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    Sanji Vinsmoke is the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates and lover of all things women. His dream is to find the All Blue of the sea. His bounty is currently 330,000,000 beri.

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    When Sanji was young he worked aboard the Cruise Orbit as a cook, when Zeff (or Red Leg Zeff as he had been named) and his crew attacked the ship. As Zeff's crew boarded the ship, a sudden storm struck, and both ships were sunk. As the ships were being torn apart, Sanji called out his dream to find All Blue (an ocean were fish from every sea could be found) and Zeff swam to him, saving him from drowning. The two washed up onto a rock formation high above the sea, and although their lives were saved, they were low on food.

    The rock had no vegetation, animals, or means of fishing, and as a result food needed to be rationed. Zeff gave a small bag to Sanji and told him to stretch the food out so he wouldn't starve to death. He also instructed Sanji to stay on the opposite end of the island, and keep an eye out for ships. Sanji refused to leave, since Zeff had taken the larger bag for himself, but Zeff turned him away, stating that he had a bigger stomach and needed more food. As time passed, no ships came by and Sanji was running low on rations. Eventually, starving and with no other options, Sanji decides to attack Zeff and steal his food. When he snuck up to the old man and cut the bag open, instead of food pouring out, treasure fell from the bag. He looked to Zeff in shock, only to discover the old man has cut off his own leg and eaten it to survive.

    Zeff explained to Sanji that he had often lacked food while sailing, and always dreamed of opening a restaurant on the seas. Surprised at Zeff's actions, and full of guilt at his own plot, cried and agreed with Zeff's dreams. Later a ship would arrive and spare the lives of the two. As a result of this grueling experience, Sanji would be instilled with one of his key values: He pledges to never refuse food to someone who is starving, regardless of the persons alignment. Sanji would go on to work with Zeff as a cook aboard the Baratie (his sea restaurant)


    One Piece Vol. 5 JPN (Oct 1998)
    One Piece Vol. 5 JPN (Oct 1998)

    Sanji (サンジ,Sanji) is one of the main characters in the series One Piece that was created by Eiichiro Oda. The series first began serialization in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump on August 4, 1997. He would later appear in the Baratie Arc that began in Volume 5.

    His first appeared in One Piece Volume 5, CH. 43 "Introducing Sanji".

    Character Evolution

    Sanji is a character who is obsessed with women and worships the females onboard the ship. A joke with sanji was originally his lack of bounty when Zoro had one. Then later the picture for his poster was taken with the lens cap still on resulting in a poorly drawn picture of him being used instead, which he believes nobody will recognize.

    After the two year time gap that follows the crews greatest defeat against Bartholomew Kuma at Sabaody Archipelago and the events of the Whitebeard War at Marineford. Sanji was sent to Peachy Island , the current home of Emporio Ivankov and his subjects of all male cross dressers. There he was trained to increase his power as a fighter and saw it as a challenge to his manhood. He would fight the local Okama masters to acquire instructions on how to prepare the famous food that is rumored to give the men of the island their great strength. The most dramatic change in appearance is that now his hair style as been switched. When before only his right eye was ever shown. Now, only Sanji left eye is uncovered by his hair style. The eyebrows are different and the swirl pattern is at the start of his left eyebrow.

    Major Story Arcs

    Baratie Arc

    Sanji was working an Baratie when a starving pirate named Gin walked in and couldn't pay. Though he was kicked out, Sanji still fed him in secret. That's when he met Monkey D. Luffy, who wanted Sanji as his pirate chef. Gin returned with his captain Don Krieg who wanted to take over Baratie as his ship and was willing to kill everyone to get it. Sanji fought with Krieg's men as Luffy fought Krieg himself. In the battle, Krieg was willing to kill all his men with poison gas, but Gin saved Sanji by forcing a gas mask on his face.

