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    Sasuke is an anti-hero in the Naruto series. He is the lone survivor of the Uchiha Clan and a former member of Squad 7. He betrayed the Leaf Village to follow his own obsession with revenge. After his battle with Naruto at the end of the series, he regretted his past actions and chose to travel the land and eventually became a key protector of the Leaf Village. He is the young brother of Itachi Uchiha.

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    Sasuke was created by Masashi Kishimoto, The author and illustrator of Naruto. Sasuke is an Uchiha which belonged in the Uchiha Clan, which is the most powerful clan in the entire Naruto series. located on the Village Hidden in the Leaves (Konoha). As a child, Sasuke lived with his parents and his older brother, Fugaku Uchiha (Father of Sasuke, and Itachi), Mikoto Uchiha (Mother of Sasuke and Itachi), and Itachi Uchiha (Sasuke's older brother). Masashi Kishimoto represents Sasuke as an evil character during the end of Naruto and mid way towards Shippuden. And by the end of Naruto Shippuden, Sasuke becomes good and allies with his best freind Naruto and the entire Leaf Village.

    Sasuke is Naruto's opposite, sort of representing the concept of evil while Naruto represent the concept of good.



    Sasuke Uchiha is a ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village. He is the younger brother of Itachi. He spent some of his childhood with his family the Uchiha Clan, one of the village's most powerful clans. They have a special kekkei genkai called the Sharingan.

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    As a child, he was neglected by his father because he liked Itachi more. But Sasuke's mom did the exact opposite she treated them both the same and all Sasuke wanted to do was impress his father so he would notice him. His brother Itachi was suspected that he killed his friend Shisui Uchiha and was visited by the Uchiha clan members He defeated them but was stopped by his father. Days later when Sasuke was coming home from the academy only to find out his brother had killed off the whole clan. Itachi killed everyone to test his own ability as a shinobi. He left Sasuke alive because he didn't think he was worth killing at the time he viewed Sasuke as pathetic.He told Sasuke to fill yourself with hatred and grow more power to one day kill him and avenge the Uchiha clan. He continued on after the incident with Itachi's words imprinted in his mind.

    Sasuke named himself an avenger at this point. Sometime later he was paired up with his team mates. The first meeting with Naruto Uzumaki was somewhat of a clumsy one, as he could not stand the kid, but, seeing as they were in the same class, he would have to deal with him. Sasuke was the point of many of the kunoichi's affections in the class, but mostly Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka, and, Naruto wanted Sakura, when she wanted nothing to do with him. Sasuke, however, did not think anything of these crushes and would continue on with his day every time someone would bring it up, even telling many of the girls to just back off to their faces. To his own dismay, he found that this tactic rarely worked for anything, as the very next day they would decide that they could always try a different approach.

    Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke - Team 7
    Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke - Team 7

    Their first encounter, Naruto saw the acclaimed prodigy of their junior class Sasuke, and stood up on the table and stared him down, eye to eye. Sasuke, as usual, had just been sitting there with his hands propped up by his elbows, staring forward with his chin and head propped up by his hands. Naruto stared him down, and, in a most embarrassing moment the kid in front of them knocked Naruto and caused their lips to meet, almost a seeming kiss. The two boys spat and wiped their faces off for a long period of time, and from then on out Sasuke decided that he wouldn't even deal with him anymore, and that he was nothing more than an immature kid who strove to become a ninja. Alas, though he did not want it, Sasuke was paired Naruto, and Sakura. The real problem wasn't Naruto in the end, though, it was Sakura, who had a huge crush on him that he did not want to be a part of. It made him angry that simply for that Naruto would want to be his rival....

    And so, Sasuke was drafted with Naruto and Sakura on Team 7, lead by the copy-ninja Kakashi. The first test that he had with his new sensei Kakashi was to retrieve one or two of the bells that he had on him at the time, but, the problem was, that for three members he only had two bells, and the person that went without a bell would have to go without lunch. Sasuke managed to fight him and almost get a bell, making it so that even the great Kakashi could not read his book while attempting to fend him off.

    Sasuke's first mentor, Kakashi Hatake, the Copy Cat Ninja
    Sasuke's first mentor, Kakashi Hatake, the Copy Cat Ninja

    He originally hid with Sakura, waiting for Naruto, who had tried a direct frontal assault as his primary tactic, to finish up and be worn out. When he assumed that Kakashi was not prepared, he went in with all out Taijutsu to defeat the esteemed Jonin. However, it did not work and he was left defeated and sealed underground by Kakashi's genjutsu and ninjutsu. In the end, however, he was given lunch anyways due to Naruto's foolish actions and attempts to cheat.

