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    Former Grad student turned superbeing

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    Bombarded by bio samples from Quicksand and the Sandman ,Tony Trainer was transformed into Sandstorm, by Morelle Pharmaceuticals rep Marcus Devane. The two samples had an adverse affect when they were irradiated with a microwave bombardment it exploded and Trainer went on a rampage. Spider-man rescued Dr. Marla Madison who had earlier voiced her concerns about Project : Sandstorm to Devane. Then Sandman and Quicksand ( who were looking for their bio-samples ) arrived as Trainer emerged as SandStorm. Upset that Devane was killed in the explosion he made a massive sandstorm and drove Spider-man and the Sandman temporarily away. He briefly fought  Quicksand but she convinced him that  they were on the same side and together they attacked Spider-man and the Sandman. Spider-man hit Sandstorm with a chunk of reversed polarized shrapnel and it disrupted his armor. Before he was arrested, the Sandman stayed with Trainer to make sure he was fairly treated by the police. 


    Sandstorm was created by Terry Kavanagh and Alex Saviuk in 1993 and first appeared in Web of Spider-Man # 107.

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