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    The daughter of Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha. She aspires to become Hokage when she's older.

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    A young Sarada eating lunch.
    A young Sarada eating lunch.

    Sarada Uchiha is the daughter of Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. She is a kunouchi of the Hidden Leaf Village, and is part of a ninja team along with Boruto Uzumaki, Mitsuki, and their sensei Konohamaru Sarutobi. When she was young, she had never seen her father and thus had a distant relationship with him. However, he has since made a better effort to be part of her life and the two have a better relationship now, spending time together when he returns to the village from his work. She has displayed interest in becoming Hokage and scolds Boruto every time he insults the title.

    Story Arcs

    Academy Days

    During her days at the Academy, Sarada was one of the top students, keeping up the tradition that past Uchiha members had started. As the Academy Graduation exams drew near, Sarada went around Konoha with her friend Chocho Akimichi to pass the time. As Chocho complained about training with her dad, Sarada told her she should go through with it, not because she needed it, but because she should be glad that she has a father willing to spend time with her. As they run into Chocho's dad, Choji, Sarada makes her leave and runs into Boruto running away from his father after pulling a prank. After she helps him lose his father, Shikamaru Nara and his son show up on the scene and scold Boruto. All this only makes Sarada feel worse about not knowing her father, so she heads home to ask her mother about him. After Sakura gives her some unsavory answers, Sarada yells at her and causes her to punch the ground, sending their house crashing down. After Sakura is admitted to the hospital after feinting, Sarada returns to her home to recover any valuable items, and comes across her family portrait. Seeing the frame broken, Sarada picks up the picture and finds that the picture of her father is separate, and contains the picture of him and his old team, Team Hebi. Noticing that the girl in the picture has the same exact glasses that she does, Sarada comes to the conclusion that she is most likely her actual mother and not Sakura.

    Search for her Father

    Sarada and Chocho confront the young Shin.
    Sarada and Chocho confront the young Shin.

    Sarada then finds out that her birth isn't in any of the Konoha records, and becomes even angrier, choosing to leave the village and ask Sasuke himself who is her real mother. She heads over to the Hokage's office and overhears that Naruto Uzumaki (the Seventh Hokage) intends to meet up with Sasuke to discuss information he had gathered. She intends to follow the Hokage, but runs into Chocho, who for some reason also wants to find her real parents, because she believes she has other parents instead of the ones she has. As the two kunoichi are about to leave, they find Boruto with a bento lunch that he was supposed to give to his father, but he came too late. Sarada offers to take the lunch to him, and sets off with Chocho after Naruto.

    Before they can reach them, however, they run into Shin Uchiha, a clone of his "father" Shin Uchiha of the same name, and are attacked. The two young girls put up a good fight, but Shin catches Chocho in a bad position and moves in to finish her. Luckily, Naruto comes onto the scene and intervenes, stopping the attack and saving the girl. After Shin leaves, the girls travel with Naruto for safety, and he tells Sarada stories about her father and his days when they were younger. Soon afterwards, the trio make there way to the tower where Naruto was supposed to meet with Sasuke, and an over eager Sarada rushes ahead to finally meet her dad. As she enters the building, however, Sasuke raises his sword at her, thinking she's friends with Shin who had also attacked Sasuke earlier.

    Naruto counseling Sarada on what it means to be a family.
    Naruto counseling Sarada on what it means to be a family.

    After Sasuke recognizes her, Sarada gives him an earful for never being at home, not caring for her, and apparently lying about who her mother is. In a fit of rage, she storms out of the building to cool off, leaving Naruto, Sasuke, and Chocho behind. Outside, Naruto attempts to cheer her up, but before he can do that, the older Shin appears with about six smaller ones and attacks Sarada and Naruto. A fight ensues, and both Naruto and Sasuke are injured, which they chalk up to sloppy and rustiness. Before long, though, Sakura makes her way onto the scene and injures the older Shin so much so that he needs to retreat, but not before taking her with him. Sarada heads off with Naruto and Sasuke to one of Orochimaru's hideouts (now an ally of Konoha) to learn more about the Shin's that attacks them, and run into Suigetsu and Karin, the latter of whom she recognizes from the picture as her "would-be" mother. Pulling Suigetsu aside, Sarada asks him to run some tests to see whether or not Karin is actually her mother, and after testing an umbilical cord and a piece of Sarada's hair, the test comes back a perfect match, unknowing that the umbilical chord was actually Sakura's and not Karin's.

    Sarada is brought to tears and shrugs off Naruto, calling him a liar and telling him she's going to leave Konoha and never return because the "family" she has right now isn't her related to her by blood. In response to this, Naruto tells her that it takes more than just blood to connect people in a family, and that all you need is love. As long as you care for your family, it doesn't matter if you're related by blood or not. Sarada eventually agrees and remembers the fond memories she has had with Sakura over the years. Now feeling better, she heads outside with Naruto and they travel with Sasuke to Shin's hideout.