    Sasuke and Sakura ate their lunches in front of a chained up Naruto. To Naruto's dismay, and were told that they were not allowed to give Naruto any of their lunches by Kakashi. Their sensei left and he decided that he would still share with Naruto, though he had been advised against it. Sakura was confused and thought that he was being stupid, and didn't want for him to fail any test that she passed, as she wanted to be with him. Kakashi reappeared and with an angered look in his face he screamed at Sasuke and Sakura for breaking the rules, telling them that he had deliberately told them what they should not have done, and now that they had done it....they passed. The three ninja were extremely surprised to hear something like this as their master seemed quite angry. Then he told them: "Yes, in the Ninja world, those that would break the rules are scum. But those who forget their friends are less than scum."

    The phrase didn't mean much to Sasuke yet, but later, it would mean nearly everything.

    Hidden Mist Ninja

    His first major mission was escorting an architect and bridge expert, Tazuna, to his home in the poverty-stricken Wave Country. When they went to receive the mission from Lord Hokage the Third, they were given a C-Rank mission, though they were, in fact, pulling themselves into a spot where they would no longer be able to play around. Little did they know, they were going after Zabuza Momochi himself, a man known as "The Demon", and they would be fighting him in order to survive, not only save the Bridge Builder. Later on in the same mission, during an exercise to improve tree climbing, he managed to stay ahead of Naruto for a good length of time. He also stood toe to toe for a while with Haku, an exceptionally dangerous ninja with extreme speed and dexterity.

    It was during this battle that Sasuke awakened the legacy of his clan, the Sharingan. However, in order for him to do this, he ended up nearly dying to save Naruto, who had intruded on his fight. Their first encounter on the mission with Zabuza was a very dangerous fight as it had been a complete ambush, and they had just defeated two other lowly ninja on their own. Sasuke and Naruto were forced to fight off one of Zabuza's water clones while the real Zabuza held off Kakashi, imprisoning him in a water ball like jutsu, that made him completely immobilized as long as Zabuza held him there with his chakra. Naruto was foolish in thinking that he could still take out one of the clones with one of his barrage like attacks, and ended up being nearly killed when he ganged up on the masked murderer. However, all hope was not lost, Sasuke still conjured a plan, and one that was successful, too. He had Naruto transform into a shuriken, and then threw him while underneath one of his own shuriken.

    Zabuza dodged the shuriken with ease by catching the first and jumping over the other, but the one that he had been forced to let by him was actually the one he should have payed attention too the most, as it was the one that Naruto had conjured himself to be. He threw a kunai straight into Zabuza's face, and made him lose concentration and release Kakashi. The fight from then on out was basically won, until a mysterious young ninja killed Zabuza... or so they thought. Kakashi passed out shortly after the fight, and the three young genin and the old bridge maker Tazuna carried him onward to Tazuna's place, where they would recuperate and meet Tazuna's grandson Inari, a young boy who, though at first seemed snobby, but once the young genin learned his past from his mother, who also stayed with her father Tazuna.

    Inari had been a young boy when he met a man that he viewed as a hero, and saw him as a father figure, as his was long gone from his life. This man was a rebel figure in every sense of the word, and somewhat of a hero for the small village that Inari had lived in, and had even saved him from drowning on one occasion. However, due to him doing certain things that made Gato lose money, he was forced to be executed by many of the evil crime lords men. This made the others see the little boy in a different light, and try to be nicer to him, but he continued to simply be a seeming snob, wanting to be left alone to cry for some of the things he knew were happening to him.

    Zabuza, the Demon of the hidden mist.
    Zabuza, the Demon of the hidden mist.

    Sasuke and Naruto didn't know what to say to little Inari so the two young genin just minded their own business. After waiting quite a while for their sensei to fully heal he told them that he knew that something wasn't right...after discussing the options the young group realized that the young boy who had killed Zabuza had possibly not killed him, but taken him away to save him from being killed by Kakashi. After realizing this, the genin were all taken out to learn some more of the fundamentals and basics of chakra manipulation by doing one thing, walking, or running, up trees.

    Sasuke and Naruto didn't understand how this would help their combat prowess, but they quickly changed their minds when they were explained the purpose of training this way, in order to strengthen the way that they were able to manipulate their chakra to do just about everything. After months of training, him and Naruto were finally what he considered him to be an "equal."

    However, the time came when Kakashi revealed that in actuality Zabuza was not dead, due to the way the shifty tracker ninja had acted when coming to dispose of the body. Squad Seven eventually left and went on to face Zabuza once more, this time showing his new found speed and defeating multiple of Zabuza's water clones and facing off against Haku in his water crystal barrier. The fight went on and eventually Naruto came to rescue Sasuke, albeit only ending up in making this situation much more difficult by getting them both trapped in the barrier. It was here that Sasuke revealed his dormant Sharingan eyes, and was able to see Haku's movements, but not stop them. He ended up taking what seemed to be a fatal blow for Naruto, causing much speculation as to how he lived.

    Chuunin Exams

    For the first part of the Chunin exams everyone had to take a test. It was a hard test in which you couldn't cheat. If you did you along with your team would have to leave Along with other people Sasuke cheated. He used his Sharingan to copy the movements of a person to get their answers. Before the tenth question was given you had the option to leave and you could take the exams again. But if you stay and you answer wrong, you can never to the Chunin Exams again. With Naruto's determination and encouraging words to stay for the tenth question Sasuke and Sakura along with many other people stayed for the question and passed.

