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Sandy Skin is the mother of Sherri. She is a morphine addict who is a lover of Funboy. When the Crow come to kill Funboy he sends Darla home to her daughter. Note: Sandy Skin is obviously her stage name as an exotic dancer.


In the film Sandy is known as Darla and the Crow literally pulls the morphine from her body. She was also a cocktail waitress not a stripper.

In the TV series "The Crow Stairway to Heaven" Darla was likewise purged of her addiction by Eric as she was in the comic and movie, though in the series she did backslide to her old addictions, and, since in the series Eric allowed Funboy to live, she even backslided into her old relationship with Funboy briefly (though Funboy himself changed for the better towards the end of his life in this version)

She generally after being cured of her addictions worked as a receptionist for the Detroit Police Department, she was hired on the recommendation of Daryl Albrecht


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