Sarah Epstein

    Character » Sarah Epstein appears in 8 issues.

    Lead scientist of the J2 project, who was able to clone Jesus Christ.

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    Sarah Epstein is a genetic scientist who agreed to work for the J2 project in order to receive funding for her experiments.


    Sarah Eptein was created by Punk Rock Jesus writer/artist Sean Murphy.

    Major Story Arcs

    Sarah Epstein works as the genetic scientist for the J2 project, being in charge of both cloning Jesus Christ from cells found on the Shroud of Turin, and also changing the genetic information in order to suit the desires of her boss, Slate. Although she frequently disagrees with the actions taken by Slate, she remains working for the project in order to receive the funding she needs for her research. When Chris is born, they are shocked to find that he had a twin sister, which Slate says he will send to a foster home. Following him after work, Sarah is shocked to see him kill the child and dispose of her body.

    Using an anonymous sperm donor, Sarah becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby girl named Rebekah, who quickly becomes friends with Chris.

    After the death of Chris's mother, Gwen, Sarah agrees to teach Chris all she knows about science, which helps to begin his decision to become an atheist. After Chris leaves to join a punk rock band, she stays at the J2 compound to continue her research, but warns Chris that he shouldn't attack religion as much as he has been because it may lead to his death.


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