    In the second part of the Chunin exams the team had to retrieve a scroll out of two. One was the Earth scroll while the other was the Heaven scroll In the forest he faced an unknown opponent who was Orochimaru disguised, that overpowered the whole team left by leaving Sasuke with an odd marking on his neck and shoulder area. He left, saying his name was Orochimaru.


    Sasuke fell into a deadly, painful sleep. He was barely kept alive by the efforts of Sakura. However, as three Sound ninja closed in on them, Sasuke’s awakening brought a frightening turn, the mark grew, covering one side of his body in a black flame pattern and extraordinary power. In a matter of minutes, Sasuke moved into an avenger, yanking the arms out of the sockets of one attacker and scaring his teammates off. The power he now commanded over even went as far as to make Sakura afraid, begging him to stop.

    In the preliminary exams, he had to fight a rain ninja. After the fight Kakashi sealed the mark with a seal but it would only work by will.

    After this Kakashi trains Sasuke for his fight in the finals against Gaara of the Desert. He taught him with a lightning jutsu called the Chidori.

    In the finals of the Chunin Exams he arrived at the last second in the middle of the arena.

    Gaara enclosed himself into a protect shell made of sand. Because of this Sasuke had to use the Chidori. When he penetrated the shell, for the first time in his life Gaara has seen his own blood. This made the already unstable Gaara even more unstable and his siblings carried Gaara away. Sasuke chased them as an invasion of Sound ninja and Sand ninja came in. After a fight with his sister Temari he went after the two brothers. When he met up with Kankuro and Gaara, Gaara left while Kankuro stayed.

    Then Shino showed up, wanting to have his match against Kankuro that was supposed to happen in the finals. Sasuke then goes after Gaara. Gaara was more of a monster than Sasuke could handle and used the curse mark just to keep up with him. Naruto came in, just as the curse mark made Sasuke unable to move.

    As Sasuke is recovering he is frustrated at how strong Naruto is. Later on they both have a battle on a rooftop. After Sasuke jumps into the air he uses the Chidori. Naruto creates a Rasengan and lunges at Sasuke. Sakura tries to stop them but it is too late. Neither of them can move and as they are about to hit each other. Kakashi throws them into separate water tanks both making holes, Sasuke's Chidori made a hole, and Naruto's Rasengan made a hole.

    As Sasuke walks around he sees that a much bigger hole was made by Naruto in the back of the tank. Later Sasuke is approached by the Sound Four to join Orochimaru so he could be trained by him. He accepts.

    He did many missions but left the Leaf Village to go to the Sound Village and train with Orochimaru get stronger.

    Naruto: Shippūden

    In Naruto: Shippūden, which takes place two years after the first Naruto series, Sasuke is now sixteen. During this time, he has trained under Orochimaru, and his desire for power and revenge were as strong as ever. During his first encounter with Sakura and Naruto he claims that he is willing to give up his body to Orochimaru just to kill Itachi. This would be proven wrong when Sasuke barged into Orochimaru's room and pinned him to the wall.

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    He then declares to Orochimaru that he is weak and there was nothing more he could teach him, and was prepared to strike the death blow when Orochimaru turned into his true form, a white snake made up of hundreds of smaller white snakes like itself, somewhat of a beast like Hydra. The two fight, with all the snakes on Orochimaru's "body" attacking simultaneously. Sasuke defended himself against the attacks and taunted Orochimaru as he activated his level two Curse Seal. He said "snakes dream of soaring through the sky, but are forever doomed to crawl on their bellies. But you'll get your chance to fly, snake... in the talons of a hawk." Sasuke then slices Orochimaru in three halves, but starts to feel sick. Orochimaru's severed head taunts Sasuke, saying that his snakes have poisoned the air, as he lunges at him trying to take Sasuke's body by bringing them both to something of a dimension "within himself," as Orochimaru put it.

    Sasuke began to be consumed by the strange organic-like material within that world, but Sasuke put Orochimaru in a genjutsu and the strange material that was consuming Sasuke instead began to consume Orochimaru... absorbing Orochimaru with his own technique. When Kabuto asked him which one he was, Sasuke put Kabuto in a genjutsu showing him what happened, then said simply "I've taken over." Sasuke then forms a team called Hebi, which means Serpent or Snake, made up of four people including himself. The three other members consisted of other subordinates of Orochimaru from his other hideouts. They were: Suigetsu, Karin, and Juugo. This team was made to kill Itachi. With Hebi, Sasuke traveled to confront Itachi but was intercepted by the Akatsuki member Deidara. Deidara challenged Sasuke and was ultimately defeated by his own clay bomb, "his greatest masterpiece" as he called it. However, the large summon snake Manda was killed in the battle and Sasuke was left wounded. Recently Sasuke has caught up with Itachi.