    After Luffy defeated Krieg, he was willing leaving to chase after his navigator, Nami, who stole his ship. With he blessing of Chef Zeff to follow his own dream of finding the All Blue, Sanji agreed to join Luffy's pirate crew.

    Arlong Park Arc

    Once arriving near Cocoyashi, Sanji and the crew found the villagers under the thumb of the fish-man pirate Arlong. Nojiko's Nami's older sister, told them how Arlong had killed their mother, and that Nami was stealing from pirates to gather the money to buy the village's freedom. After Arlong betrayed his deal with Nami, Sanji joined Luffy and the others to save her and the village people. In the initial fight, Luffy got thrown into the water with his feet stuck in cement. Sanji tried to get under water to free him, but he was stalled by Kurobi. When Sanji got the fight to dry land, Sanji made short work of the fish-man martial artists. Sanji soon after dove back in to release Luffy to finish the fight and destroy Arlong Park. There was a giant party in the village, and Nami joined the Straw Hats crew officially.

    Loguetown Arc

    Sanji was mostly shopping in Loguetown for the trip into the Grand Line when Luffy got into trouble. Sanji and Zoro fought through the crew of Buggy the Pirate to save their captain, but his life was spared thanks to an arrant lightning bolt. The crew then had to escape the Naval pursuit of Smoker and Tashigi.

    Reverse Mountain Arc

    Just as they entered the Grand Line, Sanji got swallowed up into the belly of a giant whale named Laboon. Inside the stomach they met the whale's doctor, Crocus. He let them out through a hatch, and explained how Laboon has been waiting for decades for the pirate crew who left him behind. They also gained two passengers calling themselves Miss Wednesday and Mr. 9.

    Alabasta Saga - Whiskey Peak Arc

    The next stop was the island of Whiskey Peak. The crew was welcomes as guests and there was a giant party. Sanji was completely taken in by the hospitality of the locals, and he didn't realize they were a village of bounty hunters. Sanji slept through much of the battle that took place and was dragged back aboard the ship by Luffy. Miss Wednesday was actually Princess Vivi Nefertari, and they had agreed to help her save her kingdom in Alabasta from the Baroque Works organization. Sanji was involved just enough as Miss All Sunday, Crocodile's right hand, was aboard the Going Merry. With her unknown powers, she disarmed Sanji and Usopp.

    Alabasta Saga - Little Garden Arc

    Sanji and Zoro got involved in a hunting challenge of who could bring back the largest kill, and he was unaware of most of what was happening on the island. He eventually ran across a house made of wax in the dinosaur filled jungle. Inside, he intercepted a call from Crocodile. He impersonated one of his agents and convinced him the Straw Hats were dead. He intercepted the Eternal pose to Alabasta and brought it back to the crew so they could continue their journey.

    Alabasta Saga - Drum Island

    Nami had fallen deathly sick along the way, and they were in search of an island with a doctor when they ran into the pirates of Wapol. After handling them, they found a winter island with only one witch doctor, who lived in a castle at the top of the steep mountains. Sanji escorted Luffy as Nami was tied to his back. Unfortunately, Sanji was seriously injured during an avalanche. Luffy had to to run from a fight with Wapol, and carry both of them up the mountain. Their wounds were treated by Doctor Kureha, and Sanji woke up along with Luffy being treated by a talking reindeer named Tony Tony Chopper. Later, Kureha explained the past of Chopper to Sanji and Nami,

    Wapol, who was the previous king of Drum Island, had returned. Sanji tried to help in the fight and clashed briefly with Kuromarimo, but Kureha knocked Sanji down and sat on him so he wouldn't aggravate his injures. Once Luffy one against Wapol, he convinced Chopper to join the crew, and they left Drum Island for Alabasta.

    Along the way, Mr, 2, a Baroque Works officer, had fallen aboard on their ship. He had the powers to copy his body after people he had touched, but he never had the chance to even see Sanji. However, he had seen and touched them all. He would surely report they were alive once he later realized who they were.

