Sarah Mohr

    Character » Sarah Mohr appears in 13 issues.

    Sherri is a random girl Eric runs into and gives Shelly's engagement ring too.

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    The Crow

    While waiting for her mother, Sherri meets Eric, after a short conversion, he gives her Shelly's engagement ring.

    Other Media


    The Crow

    Sarah Mohr was befriended by Shelly Webster and her boyfriend Eric Draven at a young age. Sarah often spent more time with Eric and Shelly then she did at home due to her mother Darla's drug and alcohol abuse, not to mention her abusive boyfriend "Funboy". Sarah was hit hard by Eric and Shelly's murder at the hands of T-Bird, Funboy, Skank, and Tin-Tin, and was the first to learn of Eric being reborn as The Crow, when she found him in his old apartment which she still used as a home away from home.

    The Crow: City of Angels

    A grown up Sarah, who is now a tattoo artist, befriends and falls in love with a new avatar of The Crow, Ashe Corvin, who has come back from the dead to avenge the murders of himself and his son. She helps Ashe learn what it is to be a Crow based on her experiences with Eric.


    The Crow Stairway to Heaven

    Sarah appeared in every episode of The Crow Stairway to Heaven, she was Eric's closest friend in the show, and acted almost as his unwanted sidekick, putting herself in dangerous situations in an effort to help Eric out. Sarah often searches for answers for Eric in paranormal chatrooms under the screen name Skategirl.


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