    When he found him Itachi told Sasuke to meet him in the old Uchiha hideout. When Sasuke and his team, Hebi (Snake), made it to the hideout they were confronted by Itachi's Akatsuki partner Kisame. Kisame told Sasuke to go on alone while the other three stay behind. Karin pleaded for Sasuke not to go alone but Sasuke thought this was perfect and went on ahead. Meanwhile Suigetsu and Kisame have decided to battle to pass the time, seeing is how they're both from the Village hidden in the Mist. When Sasuke finally confronted Itachi for their final battle he found Itachi sitting on a throne like chair. Itachi asked Sasuke "What do you see?", in which Sasuke un-fearfully answered "I see you...dead.". The battle began with Itachi finally replying "Let's see how good your eyesight is.". Sasuke used his Chidori Current and pinned Itachi down.

    Sasuke told Itachi he had one question left to ask before he kills him. But it was revealed the Itachi was using his signature genjutsu as the Itachi pinned down faded away as a flock of Raven's. Sasuke found the real Itachi still sitting atop the Uchiha throne. Itachi was surprised when Sasuke was actually using a genjutsu as well as Sasuke's body faded away as a herd of snakes. The real Sasuke was hiding behind the throne.

    He impaled Itachi from behind with his sword. Sasuke then told Itachi once more "Before I kill you, I have one last question.". Sasuke asked Itachi who the third Uchiha survivor was, and Itachi answered "Uchiha Madara". Sasuke wondered how Madara could still be alive if he was a founding father of the Leaf Village. Itachi told him that Madara is very much alive. And that Madara helped Itachi kill the Uchiha clan. Sasuke then revealed that Itachi was using genjutsu and now they may begin they're real fight. But before they did, Itachi revealed that after activating the Mangekyou Sharingan, your eyes slowly begin to go blind, the very price you have to pay for getting the power of the Nine-Tailed Fox. Itachi told Sasuke that Madara Uchiha is the only one in history to ever find out the Sharingan's final secret, and with it he tamed the nine-tailed fox, and used like a pet.

    The final fight between brothers.
    The final fight between brothers.

    However this was revealed to be genjutsu. Then Itachi used the Tsukoyomi to tell Sasuke his sinister plan to rip out Sasuke's eyes. Sasuke broke the genjutsu of Tsukoyomi and proceeded to attack and successfully overwhelm Itachi's Grand Fireball jutsu, but soon after Itachi uses his Amaterasu flame to attack Sasuke.

    Sasuke was able to dodge Amaterasu with a technique of Orochimaru's which uses alot of his chakra. Both being near the end of chakra Sasuke prepares for his final jutsu, "Kirin."

    By creating a hot up-draft, Sasuke was able to cause storm clouds to form. Using his chakra, he guided a lightning bolt at Itachi. He thought he defeated Itachi, however Itachi used his last Mangekyou Sharingan technique, Susanoo, a large humanoid to protect himself. Orochimaru starts to whisper to Sasuke, saying that he can help him defeat Itachi. White snakes then appear from Sasuke's body and Orochimaru appears in the form of a gigantic eight-headed snake and attacks Itachi, however Susanoo cuts off each head that attacks him. Orochimaru emerges from the mouth of the last head and is stabbed by Susanoo's sword, which has the power to seal whatever it strikes in a dream-like world. Susanoo starts to absorb Orochimaru and the white snakes from Sasuke's body into a gourd attached to the sword, but one of the snakes escape.

    Itachi begins towards Sasuke, but clenches his chest.Sasuke attempts to defend himself with exploding kunais, however they are all deflected by Susanoo's shield. Sasuke gets backed into a corner as Itachi reaches for Sasuke's eyes, but at the last moment changes his finger's path and pokes Sasuke's forehead as he falls to the ground and Susanoo disappears, in a last act of remembrance.

    Sasuke then awakens in a darkened bedroom. Tobi first speaks and informs Sasuke that he won, but shouldn't be so careless about his life. He then stepped out of the shadows and tells him that that they met before, but he isn't his enemy. Tobi then starts to take off his mask, stating that he's also a surviving Uchiha. At this point, Sasuke's eye turns into the Itachi's Mangekyou Sharingan and Amaterasu starts to engulf Tobi, he falls back into the shadows screaming. Sasuke is baffled as to what happened, and Tobi steps out of the shadows saying that Itachi gave him his Mangekyou Sharingan, possibly as a last ditch effort to kill him or to keep him away from Sasuke. Tobi makes a joke saying that it could be called a fail-safe, but Itachi only got as far as "fail." He then tells Sasuke that he was the one that helped Itachi destroy the Uchiha clan and called himself Madara, and said that he's going to tell Sasuke about Itachi...

    Sasuke learns the truth about Itachi.
    Sasuke learns the truth about Itachi.

