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    A collection of over a dozen short stories based on the hit anime by Kunihiko Ikuhara (Sailor Moon, Revolutionary Girl Utena, PENGUINDRUM)! And don’t miss the novels and manga spin-off!

    The manga anthology based on Sarazanmai finally makes its appearance! Beginning with character designer Miggy’s cover illustration, this collection features a luxurious array of manga and illustrations from creators such as Kyouhei Azumi, Sakuya Amano, Aya Isino, Akira Caskabe, Chinatsu Kurahana, Mataaki Kureno, Chiho Saito, Misaki Saitoh, Chidori Sakuraba, Isuzu Shibata, Samata Techno, Asumiko Nakamura, pako, Shoko Hidaka, Akari Funato, Lily Hoshino, Miggy, Akiko Morishima, Kotetsuko Yamamoto, and Riyo!

    Color Illustrations

    • Miggy (Sarazanmai Volume 1 cover)
    • Mataaki Kureno
    • Samata Techno
    • Misaki Saitoh
    • Shoko Hidaka
    • Lily Hoshino
    • Chiho Saito
    • Akira Caskabe
    • Chinatsu Kurahana
    • Akiko Morshima
    • pako
    • Miggy (Sarazanmai Volume 2 cover)
    • Miggy (Sarazanmai Anthology cover)

    Manga Contents

    • Misaki Saitoh (distant)
    • Misaki Saitoh (Mabu's Art Class)
    • Akari Funato (Nyantaro Diary)
    • Akira Caskabe (Connecting ♥ Desires Rickshaw)
    • Samata Techno (Antenna Sugar)
    • Asumiko Nakamura (It Takes Three Days to Make Okoshi)
    • Akiko Morshima (Yurizanmai)
    • Kotetsuko Yamamoto (Three Panel Sarazanmai)
    • Riyo (I Want to Connect with You, but I Want to Wear Clothes)
    • Chidori Sakuraba (Four Panel Sarazanmai)
    • Aya Isino (Marsh)
    • Isuzu Shibata (Desire and Love Connect)
    • Sakuya Amano (I Want to live and Send You My Intestines)
    • Kyohei Azumi (Spring Ties)
    • Miggy (That Which Fades / That Which Does not Fade)
    • Miggy (Crossing That River)

    Note: The digital edition (10/19/2021) for this volume was released before the print edition.



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    Story Arcs

    none of this issue.

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