Sara Felton

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    See, girls do play role playing games too! Well one does anyway

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    Sara Felton is the only female member of the Knights of the Dinner Table, where the others are about violence and combat, Sara, who always stays cool and calm (unless someone makes a sexist comment), prefers to negotiate her way out of trouble.

    Sara Felton is the exception that proves the rule. Where the rest of the Knights Of the Dinner Table are the fire, heart and soul, Sara is the cooler, wiser head of the group, the perfect foil to their impetuousness - a consummate professional in the business of HackMaster™.

    Moving from Wisconsin to Muncie, the hometown of her cousin B.A. Felton, Sara was invited to join the Knights. The wealth of experience she brought to the Table was more than anyone expected - role-playing for ten years, regional champion of the Wisconsin Gary Jackson Role-Playing Tourney for four years running and attending the HackMaster™ camp in 1992 (spending ten days in grueling study of demi-human cultures).


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