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    Link's childhood best friend who gives him his first ocarina, the Fairy Ocarina, before he leaves the forest.

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    A young Kokiri girl all of the guys are starstruck over especially Mido who envies her and Link's close relationship. Most of the village considers Saria to be the motherly figure as she gives advice and helps people out. She's the first person besides Link you encounter in Ocarina of Time as she's yelling outside of Link's tree house to wake him up for his meeting with the Deku Tree. Once Link comes back she learns that Link must leave the forest to go to Hyrule as very saddened as she is she knew he was different from the Kokirians. To aid Link on his quest Saria gives him a farewell present that's the Fairy Ocarina in which will aid Link.

    Eventually after Link's first three quests he returns back to the forest to see Saria and she hints that the forest will one day become a place of importance for the two of them (foreshadowing the future) and teaches him a song called "Saria's Song" that's used for whenever Link wants to talk to Saria telepathically.

    Seven years later Link wakes up after a deep sleep slumber hearing Saria contacting him telepathically telling Link that she's been kidnapped after trying to go to the Forest Temple to return the forests to it's natural state by herself but got caught by monsters. Once Link saves her Saria confronts Link that she is now the Sage of the Forest meaning she can't be with him and as to accept her fate as a sage. After this if Link talks to Mido he'll hint that Saria loved Link as Link as he says she really liked him. Towards the end of the game Saria and the other sages create a bridge for Link to cross to enter the Hyrule castle.

    Other Appearances

    In Wind Waker there's a stained glass depicting Saria

    In Zelda II: Adventures of Link there's a town called Saria


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