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    Satan is a fallen angel who was cast down from heaven.

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    Satan is the original fallen angel in abrahamic lore. In newer Christian theology he is synonymous with several other demons such as Lucifer and Baphomet, but they are considered separate demons in most other lore.


    In Image The Devil wanted Savage Dragon's soul because he was transported there by Fiend, but God himself came down and stopped Devil from taking Dragon's soul.

    God & Satan are brothers in the Spawn comics, and their mother is Man of Miracles. For that version see Katie Fitzgerald the human vessel/reincarnation for more info.


    The Devil managed Hell, the kingdom of the Damned, where those humans who died in sin were sent for their eternal punishment. Usually, their humanity was burned out of them by their approach to Hell, but there was one man, an ex-soldier, whose hatred was so strong and so cold that it could not be destroyed. He had a heart cold enough to freeze the fires of Hell itself.

    The Devil tried to beat the hatred out of him , to whip it out, but torture was ineffective. It was Angel Of Death who came up with a solution. Since all this man wanted to do was to kill, he could take the place of the Angel. His swords were melted down and remade into guns while the Devil sewed the meat back to his flesh. This man of hatred became the Saint of Killers, with guns that never missed and always killed.

    As soon as he stepped through the gates of Hell, the fires started up again. The Devil shouted with joy, he shouted to the Saint, "Good riddance, you cold-hearted son of a bitch!" The Saint heard the insult, turned around, and put the first shot of his new guns straight through the Devil's head, killing him.

    Powers and Abilities

    Satan is Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Nigh-Omnipresent.

    Examples of Satan's powers: he can control the weather, manipulate matter, alter density, time travel, and warp reality...etc.


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