Character » Sangre appears in 57 issues.

    This ruthless individual was the leader of the Children of the Vault until his death. He was intelligent and well-respected by the others.

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    Like the other Children of the Vault, Sangre (Spanish for 'blood') was neither a Homo superior (mutant) nor Homo sapiens sapiens (regular human being) but the member of a completely different human species that has evolved biologically, culturally, and technologically over the course of six thousand years. His people's advanced technology allowed him to have superhuman abilities in the form of a special suit he wore; once the battery ran out, however, he'd be powerless.  Sangre was the leader of the Children of the Vault upon their return to the world after hundreds of years of isolation. Their plan was to eliminate not just mutants, but humans from the planet. This led him and his group into conflict with the X-Men, and he was killed in one of those encounters. Shot by Mystique with special bullets that targeted his unique physiology.

    He is succeeded by Cadena


    Sangre was created by Mike Carey and Chris Bachalo and first appeared in X-Men Vol 2 #188 (2006) alongside the rest of his team the Children of the Vault. 

    Powers and Abilities

    He could create bubbles around people's heads to suffocate them. Also, he could turn his body into a watery version of itself, though the body still appeared normal, in contrast to the power manifestation of Fuego or Iceman. Nevertheless, his watery body made him hard to hit and, thus, hard to hurt.

    Mystique shot Sangre full of thermite bullets (white phosphurous), turning the water in his body to air, killing him.


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