Character » Sara appears in 30 issues.

    Sara is the grand-daughter of the original Caretaker. After he died she took his place as the new Caretaker. A former nun, she wields a sword infused with hellfire.

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    Not much is known about her parents but Sara would spend the most of her early life in a Nunery. She would then leave later on. At that point she would get a ride from a truck driver who tries to rape her but is then saved by Johnny Blaze. As the two go to see Caretaker, they find him dying after an attack by the former Ghost Rider :Danny Ketch. It is there that Sara is revealed to be the new Caretaker. From there, Sara and Johnny Blaze go on a hunt in the Himalayas by passing from a magical door in her granddad's basement in search of Danny Ketch and to stop Zadkeil.

    However Zadkeil gains his goal of opening the gates of Heaven. Sara later sets up the plans to bury Caretaker and is later visited by two Ghost Riders of the future to not give up the fight that it is not to late.

    Sara finds Blaze and the two find info from two of Zadkiel's angel's that the Anti-Christ is the only one that can stop him. She and Blaze go to NY where they need to find Anton Satan the Anti-Christ. She is shocked when Blaze introduces her to their "allies" the Son of Satan and Cutter. They save Anton from Jaine and head to an abandoned Luna Park while he molests her. Her power is revealed to be the same as Master Pandemonium's but oppositely her belly is a means to travel to Heaven.

    She ends up battling Deacon and succeeds in avenging the Nuns she grew up with whom the madman had killed. Sara paralyzed him by cutting his neck with her blade.


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