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    Sanctity was the daughter of Dr. Bolivar Trask and after traveling to Earth-811 (Cable's Reality) she became a disciple of Rachel Summers and led the Askani after Rachel died.

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    Madame Sanctity was a direct disciple of the Mother Askani. When the Askani sisterhood was destroyed and when Mother Askani had died, Sanctity was the only true follower left. She continued teaching, however, and began a sect of the sisterhood in Ebonshire. There, she claimed to have received a psionic boost to her powers, making her a very powerful psi-talent.


    Sanctity was created for the Askani'son series in 1996 by Gene Ha, Scott Lobdell, and Jeph Loeb.

    Major Story Arcs

    War Against Apocalypse

    In the future: Nathan Dayspring has been on his own for a while. When the New Canaanites are drawn to his potential, Nathan is directed to Ebonshire by Blaquesmith. At the same time, Madame Sanctity alerts Aliya, a novitiate, to be prepared for the coming of the "Chosen One." Aliya is not sure what to think because Sanctity has been exhibiting more insane tendencies of late. When Nathan arrives at Ebonshire, Sanctity immediately dubs him "Askani'son," the savior of the world. Her devotion to him, however, is short lived. She hands the training of Nathan over to Aliya. Then, when the New Canaanites attack, she unleashes a torrential psi-wave and severely cripples the sky fleet. She is shot at and presumed dead, but Stryfe had apparently stepped in and saved her at the last moment. Seeing a resemblance to Nathan, Sanctity abandons the Askani followers to train Stryfe.

    Powers and Abilities

    Sanctity possesses telepathy and telekinesis and can fire raw psionic energy. She can travel or project her consciousness into other eras and realities and send others through time for later retrieval.


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