    Battle Against the Shins

    Once there, they witness Shin attacking Sakura and another fight begins, this time with over a hundred little Shin clones. Naruto combats most of them with his Shadow Clones, but even more clones appear from behind the ninja. Wanting to show her mom how much she cares, Sarada charges forward and strikes the ground, displaying Sakura's immense strength and uttering her characteristic "Shanaro!" Just as this happens, Naruto manages to intimidate the Shin clones into submission, ending the fight prematurely. As Sarada embraces Sakura, she asks her "how can you be sure that your feelings are connected with my father's?" to which Sasuke replies, "Because we have you." Content with the family she has, Sarada and the group travel back home to Konoha and drop off the cloned Shin'a at an orphanage on the way. Once home, Sarada finally enjoys quality time with her dad until he has to leave. When she asks him when he'll be back, he gives her a hug and affectionately taps her forehead, just like his older brother used to do to him.

    Chunin Exams

    Sarada using her Sharingan to locate the enemy's flag.
    Sarada using her Sharingan to locate the enemy's flag.

    Some time later, Sarada and her team completed the needed number of missions to gain entrance to the Chunin Exam. Both her and Mitsuki were prepared to take the exam, but Sarada had to convince Boruto to take it, telling him that if he really wanted to defeat his father, he couldn't do so as a Genin. Sarada also dropped in from time to time on Boruto's lessons with her father, telling her dad to take it easy on him and to take his time during their lessons. As soon as Boruto signed his papers, the team was ready for the Chunin Exams. The first stage saw Sarada, her team, and the rest of the candidates outside and lined up before Proctors Shikamara and Sai and were asked an impossible, trick question about the fifth novel of a series that hasn't been written. After being asked to choose an answer, "True" or "False" and stand on the circle written on the ground, the Proctors pulled a lever and the two circles on the ground fell apart, dropping the candidates down two large holes towards a pit of black ink. Mitsuki saved the team with his special ability to stretch his limbs, and once they climbed out, Sarada learned that they had passed the first test by not allowing themselves to fall into the black ink. Excited, she took this news to her parents and awaited the next part of the Exam.

    The second part of the exam took place in an abandoned, run down part of the village and consisted of capture the flag. Two teams were pitted against each other and tasked to either capture the other's flag or to knockout all the members of the opposing team. Sarada teamed up with Mitsuki to track down and locate the other team's flag, while Boruto stayed behind to guard their flag, with the help of his Shadow Clones. Sarada is thrown off by the fact that there are dozens of flag's on the enemy's roof, and deduces that it's a genjutsu set in place to fool her and Mitsuki while they try to take her flag. Using her Sharingan, Sarada breaks the illusion and locates the real flag, while at the same time Boruto defeated the team sent to take their flag, winning them the match.

    Sakura wishing Sarada luck in her upcoming match.
    Sakura wishing Sarada luck in her upcoming match.

    In the final round of the Chunin Exams, contenders were put into one-on-one battles, just like the generation before them. Nearly the whole village was in attendance, as well as the other Kage from other villages. Sarada faces off against Tarui in her single match, and defeats her opponent by using her immense strength to send her opponent into the wall. Right after, Boruto is caught cheating in his match and disqualified, but as he has an argument with his father, Momoshiki and Kinshiki Ohtsutsuki appear and attack, kicking Naruto out of the stadium and nearly destroying it. Sarada helps Mitsuki to evacuate the bystanders, but as she's doing so a large piece of debris falls towards her. Before she realized it, Sasuke came and grabbed her away, taking her to the center of the stadium with Naruto and Boruto. As the two of them questioned the invaders, Sasuke revealed that they were the threat Kaguya was preparing for years ago, and soon Kinshiki set about destroying the stadium completely. Using his Nine Tails powers, Naruto manages to protect the three of them and save the village from being destroyed by Kinshiki's Tailed Beast Ball-like jutsu, but was kidnapped after he passed out. Sarada informed Boruto of this after he woke, and then later wished him luck as he traveled with the other Kage and Sasuke into a different dimension to retrieve Naruto.

    After the team returned with Naruto and news that they had defeated the new villains, business went back to usual for Sarada and her team. Sitting atop the Hokage Monument, Sarada and Mitsuki congratulate Boruto on his recent accomplishments, chide him for cheating during the exam, and again ask him if he's going to try to become Hokage like his father and grandfather before him. He tells her that he wants to write his own story and make his own path, like her father did, and offers to become Sarada's aide when she becomes Hokage. She agrees, and her team jumps off to capture an escaped bear as part of their new mission.

    Personal Data

    • Classification: Medical-nin
    • Ninja Rank: Chunin
    • Base of Operation: Hidden Leaf Village
    • Height: 147 cm/4'9
    • Hair: Black
    • Eyes: Black
    • Nature Type: Fire Release, Lightning Release, Yin Release
    • Relatives: Mother - Sakura Uchiha (Mother), Sasuke Uchiha (Father), Itachi Uchiha (Uncle - Deceased).

      Grandparents - Mikoto Uchiha (Deceased), Fugaku Uchiha (Deceased), Mebuki Haruno, Kizashi Haruno


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