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    Satan Girl was a clone of Supergirl, created by red kryptonite. She fought against the Legion of Super-Heroes, trying to kill all the female members so she could live as a separate identity.

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    During a period when Supergirl spent time in the 30th Century, she was exposed to a piece of Red Kryptonite that produced an evil duplicate of her which called herself Satan Girl. 


    Satan Girl was created by Edmond Hamilton and Curt Swan. The "Dark Supergirl" who is a evil duplicate of Supergirl that was created by Black Kryptonite, was In inspired by the original Satan Girl story.

    Character Evolution   

    Silver Age 

    Satan Girl (Silver Age)
    Satan Girl (Silver Age)
    She  then used her own unique powers to erase the memory of the incident from Supergirl's mind. Satan Girl went on to battle the Legion of Super-Heroes during a time when the female Legionnaires were placed under strict quarantine due to a Crimson plague. Satan Girl took credit for the plague and tried to siphon off Kryptonite radiation from the bodies of the female Legion members in order to preserve her existence. When the effects of the Crimson plague wore off, Satan Girl was re-absorbed back into the body of Supergirl never to return.

    Five Years Later

    Satan Girl reappears as one of the time anomalies created by the events of Zero Hour.

    Modern Age

    Dolores Pratchet

    Dolores Pratchet
    Dolores Pratchet
    200 years ago in colonial America (1776). Dolores Pratchet a practitioner of Satanic rituals lost her daughter Rachel when the young girl tried to save her friend, a slave named Ember, from being burned at the stake for witchcraft. The two girls fused into one and became an Earth-Born Angel of Fire. However Ember began to fall from grace, dooming both her soul and Rachel's. Dolores made a deal with the demonic Carnivore and agreed to become his servant to save her daughter. He gave her magical powers and dubbed her Satan Girl. Satan Girl's magic was able to bridge time and pull the current Angel of Fire, Supergirl, from the present and switch her bodies with Ember, so that Supergirl would die on the stake, and Ember would exist in the future (along with Rachel). This disturbance of the timeline allowed Satan Girl to appear in the present with Ember. However, Supergirl was able to escape her death with the aid of Ember, who returned to her own time to live out her fate, and a sorceress known as Tammy Neil. By setting the timeline right, Satan Girl crumbled to dust as she was not alive in the correct timeline. 

    Retroboot / New Earth

    S'Tanicule Gyrstress 

    S'Tanicule Gyrstress
    S'Tanicule Gyrstress
    In the 30th Century, Brainiac 5 is conducting experiments on a ten thousand year old Brocian Hunting Statue. Which was rumored to have magical properties to it. His experiment got out of control, though, forcing Supergirl to save him - though the statue was destroyed. Brainiac 5 and Supergirl where both super-charged with temporal energy from the statue. Unknown to Brainiac 5, once destroyed the statue released a virulent magical plague, possessing people and releasing a demon called S'Tanicule Gyrstress, or "Satan Girl" - the Brocian Goddess of Love and Death. Witnessing her arrival on Earth Brainiac 5 quickly escape with Supergirl into the future. Four days into the future bore the shocking result of the world controlled by Satan Girl, with everyone on the planet possessed and in her service. Even other members of the Legion are under her control, attacking Supergirl and injuring Brainiac 5. Supergirl retreated and treated Brainiac 5 while developing a plan to defeat Satan Girl. Using an artificial Jimmy Olsen tour-guide program in the Superman Historical Museum, she charged into Satan Girl's Citadel with an army of Jimmy Olsens to pave the way. As they fought, Satan Girl managed to strike a fatal blow to Brainiac 5. Using energy that Brainiac 5 and Supergirl originally absorbed in the initial destruction of the Statue, Brainiac 5 was able to develop a way to seal Satan Girl away before she was released to begin with. This reversed time, with Brainiac 5 no longer injured, and with he and Supergirl being the only ones to remember Satan Girl.   

    Major Story Arcs  

    Powers and Abilities


    The first Satan Girl has all the same powers of Supergirl. 


    The same as Supergirl's with the added vulnerability that she can only survive 48 hours, after which time the red-K effects will wear off and she will be reabsorbed into the original Supergirl.


    The other Satan Girl's has various magical abilities, such as the power to cast spells and switch souls. Her trident fires blue flames that can burn through almost any substance, and is strong enough to pierce invulnerable skin, such as Supergirl's.

    Other Versions

    Other Media


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