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    Sandy is the wife of Kip Hölm, Emperor of the Spartoi Empire

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    Born a thief on the planet Pryd'Ri, Sandy would eventually become a slave to the Ariguan Confederacy where she would lead a slave revolt. Helping a man named Kip Hölm escape certain death, they both would be helped by Starlord and escape their captors. Both would join him to take revenge on the man who destroyed their worlds.

    Once found, Sandy killed the man responsible, Kyras Shakati, as he was planning a devious attack on Starlord. She and Kip were both captured on the planet Sparta, capital of the Spartoi Empire. The Emperor's uncle, Gareth, had planned a coup de tat to take over rule of the planet. Starlord defeated them and left Kip and Sandy behind, who had grown to love one another deeply.

    Kip would become the adopted heir to the throne by Emperor Jason and they would have three children together - Alain, Rhys and Robyn. When Emperor Jason left with Starlord decades later, it can be assumed Kip took over rule of the Empire.


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