Sara Robbins

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    Wife of The Hood.

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    Sara dated Parker for a while and she became pregnant with his child.This would eventually lead Parker to find "alternate" means of making enough money to support them. This, however doesn't stop Parker from seeing Gro, a Russian prostitute, and when Sara discovers a condemn in his pocket he makes an excuse of it being one his father gave him for good luck, which she believes.
    After Parker gets his super criminal career up and running he tries his best to keep it a secret from his family to keep them safe. After his return from battle world Sara gives birth to there daughter, Breanne and they are married shortly after.
    Eventually Parker moves his family out of their low rent apartment and into a much better neighborhood, a payoff from all his "midnight work".The good times don't last long as the strain of leadership as well as Dormammu's constant proding take their toll on Parker and he lashes out at his daughter whom, unknown to Sara was being used by Dormammu to contact Robbins. She tells Parker to leave them alone and not come back.
    She doesn't see Parker again until he is captured after the Siege of Asgard when Tigra informs her of his capture and she visits him in a maximum security prison, his activities finally revealed to her. It is unknown what affect this will have on their relationship.


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