against Hellfire since Daimon Hellstrom couldn't even damage him. Whilst in his native dimension, all of Satannish's powers and attributes are multiplied greatly. When not in his home dimension, one of Satannish's weaknesses is the ability to operate on the earthly plane where his powers decrease, but he might have lost this weaknesses to a certain degree. Satannish's true form is supposedly unrevealed as so far and he even used different ones in the past. He has also been known to empower artifacts and items with his power, items such as the Wands of Satannish, Crystals of Conquest and the Satan Sphere. Like many of the Hell lords, Satannish can empower beings like he did to Lord Nekron, Charlie Ronalds, Jason Roland and others and typically does so with their soul as the price for imbuing such power upon them.

    Physical Characteristics

    • Height: Variable
    • Weight: Variable
    • Eyes: Variable
    • Hair: Variable

    Other Media

    Video games

    Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (2011)

    Satannish makes an appearance in the 2011 fighting genre video game Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. A non playable character, he appears with fellow Hell Lord Mephisto in the ending of the Capcom succubus character Morrigan Aensland.


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