Sasha Kravinoff

    Character » Sasha Kravinoff appears in 49 issues.

    Sasha was married to Kraven the Hunter.

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    Sasha Aleksandra was a beautiful woman that would soon become in love with the super-villain/hunter Kraven. As years passed the two lovers married and gained an adorable child called Ana Kravinoff. When her dear husband died, she helped her daughter train in order to become the next Kraven the Hunter. The hard work seems to be paying off as Ana gets one step closer into making the Spider-Man pay! For some reason the two Kravinoff's place their hatred onto the Web-Head called Peter Parker. 
    Eventually, Sasha Kravinoff manages to revive Kraven albeit by sacrificing Kaine whom dressed up as Spider-Man. However, this caused Kraven to become unkillable except by Spider-Man. At the conclusion of Grim Hunt, Sasha Kravinoff is killed by Kraven who broke her neck.


    • superhuman longevity via mystical jungle potions
    • limited knowledge of occult
    • skilled hunter and strategist

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