Character » Sarge appears in 191 issues.

    A highly successful Marine Sergeant who served during World War II.

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    The man known as Sarge grew up in the slums along side Gunner. Early in their wartime career, the two were assigned a trained dog from the K-9 Corps that would alert them to the presence of enemy troops. The dog, nicknamed Pooch, often saved their lives.

    They were reassigned to the European theater after missions in the Pacific. Their mission was to train new recruits. All the recruits were killed on their first mission. They blamed themselves and haunted by their upbringing thought of themselves to be "losers". Soon after their failed mission, The Haunted Tank picked them up. Captain Storm, a PT boat commander, and Captain Johnny Cloud, a U.S. Air Force pilot were also found by the Haunted Tank. They all saw themselves as "losers". These four men joined together and became a detached task force known as the Losers.

    The Losers were believed to have died during the last days of World War Two. These events have been found to have been false. Gunner survived to see America's Bicentennial. He was at a reunion, with Captain Storm, Gunner, Johnny Cloud, Gravedigger, Jeb Stuart, and Mademoiselle Marie. Ben Hunter was out of the country. The group believed that Marie and Sgt. Rock had a son, who came into the bar afterwards, for a late dinner with his mom. They also believed "Bob" was the Unknown Soldier. It is unknown how long Pooch survived after the war.


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