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Having just finished graduate school, Sandy and her fiance Jack visited Scotland upon her request. She dreamed of becoming a social worker and he an artist. They stayed at a hotel run by Perseus for two days, until on their final night, the hotel came under attack from Piecemeal and Mad Man. Jack was murdered by Mad Man, and Sandy was tormented by the duo before Hulk would arrive to fight them off. She would become deeply depressed and unable to sleep. She blamed herself for Jack's death as she felt that if she had never convinced him to go to Scotland, he would still be alive.

Abominable Tales

Sitting alone on a park bench at night, Sandy would be ambushed by a group of thugs who attempt to rape her; however, a very large cloaked man would approach the scene. Knocking one of them out, the others flee. After this, it is revealed that Sandy wanted them to hurt or even kill her. She tells the man that she had been visiting the park at night for two weeks in the hope that something bad would happen. After the man presses her on the issue. She explains her story and that anything that happens to her is punishment for her fiancees death. The man then invites her to come with him.

Leading her into the sewers, they encounter Angel (Simon Halloway) who informs the man that he is late and that story time has already begun. She is then led into an area full of homeless people, most of whom are sitting around a fire. It is then that the cloaked man reveals himself to be the Abomination shocking Sandy with his appearance. Abomination and Sandy sit near the fire and he tells a fairy tale story loosely based on his life.

After he finishes he see's that Sandy has fallen asleep and wishes her pleasant dreams. Sandy would awaken on a park bench in the morning surrounded by a couple of police officers. After she leaves, she finds a note in her pocket. It reads "Story time is every full moon. Come again if you wish. We could use a social worker and you could use the rest. Love Emil". At first Sandy crumples the paper and throws it in a trash can, but would she return to dig it out and go home.

Down Under/ Shades of Green

During one of her visits to the sewers, Sandy would find Abomination fending off a group of police officers accompanied by state news. These officers would be sent into the sewers by Commissioner Howard Ferris who was on the parole of Crimelord Mister Christopher. Christopher believed that the homeless in the sewers were an obstacle for a planned drug operation. Worried about Sandy's well-being, Emil carries her off to safety.

Watching the news from home, Hulk would witness the fight and Abomination carrying the women deeper into the sewers. He then goes to New York to aid the officers and plead with Abomination to surrender. Meanwhile, Abomination grows increasingly worried for his friends, and tells Sandy to lead everyone out of the sewers while he stalls the incoming police force.

Abomination battles the Hulk while Sandy leads everyone out; however, much of the homeless stay to help Emil. They are mercilessly gunned down by the crooked cops. Witnessing the deaths of his friends, Abomination is driven mad and violently attacks the Hulk and the police. One of the only good cops present takes Sandy hostage in an act of desperation. No longer carrying about the well being of those around him, Abomination leaves her to her fate and continues his assault on the Hulk.

After the battle is over, Angel leads Sandy to the exit, explaining to her that it is all over and that Emil is lost. Sandy weeps as she leaves.


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