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    Sanction is a deadly assassin. A "broadcast telepath", who can affect others' minds to see the identity he wishes them to see.

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    Sanction is a closely guarded secret governmental project, known only to those of the upper echelons in espionage divisions. William Lyons was the caretaker of the Project.

    Project Sanction aka the assassin known as "Sanction" is an unusual case. He (if he is indeed a "he") has the ability to mentally project an image of himself into the minds of those around him. He uses this power in conjunction with the personality he is currently employing at the time. He has multiple personalities, so the image that other people see of him sometimes varies from a man to a woman to a child, with different ethnicities as well. Sanction has been mentally programmed to react to certain spoken keywords.

    These commands either activate him in order to exterminate a given target or deactivate him, and thus causing him to go into hiding. At the moment of deactivation, he is rendered temporarily invisible until he is far enough away and resumes another identity.

    Sanction pulls knowledge from his various identities. He has extensive skills in hand-to-hand combat, military weaponry, and demolitions which make him an extremely formidable opponent even against super-powered beings.


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