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    Character » Sasha Hammer appears in 62 issues.

    Daughter to Justine Hammer and the Mandarin, and grand daughter to Justin Hammer.

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    Sasha Hammer was created by Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca in 2009 and first appeared in Invincible Iron Man # 1


    Though her origins were not made clear at first, Sasha was later revealed to be the mixed-race daughter of Justine Hammer and Tony Stark's nemesis, the Mandarin.

    Major Story Arcs


    She was introduced in the opening arc of The Invincible Iron Man as the girlfriend of Ezekiel Stane, who like her, was the child of one of Iron Man's enemies (in this case Iron Monger). The two attacked a number of Stark's facilities before Ezekiel was apprehended. Sasha managed to escape before her involvement could be discovered.

    Detroit Steel

    Sasha as Detroit Steel
    Sasha as Detroit Steel

    Sasha later returns alongside her mother after the two rebuild Hammer Industries with technology taken from the HAMMER organization after the arrest of Norman Osborn. The two launch their own armored hero, Detroit Steel (A.K.A. Doug Johnson), in an attempt to discredit and replace Iron Man. This plot is foiled when Iron Man defeats Detroit Steel with the aid of War Machine, Rescue and Maria Hill.

    Sasha and Justine later used their influence to spring Ezekiel from prison, recruiting him for the Mandarin's next plan to destroy Stark. Following Douglas' apparent death, Sasha takes over as the new pilot of the Detroit Steel armor, winning prominence and media attention. However, Douglas later returns and kidnaps Sasha in a misguided attempt to regain the Detroit Steel mantle. After attacking Sasha in her home, he tapes her mouth shut and drives her to Hammer Industries. He offers to exchange the bound and gagged pilot for a chance to return to the Detroit Steel identity, and Justine agrees in order to save her daughter.

    In Other Media


    Iron Man: Rise of Technovore

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    Sasha appears in Iron Man: Rise of Technovore, voiced by Tara Platt.


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