Sara Grey-Bailey

    Character » Sara Grey-Bailey appears in 70 issues.

    Sara Grey was Jean Grey's older sister. Unlike Jean, Sara was not a mutant. She was absorbed by the Phalanx.

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    Brief History

    Sara Grey was X-Man Jean Grey's older sister. She was married to Paul Bailey and had two children, Gailyn and Joey.

    Throughout her appearances she was portrayed as a firm believer in the mutant cause and that of Professor Xavier's dream of peaceful coexistence. Sara told Jean that if Jean would use her powers to help save people, Sara would love her no matter what happened. However, disaster struck as Sara went missing right after Jean's apparent resurrection from the dead (when in fact it had been Phoenix whom had died). The X-Men believed that one of the many mutant-hating groups where responsible, it was later revealed that she had been absorbed by the techno organic Phalanx. She is eventually found by X-Man Banshee, but it was too late to save Sara.


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