    Alabasta Saga - Alabasta Arc

    The arrival in Alabasta was an action packed one as Smoker and Tashigi had been waiting for them. they managed to escape with the help of Luffy's older brother Portgas D. Ace. They later traveled to Yuba to try and stop the rebels from starting the civil war on the island, but they had already moved on. Luffy convinced Vivi to let them take the fight to Crocodile, and Sanji and Chopper were the only ones that didn't get caught in Crocodile's trap. Using the name Mr. Prince, Sanji tricked Crocodile out of his casino using Chopper as the detraction. Deep under the casino, Sanji came to the rescue and forced Mr. 3 to free them from the cell trap. Luffy stayed behind to fight Crocodile while the rest went onto Alabasta to try and prevent the war.

    The civil was still began in the city's capital, but the Straw Hats separated the remaining Baroque Works officers. Sanji fought with Mr. 2, and the shape changer exploited Sanji's adoration of Nami by constantly transforming into her during the fight. Sanji eventually turned the tide on Mr. 2 to transform back and finally defended him. After averting a bomb attack in the plaza, Sanji tried to help Vivi stop the fighting among the people till Luffy defeated Crocodile.

    The crew offered Vivi to join them if they could meet them at the island's coast the next day. They had to run to avoid capture from the surrounding Navy. Surprisingly, their escape was aided by Mr. 2, who had turned over a new leaf. He and his crew were captured by Captain Hina while impersonating the Straw Hats. Vivi was at the coast at the promised time, but only to say goodbye. Though they couldn't call out to Vivi without implicating her to the nearby Navy, they turned their back and showed the X-marks on their arms as a sign of their friendship before sailing off.

    Jaya Arc

    Miss All Sunday, who's real name is Nico Robin, had stowed away aboard the ship and wanted to join the crew. Saji was overjoyed when Luffy accepted. Sanji missed most of the events on Jaya, but he was part of the crew that met Montblanc Cricket while searching for clues to how to get to the Sky Island. He was also from the North Blue, like Sanji; and a descendant of Montblanc Norland. Crocket befriended the crew and he was attacked by the Bellamy Pirates while Sanji and the rest were looking for a South Bird to find the Knock-Up Stream. Lufy got Cricket's treasure back, and they made it in time to be launched into the white sea above.

    Skypiea Arc

    In Skypiea, he crew befriend Conis an her father, but they got caught into a fight after Nami, Robin, Zoro, and Chopper were taken hostage while on the Merry and dragged into Upper Yard, the land of God Eneru. Sanji, Luffy, and Usopp fought with Satori to reach the crew, and defeated the priest despite his mind reading abilities. Upon their reunion with the crew, Nami revealed to them that Upper Yard was part of Jaya and should contain the city of gold that Norland had found centuries ago. They planned to raid the city, and Sanji was part of the team on the Going Merry, but he was seriously injured when Eneru appears to confront Gan Fal, who was with them.

    Sanji and Usopp woke up to see that Nami was abducted aboard Eneru's flying ark Maxim. The two boarded to save Nami and they got away. Sanji was ready to sacrifice himself to let Usopp and Nami run, but Usopp came back for him as well. Sanji then watched as Nami gave Luffy a ride on her new waver to launch up into the air to defeat Eneru. After a large party, the crew raided the treasure Luffy had found inside the belly of a giant python. They then returned to the blue sea with a send off form the sky island locals.

    Davy Back Fight Arc

    The Straw hats got drawn into a Davy Back Fight with the crew of the Foxy Pirates. They lost the first match due to Foxy's cheating, and it was up to Sanji and Zoro to work together in the Groggy Ball game. It took the two getting beat around for a while to finally agree to work together for thirty seconds, and they won the game to get Chopper back.

    After Luffy won the duel with Foxy, the crew was attacked by Admiral Aokiji, who was trying to kill Robin. Sanji and Zoro fought with Aokiji, but Sanji's leg was encased in ice. Sanji had to jump into the ocean to thaw out his leg, and he returned to the fight to find Luffy completely frozen and Aokiji gone.