    The first few things he said confused Sasuke a lot, as he didn't understand the relevance of what had happened back then to what was happening now. Tobi told him that in order for him to explain the past of Uchiha Itachi, he would have to first explain what had happened a long time ago, back before Konoha had even technically started, back when there were two warring clans, The Uchiha and the Senju clan, who had been warring with each other ever since anyone could remember. When people hired the Uchiha as bodyguards, their enemy would hire the Senju. The two clans were the strongest in the world, and always fought whenever they were given the chance. Tobi continued to tell him of how he had met his greatest rival, and also the man he had looked up to the most, on these battlefields. This man was known as Hashirama Senju, the man who would later become the first Hokage of the Leaf Village. Madara continued to tell Sasuke that he had been on even terms with the man when it came to fighting, they were almost on equal terms with each other, but Tobi had lost more than he'd won, and eventually this caused for him to have to give up his position in the clan, as in desperation he asked his little brother for his eyes, as he was going blind. What most people did not know if this story was that in fact, Madara had not taken his brothers eyes away, he had in fact just accepted the offer because he knew that his little brother knew what was best for the clan. But this would eventually cause some controversy among the other members, and he would soon lose rank...

    Standing on a bank of a ocean shore Sasuke reflected on what Tobi told him, then in a final decision he informed Tobi, Juugo, Karin, and Suigetsu. That team Hebi (snake) will now move under the name Taka (hawk) also reviling his new Mangekyou Sharingan, and long with the new name came a new goal, to crush Konoha.

    But before he could crush Konoha, Tobi said that he would have to join him with the remainder of the Akatsuki, and so, he did. There current primary goal is to capture the eight tailed biju, who has identified himself as " Killer bee", and acts some what like a stereotypical African-American rapper.

    On a Rampage
    On a Rampage

    Sasuke and his team find Killer Bee in the mountains of the Cloud village. Suigetsu and Juugo begin the assault, but are easily defeated. Sasuke confidently steps in but fares no better and is heavily wounded, but saved by the combined efforts of his teammates. Karin heals Sasuke and the team begin their attack again, this time as a team, and are still not doing so well. Killer Bee then uses his Bijuu chakra and attacks Sasuke, whom manages to avoid a tackle and Killer Bee heads towards the others. They escape and Killer Bee goes back for Sasuke, that's when Sasuke manages to hit Killer Bee with Tsukiyomi but he breaks it as the eight-tailed beast was able to disrupt his chakra and dispel the genjutsu.He tackles Sasuke after sasuke lowered his guard, gravely injuring him again. Juugo tries to patch up Sasuke while Killer Bee assumes his Bijuu's form and Suigetsu tries to hold him off for the others to escape with a giant wave, but Killer Bee takes Suigetsu down and Sasuke then prepared to use Amaterasu. Killer Bee began flailing about while on fire, in the process he caught Karin on fire too before he passed out. Sasuke then used his MS again to extinguish the flames on both Killer Bee and Karin, but using his MS too much had caused Sasuke incredible pain. He and Juugo then carried they Killer Bee and their teammates back to their base.

    Uknown to Sasuke and his team, they have actually failed to capture the 8-Tails and are returning with a Clone. Carrying the clone without notice as well as their wounded teammates, Sasuke and Jugo traveled to another Akatsuki hideout, where he handed over the clone to Madara. Madara asked him where he intended to go next. Sasuke replied that after healing his injuries, he would go to Konoha. At this, Madara remembered a conversation he had with Sasuke before the latter left to capture the Eight-Tails. Madara was skeptical about Sasuke's stated intention to crush Konoha (which would go against Itachi's wishes) and questioned his motives. At this, Sasuke said that although he wanted to respect Itachi's sacrifice, his feelings of anger and sorrow at Itachi's fate were much greater. He further said that he considered Itachi's life to have been more important than Konoha in the same way Itachi felt about him, and because of that he could never forgive the three Konoha elders for their actions. He then revealed that he had lied when he said he only wanted to kill the three elders and that he instead wanted to destroy the entire village, whom he considered accomplices for going along with the Senju's discrimination of the Uchiha, and for enjoying a temporary "peace" at the cost of Itachi's life and the massacre of the Uchiha clan. Thus, he made it clear that he had no intention of following in Itachi's footsteps, to which Madara remained silent. Madara thought to himself, "In all those who feel love, there lies the capacity for hate".

    As his team rested, Suigetsu asked Sasuke if they would really get the power of the Eight-Tails, but Sasuke surmised that he doesn't need it. He then thought to himself that he already has the power to destroy Konoha (with his Mangekyo Sharingan) and reached for a glass of water. Much to his surprise, Sasuke accidentally knocked over the glass. In horror, he realized that his eyesight has gotten hazy. Karin asked him if he is all right, to which Sasuke lies, telling her that nothing was wrong.

    Suddenly, Karin sensed an enemy outside their base and Sasuke and Jugo went to intercept him. This enemy turned out to be a spy sent by the Raikage to keep tabs on Hawk's movements. Later, other Cloud ninjas sent by the Raikage arrive, only to find that Team Hawk were gone and the spy (apparently) dead.

