Satanna the Tiger Girl

    Character » Satanna the Tiger Girl appears in 20 issues.

    Sara Descarl is a brain surgeon who transplants human brains into the bodies of mutated animals. With her "Animal Men" she picked Shiera Sanders for her next target, Satanna had to deal with an enraged Hawkman.

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    Satanna was an enemy of the Golden Age Hawkman. Sara Descarl was a brilliant scientist and surgeon who discovered through her research that she could transplant human brains into the bodies of tigers. These tigers then would follow her commands on stage as "Satanna the Tiger Girl" and when she went on her campaigns of murder and extortion.

    Satanna recently attacked Power Girl with a Sonic Boom Hammer because she had injured Ultra-Humanite with whom she had a relationship in the past and still had feelings for. She was stopped short of defeating her after placing a Gravity Well device in Power Girl's chest by Atlee who threatened to torture her if she didn't deactivate the device. She managed to flee as Atlee was deactivating it.

    Later she swapped Ultra-Humanite's brain with Atlee's and after finding out, an enraged Power Girl came after her demanding she returned Atlee's brain to her body. When she refused to comply Power Girl cut her arm off using heat vision. She then had the arm of a leopard attached in order to replace the missing limb.

    She would try a new scheme by sleeping with Dr Sivana in exchange for a favor however he betrayed her, having got what he wanted from her and threw her out a window. As she was falling she vowed revenge against him.


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