    Water 7 Arc

    Sanji was shopping in Water 7 when Usopp was robbed and beaten by the Franky Family. He joined the crew to avenge Usopp. Usopp still left the crew over the conflict of leaving the Going Merry, and the next day Sanji was with Chopper when they found Robin. She told them she was leaving the Straw Hats then disappeared before they could say much more. Not long after this, the whole crew was wanted for attempted murder of Iceburg, the town's beloved mayor.

    Sanji took the initiative and stowed away on the sea train the CP-9 was using to take Robin and Franky to Eneis Lobby. While on the train, Usopp reappeared wearing a mask and calling himself Sogeking. They fought through the World Government agents with Franky, and Sanji defeated Wanze, who used ramen as a weapon. Just as they were able to free Robin and release the train car they were on, Robin betrayed them and returned to the CP-9. Sanji then boarded the train Luffy and the others used to follow.

    Enies Lobby Arc

    Though Luffy ran on ahead on Enies Lobby, Sanji and the rest fought through the World Government island to catch up. Once at the top of the tower, they confronted Robin, and jumped the gorge on the speeding sea train. Inside the Tower of Justice, Fukuro told them that only one of the CP-9 had the key to Robin's cuffs. Sanji first ran into Kalifa. Though he clearly outmatched her, he refused to land a single hit. She took advantage of his and used her Soap-Soap devil fruit powers to render him immobile. Nami went to finish his fight, and his body was revived after a tub of water washed over him.

    Now revived, Sanji fight with the wolf-man Jabra. Sanji didn't fall for his pointless lies and tricks. He crushed Jabra with his Diable Jambe technique for the first time. With Robin un-cuffed the crew was nearly drowned in the underwater tunnels. To their shock, they were saved by old lady Kokoro, who was a mermaid. Sanji and the rest defended against the Navy Buster Call forces till Luffy defeated Rob Lucci, and they escaped on the Going Merry. Unfortunately, at sea the ship cracked in half. They were forced to give the Merry a viking funeral before returning Water Seven on Iceburg's ship.

    While Luffy rested, Franky approached them to offer to build them a new ship. After a grand party in the city, the entire crew had wanted posters. However, Sanji's only had a poorly drawn rendition of his face. The crew sailed away on the Thousand Sunny with Franky as their new shipwright, and Usopp rejoined the crew after he apologized.

    Thriller Bark Arc

    The crew were sailing through the Florian Triangle on the way to Fish-Man Island when they came across a ghost ship in the dense fog. While aboard, Sanji was there when they met a talking skeleton named Brook, and Luffy asked him to join the crew. Soon after, the crew were trapped inside the gates for Thriller Bark, and they were attacked by an invisible man on the ship. Sanji and the remaining Straw Hats went ashore to find Nami, Usopp, and Chopper, and they found the island filled with monsters, ghosts, and zombies. Sanji was captured and his shadow was stolen to power a zombie by Gecko Moria. When Sanji woke up, Luffy put Sanji in charge of saving Nami from having to marry Absalom, the invisible man.

    Sanji prevented the wedding and was enraged to find Absalom had the powers of the Clear-Clear Fruit, the only devil fruit Sanji ever wanted. Sanji still managed to fail to stop Absalom, and Nami had to save herself in the end. It was then left to the crew to unite to defeated the zombie giant Oars, who was powers by Luffy's shadow. Once Moria was defeated by Luffy, they were overwhelmed by the appearance of Bartholomew Kuma. Sanji was still conscious after Kuma's shock wave, and he was willing to offer his head in place of Luffy's, but Zoro knocked Sanji unconscious to take his place. Sanji woke up to fin Zoro standing along surrounded by blood and refused to say what happened. He later learned that Zoro had taken on all the pain from Luffy's body and barely survived, and Sanji told the Risky Brothers not to let Luffy know about it. The crew then sailed off with Brook as their musician.