    Afterwards, it was revealed that Sasuke actually failed in capturing the Eight-Tails, as Killer Bee fooled him into taking a tail of the Eight-Tails disguised as his body, instead of the beast itself.

    Madara later intercepted Team Hawk whom were off to make their offensive against Konoha. Team Hawk said they were parting with Akatsuki, but Madara told Sasuke that he warned Sasuke that he'd kill him if he betrayed Akatsuki, adding on that the Eight-Tails was a fake. Madara told them that he'll let their failure to capture the Eight-Tails slide and he wants them to do something else before they can leave Akatsuki. Sasuke tried to attack Madara, but failed. Madara told him that there was no point in destroying Konoha since Pein already did it, and told them that the 5 Kages were going to have a meeting... one of them being Danzo, who wanted the Uchiha wiped out. He then had Zetsu lead Team Hawk to the Kage meeting; Zetsu split in two and the light half lead them while the dark half remained with Madara.

    Sasuke vs. Raikage
    Sasuke vs. Raikage

    L. Zetsu took them to the Land of Iron, a snow-covered country that had Samurai rather than Ninja. Team Hawk scouted the area and managed to sneak into the Kage meeting where L. Zetsu informed them which one was Danzo. After Team Hawk snuck out, they decided upon a course of action, they'd attack Danzo while he's on his way back to the Leaf village. This however doesn't go according to plan as Madara tells L. Zetsu to tell the Kages that Sasuke's there. L. Zetsu pops up in the middle of the Kage meeting, telling them that Sasuke's hiding somewhere and wants them to go find him. Raikage rushes L. Zetsu and threatens to kill him if he doesn't tell them where Sasuke is, L. Zetsu offers to give him a hint but Raikage apparently kills him out of frustration and runs off with his bodyguards Shii and Darui to look for Sasuke. Raikage does find Sasuke, Sasuke rushes head-on but Darui defends with Water Encampment Wall to force Sasuke back, then uses an electrical attack called Wave of Inspiration to attack, but Sasuke's able to escape. Shii then uses a genjutsu on Sasuke, stunning him while Darui and Raiakge go in to kill Sasuke, but Juugo and Suigetsu save Sasuke... unfortunately Suigetsu's sword is broke in two from Raikage's punch. Juugo uses his full cursed form and Raikage slams him against a wall with a thunderous punch, but Juugo endures it with a shield and fires a large energy blast at Raikage, but he dodges and slam Juugo against another wall which takes him out of the fight. Sasuke tries to attack Raikage from behind, but Raikage knocks Sasuke's sword from his hand. Sasuke then uses Chidori and rushes at Raikage. They charge at each other, Sasuke manages to avoid Raikage's attack and hit him with Chidori, however Raikage is too durable and only Sasuke's fingertips pierce him. Raikage then gives Sasuke a powerbomb, but Sasuke saves himself from any serious damage with Susanoo. Sasuke then tries to use Amaterasu, but Raikage uses Body Flicker to avoid it and goes to attack Sasuke again, Sasuke however uses Amaterasu to cover Susanoo but Raikage ignores it and strikes anyway, thrusting Sasuke into the ground. Raikage is about to deal the finishing blow when Gaara appears and stops him.

    Sasuke vs. Mizukage
    Sasuke vs. Mizukage

    Gaara tries to talk sense to Sasuke, find common ground, but Sasuke refuses to come to an understanding after Sasuke refuses to listen Gaara sheds a tear. While this is happening, Raikage severs his arm that's burning from Amaterasu and is being healed by Shii. Sasuke's Susanoo starts to fully form and everyone launches projectiles, but Susanoo swings his sword and causes the building to collapse on them and flees with Karin to find Danzo. As Sasuke enters the Kage's meeting room, Danzo uses the confusion to escape while Ao, one of the Mizukage's bodyguards, tries to catch him. Sasuke is about to chase after, but the Mizukage stops him by using her blood-line limit, lava, to seal the door shut. She then uses her lava again, using the technique Melting Apparition to try to kill Sasuke, but Sasuke once again uses Susanoo to try to protect himself. Mizukage's other bodyguard, Choujiro, attacks and crashes Sasuke through a wall where Mizukage traps him and herself in. She then uses her other blood-line limit, Skilled Mist, to fill the area with acidic vapor which starts to melt Susanoo's bones and Sasuke himself. L.Zetsu however saves Sasuke, he secretly used his Spore technique to drain everyone's chakra and gives it to Sasuke, but he doesn't collect much since everyone escapes from his technique. The Tsuchikage then tries to kill Sasuke with his blood-line limit, Detachment of the Primitive World to obliterate Sasuke. It appears to have worked, but Madara teleports in holding Sasuke. Madara teleports Sasuke and Karin away and begins talking to the Kages.


