Sarah Connor

    Character » Sarah Connor appears in 40 issues.

    Mother, soldier, target, Sarah Connor has fought a courageous battle against the machines sent through time by Skynet to kill her son, John.

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    Los Angeles 1984

    Sarah Connor
    Sarah Connor

    Sarah Connor was a young woman who was working as a Waitress in a restaurant. She was the target of a cyborg assassin sent back in time to kill her before she gave birth to son John Connor who was later revealed to be leader of the "Resistance". The Resistance would later become Mankind's last hope for survival against the conquering Machines. Sarah was able to avoid the first Assassin primarily because she is helped by a soldier, Kyle Reese, who was also sent back in time to protect her from the Assassin Cyborg.

    Through their adventures, Kyle and Sarah become very close and intimate. With the failure of the first cyborg (Terminator), the two make love and 9 months later John Connor is born, Kyle Reese is killed in the destruction of the Terminator.


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    Sarah is then locked away in a mental institution for the simple fact that she is dubbed crazy for believing in cyborgs and time travel. Her son John is bought up in a foster family until a second Terminator (T-1000) is sent back in time to kill John. This terminator however is an advanced prototype being mimetic polyalloy, which basically means it is liquid metal.

    Sarah Connor then faces a huge new challenge to protect her son against this new machine, however she is not alone in the fight. Again someone is sent back in time to help protect her and primarily her son, only this time, it is another Terminator, much like the first a cyborg, a cybernetic organism. John and the Terminator break Sarah out of her mental institution and begin the run from the T-1000.

    In their running quest they attempt to destroy any links that will lead to the development of Skynet, the advanced software system that accidentally turns all machines against humans in late 2009.

    Deviating Timelines

    Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

    Sarah's quest is long and hard yet she remained unbeaten by the assassins sent to kill her. In the end it is leukemia that takes her life.

    Training and Abilities

    • Sarah has been trained in the martial arts.
    • She is an excellent marksman, and is proficient with a variety of weapons.
    • Sarah has learned guerrilla warfare and espionage tactics during her seclusion with John.

    Other Media


    Lena Headey as Sarah Connor
    Lena Headey as Sarah Connor

    In the live action show, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, she is played by Lena Headey. Sarah and her teenage son, John Connor (Thomas Dekker), travel to the year 2007 in a desperate attempt to prevent the evil Skynet from ever coming into fruition.

    They are aided by a Terminator named Cameron, whom John sent back from the future. Sarah is brave and an extremely good fighter (and mother), however she seems to have trouble with any technology.


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