    Sabaody Archipelago Arc

    After a run in with young mermaid named Camie, the Straw Hats got caught up rescuing one of their former enemies, Hatchan, from some kidnappers led by Duval. Seems Duval's face looked just like Sanji's wanted poster and has suffered because of it. His misdirected anger only enraged Sanji, and he rearranged Duval's facial structure with his kicks. Oddly, Duval was grateful for his new face and promised to help them if needed in the future. When Sanji stayed aboard the Thousand Sunny when he got the call that Camie had been kidnapped. Sanji's first move was to call in Duval's help. Sanji and the crew got caught into the brawl at the Human Shop auction house.when Luffy decked one of the Celestial Dragons while saving Camie.

    The island was now swarming with Navy in response to their attack and they went into hiding with Silvers Rayleigh, Gold Roger's first-mate. They were going into hiding while Rayleigh performed the ship's coating, but they were almost instantly found by a cyborg copy of Bartholomew Kuma. The crew was overwhelmed by the attack of Sentomaru and Admiral Kizaru. In the midst of the attack, the real Kuma arrived and used his powers to cast each of the crew away. Sanji tried to stop him, but he was also defeated and propelled off the island.

    Lost Friends Mini Arc

    Sanji awoke on Peachy Island in the Grand Line. Though, what he thought was an island filled with beautiful women turned into a living hell for him. Peachy Island is an island of male cross-dressers. They chased him down to seduce him to their ways, and actually succeeded.

    Dawn Island Arc

    Sanji accepts Ivan's challenge
    Sanji accepts Ivan's challenge

    Sanji's brief stint as a cross-dresser came to an abrupt end when he saw the news in the paper how Luffy had taken part in the Paramount War and Marineford and his brother died in his arms during the battle. Sanji was no in a tear to reunite with Luffy but no way off the island. Eventually, Emporio Ivankov, the queen of Peachy Island, returned from from the war. Sanji tried to convince Ivan that he was a member of Luffy's crew, but he refused to believe him since the wanted poster didn't match.

    Several days later, Sanji saw the picture of Luffy in the paper that had the code for the crew. They were to reunite in two years. Sanji stayed on Peachy Island to learn the secrets of their unique cooking style that could make a person stronger. Sanji had to defeat all 99 masters of New Kama Kempo all while avoiding the temptation to cross-dress form the natives. In his time there he also developed some new techniques along with horrible memories.

    Fish-Man Island Arc

    Sanji returned to Sabaody Archipelago as a changed man. Mostly in that his time on Peachy Island made him dangerously sensitive to the presence of even relatively attractive women. He even started to suffer massive nosebleeds when he looked at Nami and Robin. During the trip to Fish-Man Island let Sanji show off his new ability to move through water almost as fast as a mermaid as they fought off a kraken.

    The crew did get separated when entering Fish-Man Island, and Sanji woke up at Camie's apartment with Luffy Usopp, and Chopper. Though Sanji was overjoyed to be in the Mermaid Cove, he suffered his largest nosebleed to date. He now had severe blood loss. The crew had to search for humans in the nearby town for a transfusion, bu the only donors they found were Splash and Splatta, two residence of Peachy Island.

    Things became hectic when the Straw Hats were attacked by the royal guard for kidnappings at Mermaid Cove. After finding a wounded Hatchan, Luffy appeared with Princess Shirahoshi. Though it meant his life, Sanji looked upon her beauty and temporarily turned to stone. Sanji was back to his normal self after this.

    The crew then united with Jimbei to rescue the Ryugu royal family from Hody Jones and his New Fish-Man Pirates. Sanji fought along with Jimbei to defeat Wadatsumi and tricked the pufferfish fish-man into growing so large he was crushing his allies below him. The tension didn't end with the conflict and Conchcord Plaza. Sanji was also present as Luffy took on two of Big Mom's crew to cover for the people of New Fish-Man Island.

