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    She is one of the older Tharks.

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    Sarkoja is an older Thark who believes fully in the way and lifestyle of the new Tharks. Years ago she proved this when she had the wife of Tars Tarkas killed for trying to have a child of her own in secret instead of raising her in a community incubator. Before she was killed she saved her daughter Sola. Sarkoja always suspected Sola as being her child and treated her poorly for it.

    Sarkoja was in the same domicile as John Carter and Sola when Carter arrived on Mars (Barsoom). She grew to hate Carter and this hatred was in full force when he killed a Thark warrior to save the Princess Dejah Thoris. Sarkoja was the guard of Dejah and delighted in tormenting her. She took it as a great affront when he took her in his care.

    After this Sarkoja made it her personal interest to see that Carter, Dejah and Sola were punished. She enlisted the help of a young warrior name Zad to attack Carter. At a key moment in the battle she blinded Carter with a reflective mirror. It was only when Dejah hit Sarkoja that Carter was able to win the battle against Zad.

    Sarkoja never gave up trying to punish Carter, Dejah and Sola. It was only when Tars Tarkas became leader of his people that she left them alone. When Tars found out that Sola was his missing daughter and Sarkoja had his lover killed he threatened her and scared her so bad she went down the river Iss where she was never seen again.


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