Sand Saref

    Character » Sand Saref appears in 42 issues.

    The first true love of Denny Colt, the Spirit.

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    First Appearance: January 8, 1950

    Sand Saref and Denny Colt grew up together. Sand's father was an honest cop. Denny lived with his uncle who was a patsy for the crooks in the neighborhood. When Sand's father was killed because of a bad decision made by Denny's uncle, Sand refused to talk to him. She ended up in foster care.

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    Sand's life became rough. She began to hate cops. She felt that if her father wasn't an officer, he'd still be alive. She was arrested for armed robbery a few times and ended up serving some jail time. Denny tried being there for her but she told him she hated him. Despite some of her shady decisions on the other side of the law, Sand never revealed The Spirit's identity. This in itself reveals that perhaps Sand's character can be saved.

    They continued coming in and out of each others' lives, both knowing they could never return to what they once had despite how much they still felt for each other.

    Awards and Honours

    Sand Saref was ranked 73rd in Comics Buyer's Guide Presents: 100 Sexiest Women in Comics

    The Spirit (2008)

    Sand Saref appears as a main character in the Frank Miller directed adaptation of The Spirit. She is portrayed by actress Eva Mendes. Her role is almost parallel to that of the comics, being the Spirit's childhood sweetheart and a criminal.

    Eva Mendes as Sand Saref
    Eva Mendes as Sand Saref

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