    Punk Hazard Arc

    Sanji's mind in Nami's body
    Sanji's mind in Nami's body

    The Straw Hats hadn't been in the New World for long when the were distracted by a distress call that led them to Punk Hazard, an island covered by both fire and ice. Sanji was caught off guard by a gas attack and woke up in a facility with Chopper, Nami, Franky, and the talking head of the samurai Kin'emon. They escaped the cell and found a room filled with giant kids who begged for their help. Sanji helped fight off the guards on Nami's behalf. Once outside the facility, they ran into Smoker, Tashigi, and Trafalgar Law. Before they could escape, Law used his powers to mix up the minds and bodies of the Straw Hats. Sanji was overjoyed to be inside the body of Nami.

    Sanji felt responsible for Kin'emon after he went missing from the cave they were hiding in with the kids. Zoro was forced to join Sanji and Brook's search for Kin'emon. They found Kin'emon's separated torso inside of the lake, and the island was being covered in poison gas from the Slime monster they saw. They barely managed to get back into the safety of the facility, and Nami demanded Law reverse his power on them both. Now back in his own body, Sanji defended Tashigi and her G-5 unit while they were under attack from their former commander Vergo. He then led the G-5 to help Nami and Robin calm the now drug crazed children so Chopper could treat them.

    The crew celebrated their victory, then left the kids in the hands of the Navy while they left for Dressrosa. Luffy had formed an alliance with Trafalgar Law. The first part as to destroy Doflamingo's artificial devil fruit factory.

    Dressrosa Arc

    Sanji's trapped by Violet's charms.
    Sanji's trapped by Violet's charms.

    As part of the alliance to take down, Kaido, one of the Four Emperors; Sanji was put on the team to search Dressrosa for the artificial devil fruit factory of Doflamingo. However, he got distracted while trying to chase down Zoro who was after a thief who stole his Shuisui. A beautiful dancer named Violet distracted Sanji, but she was later revealed to be an agent of Don Quixote who could read minds. She intended to learn the Straw Hats plan, but Sanji's belief in her earlier plea for help was true saved him. Violet turned on her own men, and told Sanji that they had fallen into Doflamingo's trap.

    After getting saved from Doflamingo by Trafalgar Law, Luffy gives Sanji the order to fire on Big Mom's ship and here is where Sanji's involvement in the rest of the arc ends.

    Zou Arc

    It has been revealed that Sanji is a prince of the Germa Kingdom and the third son of the Vinsmoke family of assassins, a secret he kept from his crew mates. Capone 'Gang' Bege works under Big Mom and delivers news that Sanji is to be married to the thirty fifth daughter of the Charlotte family, Purin.

    No Caption Provided

    Sanji at fist refuses to go, but with the lives of his crew mates - Nami, Chopper and Brook threatened as well as his past catching up to him, he has no choice. He writes a short note for his Captain and the rest of the Straw Hats, notifying them of his absence with promises to return soon.

    No Caption Provided

    Powers & Abilities

    Sanji is an extremely powerful and strong individual and one of the crew's top four fighters along with Luffy, Zoro, and Jinbe. He currently has the third highest bounty in the crew after Luffy and Jinbe.

    Black Leg Style

    Sanji is a master "Black Leg Style", an extremely powerful kick-based martial art. He is also able to leap and run much farther than most humans. He has stated that the reason he fights with his feet is that he doesn't want to risk damaging his hands because he needs them to cook.

    He has also developed a technique similar to the CP9's Geppo called "Sky Walk" which grants him the ability to fly or jump in the air. He can also use this ability in water to swim faster than most Fishmen called "Blue Walk".


    Before the time-skip, Sanji was clearly in the class 100 range in terms of striking strength, he has easily kicked buildings apart, felled a colossal sized giant, killed dinosaurs and matched Zoro in their brief scuffles.

