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Sarin is a character of Earth-4011

A graduate of the Xavier Institute and leader of the current Earth 4011 X-men.


Sarin was created by Paul Jenkins for his six issue mini series Wolverine: The End

Major Story Arcs

150 years in the future, Logan has just pushed his older brother John Howlett off a mountain side in Japan. The American team, the X-men have been called because Logan is one of their own, at least he used to be, a point Sarin their current leader points out. Sarin tries to strong arm Logan into telling him what he knows about his brother's plans. When that doesn't work he orders Kristin to mind probe Logan. That too, gets nothing. But Sarin orders Logan taken back to Canada via New York City.

Later back in America, Logan has escaped but the guards caught his friend George. Sarin is mad at the guards who let Logan escape and exclaims that George is a harmless old man and will be let go soon.


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