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    Alpha Flight believed this Sasquatch was a mutated Walter Langkowski, but he was really a actual sasquatch that Department H captured in the Canadian wilderness.

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    Department H captured this actual sasquatch in the Canadian wilderness, believing him to be Walter Langkowski. The brought him back to Department H to be part of the new Alpha Flight, but had difficulty controlling his animal behavior. They believed this was because he had mutated beyond what he had been.

    When Heather Hudson and Puck arrived at Department H, Sasquatch was being held back by chains and was kept sedated. Another new member of Alpha Flight, Murmur, was used to keep Sasquatch under control during missions. On their first mission, she lost her hold over him and he started to fight everyone in front of him. Eventually, Madison Jeffries was able to restrain him.

    Puck continually tried to get through to what he thought was his old friend. When Sasquatch broke his restraints and escaped Department H, Puck went after him. After his escape, Sasquatch hid on a train, broke into a house for food, and was hit by a truck. Luckily, he was not seriously injured. When Puck caught up, Sasquatch attacked him to protect his family. This is when Puck realized that this was not his friend. At that same moment, General Clarke showed up with a team of Epsilons. After returning to Department H, Sasquatch was locked up again and Puck's memories of the incident were erased.

    When Department H told Alpha Flight that Madison Jeffries had been murdered, they sent Sasquatch with the team to New York to capture Wolverine. After a short battle, it was determined that Alpha Flight had been lied to and they returned to Canada.

    In his final battle, Sasquatch successfully took on several members of The Zodiac at the same time. Some of The Zodiac members released a flesh eating bacteria in a room that Radius had gone into. Sasquatch heroically busted in and grabbed Radius. He pushed him to the ceiling, away from the bacteria to save his life. Within seconds he was reduced to bones, still holding Radius out of harm's way.

    Alpha Flight still believed that this was Walter and held a funeral for him soon afterwards. Eventually, the team found out that he wasn't Walter. Radius visited Sasquatch's grave to apologize for not following orders and getting him killed.


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