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Sang is a warrior of the Order of the Light, as is his brother Sing. Together the two warrior monk brothers would merge into Siang, the Order of the Light's greatest warrior since the great Kung Lao who previously defended Earth Realm. The Order of the Light itself an ancient Earth religion and sect. Advocating spirituality, purity, goodness, and honor, it embraces all people from across Earth who agree with its ideals. The Order of the Light trains warriors in the way of traditional Shaolin martial arts. Sang and his brother Sing's merged form Siang is the first fighter since Kung Lao to be recognized as such a powerful and extraordinary fighter. Individually both brothers are said to be proficient fighters, with tremendous speed, strength, skill, stamina and agility, but when combined, those abilities double, making for an especially dangerous fighter. When Sang died, Sing choose to fuse together one last time never to come apart again. Siang met his end at the hands of Scorpion. After Scorpion gained the power of a medallion that could animate the dead he used it to create an army to serve Shao Kahn the very person that had given him that medallion. Scorpion re-animated the body of Siang to do Scorpions evil bidding. 


Sang is a Malibu comics character, and is a part of the popular Mortal Kombat franchise. He appears in Mortal Kombat Blood & Thunder #1 released in 1994. He does not appear in any of the video games as of yet. His first appearance was written by Charles Marshall with art by Patrick Rolo, most likely making them his creators and designers.  

Major Story Arcs

Mortal Kombat Blood and Thunder

Sing and Sang had been sent by the Order of the Light to participate in the Mortal Kombat as Siang. Liu Kang although not considered as great as Siang pleads to also participate in the Tournament and is granted permission to do so. There is conflict on the boat as Shang Tsung's guards and minions attempt to lock up the Earth realm combatants and succeed in doing so. That is until the mysterious Scorpion appears and frees Sub Zero who in turn frees Sang and Sing. The half dragon Goro would appear and the two brothers were merge into Siang to fight the four armed monster. Goro would prove too powerful though and defeat Siang separating the two warriors killing them. Raiden would open a teleport to save the Earth realm fighters scattering them in Outworld. Much later, a group of Earth fighters including Liu Kang would come across Siang even though they had seen killed with their very own eyes. Liu Kang is quick to question his former Order of the Light ally. Siang explains the grim and tragic circumstance of how Sing woke up after their encounter with Goro, Sing had not died, but Sang his brother had. One brother alive, and one brother dead, Sing would merge with his brother one last time, now permanently to become Siang one last time. Part dead, Siang would also unfortunately be vulnerable to the effects of the Deathstone, a gem possesses by emperor Shao Kahn of Outworld. A artifact that allows control of the dead. This he explained to Liu Kang the reason he was forced to fight. Later Siang would explain a similar story to Scorpion unaware that the ninja was in possession of the Deathstone. Scorpion appearing hearing Siang's tragic tale would shatter the Deathstone destroying it. Siang would be liberated by Scorpions hands, but his freedom would be short lived, as Scorpion would then kill Siang remarking coldly that only the dead are free.    

Powers and Abilities

Sang had a mystical like ability to merge with his brother Sing, to become the legendary fighter Siang. Siang's powers are the accumulated powers and skills of Sing and Sang. A very skilled martial artist, Siang is considered an even greater fighter than Liu Kang by the Order of the Light. Siang has twice the speed, twice the strength, twice the stamina, twice the agility of a very athletic and skilled human fighter. When he was half dead and half alive Siang was forced to act by the power of the deathstone, an artifact that controlled the dead and was possessed by Scorpion. 


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