Character » Satana appears in 4 issues.

    An evil demon-kin who plagued Suprema and the Coven.

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    The origin of Satana was never given an issue of it's own to explain but rather through a flash back to an imaginary issue. At first believed to originated in Hades itself, the she-devil Satana and her master Lord Sin, were later discovered to issue from a region of the infernal realm that has shaped itself according to the fears and fancies of late twentieth century America. Satana is especially dedicated to bedeviling Suprema, Sister of Supreme. In one instance, Satana tricked Suprema to into the underworld by switching places with herself from her imprisonment on a burning wheel, and disguised herself as Suprema to terrorize Glenvale. She even went as far as seducing Suprema's boyfriend, Troy Taylor. Satana's plan almost worked until her master Lord Sin freed Suprema. Satana was sent back to Hades for her mischief, never to be seen for decades.


    Satana was recruited by Sentinel, who frees her from her imprisonment in Hades, to form a team called Badblood, an evil counterpart of Youngblood. She and the Lounge Lizard managed to subdue Suprema and Twilight together. Like her teammates, they almost succeeded in their plan to defeat Youngblood until Waxman came to their rescue.


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