    Later, Madara intercepts Danzo and his bodyguards, Fu and Torune. After a short fight, Madara teleported Danzo's bodyguards away and brought Sasuke and Karin to fight Danzo. Danzo revealed his right arm to be covered in Sharingans which enraged Sasuke even more, Danzo did some handseals and charged at Sasuke but Sasuke protected himself with Susanoo which grabbed Danzo. Sasuke and Danzo talked for a moment and Susanoo crushed Danzo, but Danzo appeared behind Sasuke and tried to stab him, but Susanoo protected him and crushed Danzo. Danzo however appeared elsewhere, still alive. Susanoo attacked again but Danzo dodged, Sasuke jumped at Danzo and used Amaterasu and Danzo fell covered in black flame. But Danzo appeared behind Sasuke and used Vacuum Jewel, which Sasuke was barely able to dodge and got hit in the shoulder. Karin noticed that each time Danzo escapes death that one of the eyes on his arm closes. Sasuke summoned a hawk and charged at Danzo, Danzo used Vacuum Wave forcing Sasuke to jump off of his summon to attack; Danzo grabbed Sasuke by the throat, but Sasuke used his sword to kill Danzo. Danzo reappeared unharmed, at which point Sasuke turned into crows and reformed near Danzo as Itachi.


    Itachi used Amaterasu, but it was actually Sasuke's Tsukiyomi and Danzo broke it and paralyzed Sasuke before he could stab him. Danzo placed his paralyzing seal on Sasuke when he grabbed his neck. Karin tried to help Sasuke, but Danzo kicked her away and was about to kill Sasuke when Sasuke used Susanoo to save himself, knocking Danzo away. Sasuke was able to overpower Danzo's seal and was about to use Susanoo's bow & arrow to kill Danzo, but Danzo created a tree to save himself. Susanoo shot another arrow, but Danzo was able to use his jutsu, Izanagi, to resurrect himself again. It's explained that Izanagi blurs reality and illusion, and that for 60 seconds, Danzo is invincible because any injury or death caused will be changed into an illusion; but after which the Sharingan eye can no longer be used. Susanoo shoots another arrow at Danzo but he revives himself and uses Great Vacuum Jewel, but Susanoo blocks it with it's shield/bow. Danzo summons a Baku and it begins to try to suck in Susanoo, Susanoo braces itself though. Danzo appears from behind and blasts Susanoo's back with Vacuum Serial Waves which creates an opening in Susanoo's back and Danzo goes to attack Sasuke, but Sasuke shoots a Grand Fireball at the Baku which makes it gag and Susanoo punches Danzo away. Sasuke's no longer able to sustain Susanoo and it disappears, the two then grab their weapons and attack: Sasuke charges his sword with lightning and Danzo creates a sword of wind, and they stabbed each other.

    Danzo had planned on sacrificing the last Sharingan on his arm in order to kill Sasuke, however his last eye had already ran out of time and Sasuke used a genjutsu to trick Danzo into thinking it was still open. Sasuke however was just fatally wounded as Danzo and Karin rushed to heal him, while this was going on Hashirama's D.N.A. was starting to overwhelm Danzo and his right arm grew into a tree, Danzo was able to break himself away before it grew around him; Shisui's Sharingan however was working again and Danzo took off his bandages. Sasuke attacked with Chidori, but Danzo dodged it and grabbed Karin to use her as a shield. Danzo was trying to figure out if he should sacrifice Shisui's Sharingan for Izanagi or use it's mind control in a last-ditch effort to kill Sasuke. Sasuke told Karin not to move and used Chidori Spear, impaling Danzo and Karin. Karin asked why, and Sasuke replied that she became a burden when she was captured. Danzo let Karin's body fall and started to walk away, with Sasuke stalking him, but Madara jumped infront of Danzo and said he'll be taking Shisui's eye. Danzo decided to sacrifice himself to stop Madara and Sasuke instead of trying to survive; he activated the Reverse Four Symbols Seal, creating a vacuum that sucks in everything around him and seals them inside his body. However Madara and Sasuke were able to get to safety.

    The Madness
    The Madness

    Madara took Danzo's body to retrieve Shisui's Sharingan, but before he left he told Sasuke that he should finish off Karin so she couldn't fall into enemy hands in her condition. Sasuke was about to do this when Sakura appeared, offering to ally with Sasuke. He saw it as a chance to replace Karin as his medic, and said that he'd let her join him if she proved her intentions by killing Karin. Sakura walked up to Karin and was thinking about attacking Sasuke instead, however Sasuke was about to kill her from behind with a Chidori; but Kakashi sprung out and saved her. He tried to reason with Sasuke, but Sasuke was infuriated that Konoha was so happy due to Itachi's and his clan's demises aswell as the fact that Kakashi has a Sharingan which should only belong to an Uchiha. In his rage, Sasuke used Susanoo and fired an arrow at Kakashi, but he stopped it with his Kamui- the sight of Kakashi's Mangekyou Sharingan only helped to anger Sasuke and his Susanoo changed forms again to look like Itachi's, however Susanoo disappeared and Sasuke was left nearly completely blind. Sakura ran up on Sasuke and was about to stab him but hesitated and Sasuke was about to stab her in retaliation, but Naruto appeared and saved Sakura. Naruto tried again to reason with Sasuke, but he failed again aswell. The two clashed and were both knocked away, White Zetsu appeared and saved Sasuke from crashing into rocks. Zetsu signaled for Madara whom appeared to get Sasuke out of there. When they got back to their hideout Sasuke decided to have Madara implant Itachi's eyes into his own so he can fight Naruto at full power.

