Character » Sarnath appears in 7 issues.

    An ancient cybernetic warrior who is missing his eyes (the Eye of Sarnath and the Turnstone) which can alter the fabric of reality itself. He was an ally of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Sarnath was once a biological life-form.

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    In the early issues of TMNT an alien entrusted the Ninja Turtles to protect an object of great power called "The Eye of Sarnath". Much later o robotic being teared through the streets of New York with an alien creature named Quark at his side, this was revealed to be Sarnath, who was blind in a sense (he could see through Quarks eyes) and he was searching for his eye. 

    Other Media

    Sarnath never appeared in the TMNT's first animated series, though he was mentioned in the shows first episode when the TMNT received the Eye of Sarnath from a dying alien, who in the comics was later revealed to be evil.


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