    Currently, he is much stronger, Sanji has destroyed a Pacifista in a single strike, a feat which is scarily impressive considering he and his crew had to repeatedly use their best attacks to destroy a Pacifista before the time-skip) beat Wadatsumi (a massive Fishman who dwarfed a town) with one flame enhanced kick and gone blow for blow with the Vice Admiral class 100 Vergo. Doflamingo has also acknowledged Sanji's strength, admitting that he's powerful when getting kicked and being forced to restrain the Cook's movements with his strings.

    Sanji defeating Wadatsumi
    Sanji defeating Wadatsumi

    During the climax of the Whole Cake Island arc, Sanji successfully matched the strength of Daifuku's genie despite getting overpowered by it earlier in the arc.


    Sanji fights in the high-hypersonic range (easily in excess of Mach 30), before the time-skip Sanji could perform multiple movements invisible to the human eye, easily dodge or intercept bullets, dodge lasers fired from a Pacifista, light his leg on fire from the friction of his kicks (re entry level speed) and defeat the hyper-sonic CP9 member - Jabra during the Enies Lobby Arc.

    After the time-skip he, just like the other two members of the Monster Trio got exponential stat increases, Sanji can now easily evade attacks that his pre time-skip self struggled to do, he matched the high hyper-sonic Vergo in combat speed and he can light his legs on fire with minimal effort compared to his pre time-skip self. He has kicked dozens of times in under a second with each kick being lit on fire.

    No Caption Provided

    During the Whole Cake Island arc, Sanji moved at imperceptible speeds to kick Charlotte Oven and rescue Chiffon

    No Caption Provided


    Sanji is durable enough is withstand hits from Moria and Oars the former of whom split an island in half, he has recovered from Doflamingo slicing him with his Five Colour Strings, he has also quickly recovered from being punched simultaneously on both sides of the face from Luffy and Jimbei. It should be noted that Sanji's durability increases even further when using Busoshoku Haki.


    He has also shown the ability to use Haki in at least two forms.

    Diable Jambe

    A new technique developed by Sanji by rapidly spinning in one place which raises the temperature of his leg to the extent that it catches fire. The temperature is so high that it can burn a target on contact.


    Raid Suit
    Raid Suit

    Sanji's Raid Suit 'Stealth Black' is an advanced engineered aid, developed by his father's science division. Like the Suits provided to his siblings, Sanji experiences a moderate boost to his strength, speed and durability when worn. Unlike the others though, Sanji's Raid Suit grants invisibility through projecting the surroundings over his body, masking his presence.

    The suit's durability has been noted by Sanji twice, allowing him to barely feel a hit from Page One, an Ancient Zone and member of the Tobiroppo:

    No Caption Provided

    The Raid Suit allowing Sanji to shake off a beak thrust from King, the second in command of the Beast pirates.


    Age: 19 (debut) 21 (after time skip)

    Hair : Blond

    Height: 5' 9" (177cm)

    Distinguishing Marks: spiraled eyebrow

    Favorites: women / cuisine

    Crew Position: Cook

    Specialty: cooking / unarmed combat / chivalry

    Dream: Find the All Blue

    First Bounty: 77,000,000 (Beli)

    Current Bounty: 330,000,000 (Beli)

    Other Media


    One Piece (1999)

    The One Piece animated series is a direct adaptation of Oda's original manga.. It's produced by TOEI Animation and first began airing in October 20, 1999. Sanji's first anime appearance was in One Piece - Episode 20 " The Famous Cook! Sanji of the Floating Restaurant" which aired on October 20, 1999. He has had separate voice actors for her adult version and another for her child version told in the flash back story in the Japanese and English versions of the series. His standard Japanese voice actor is Hiroaki Hirata. The child version of Sanji was voice by Ikue Otani. For the U.S. dub produced by FUNimation is done by Eric Vale . The child version is done by Christine Auten.


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