    Karasu Susanoo
    Karasu Susanoo

    Later we see Sasuke with bandages covering his eyes, he states that he can feel Itachi's power flowing through him. Impatient to remove the bandages, a Zetsu tells him to be patient and when he opens his eyes he'll see a whole new world. Some time later, Sasuke finally removes his bandages and reveals his new Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan as he tests out his new Susanoo on a helpless Zetsu clone, stabbing it with a sword made of Amaterasu. He claims he can see better in the darkness with his new eyes.

    In the current manga Sasuke is fighting alongside Naruto against Kaguya.

    Powers & Abilities

    Sasuke has been said to have more talent than even his brother Itachi.

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    Sasuke has the Sharingan, a kekkei genkai that allows him to see chakra to a limited extent, although not to the clarity of Byakugan. He is able to copy taijutsu and ninjutsu, as demonstrated when he copied Rock Lee's taijutsu. However, he is not able to perform to the extent that Rock Lee could and tires more easily as he has not trained as hard as Rock Lee, he also cannot copy other kekkei genkai nor summonings, and cannot copy elements that he cannot use. The Sharingan can cast genjutsu by making eye contact to fool his opponents. It also allows Sasuke to track his opponent by seeing their chakra. It has been stated that he has better control over Amaterasu than Itachi. This allowed him to use the jutsu known as blaze release. It is shown when he turned the fire into spikes when he was almost axe kicked by Raikage.

    Sasuke received the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan after having transplanted Itachi's eyes onto himself and while the full extent of his power has yet to be revealed Sasuke himself claims that both eyes can see perfectly in the dark.

    Sasuke's Jutsus include:

    • Dragon Flame: He projects a continuous stream of fire from his mouth.
    • Grand Fireball: He exhales a huge ball of fire.
    • Mythical Phoenix Flowers: He spits bird-shaped balls of fire from his mouth, which he can also hide shurikens inside for a surprise attack.
    • Chidori: Covers his hand in piercing electricity.
    • Curse Seal: Increases Sasuke's physical abilities and chakra. He can also advance it to "Curse Seal level 2" where Sasuke's abilities are farther augmented and gives him wings.
    • Phoenix Flare Blast: He used this when he was trying to get the bells from Kakashi.

    Over the two and a half year time skip, Orochimaru gave Sasuke drugs to improve his abilities and Sasuke developed new jutsus, which are:

    • Great Dragon Fire: Allows Sasuke to project a gigantic ball of fire shaped like a dragon's head.
    • Chidori Sword: He channels Chidori through his sword, increasing it's cutting ability.
    • Chidori Spear: Creates a piercing electric spike.
    • Chidori Current: Electrifies his body, stunning anyone that's too close.
    • Chidori Senbon: Throws several piercing electric needles
    • Lightning Blade Creation - Storage seals placed on his wrists that quickly dispense shurikens.
    • Kirin: Utilizing storm clouds, Sasuke guides a naturally occurring lightning bolt at his opponent.

    After absorbing Orochimaru, Sasuke gained Orochimaru's abilities, the ones shown were:

    • Hidden Shadow Snakes: Multiple snakes appear from his body to attack or bind his opponent.
    • Snake Authority Spell: Large poisonous snakes appear from Sasuke's body.
    • Molted Skin Substitution: Allows him to escape harm by creating a completely new body without any injuries and leaves his old body behind in his place.
    • Snake Clone: He creates a clone out of snakes.
    • Snake Summoning: Summons a variety of giant snakes to aid him in battle.
    • White Snake Power: Increases Sasuke's recuperative and healing abilities.

    Sasuke however lost all of these abilities, and the Curse Seal, once Orochimaru was removed from him.

    After losing Orochimaru's powers, Sasuke obtained the Mangekyou Sharingan and new summonings, which are:

    Perfect Susanoo
    Perfect Susanoo
    • Amaterasu: Projects black flames at whatever Sasuke's looking at and cannot be extinguished by normal means.
    • Susanoo: Creates a giant spectral humanoid that surrounds Sasuke and provides him with great offense and defense. Also possesses a bow that can be used as a shield, and arrows that can be used as swords.
    • Kagutsuchi: Allows Sasuke to manipulate and extinguish Amaterasu's flames.
    • Hawk Summoning: Able to summon giant hawks to aid him in battle.

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