my Full SDCC Chip Set.

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  so this year was my FIRST SDCC, and it was epic. I noobed out and spent most of my time on the floor trying to catch swag give aways (which i managed to catch allot of btw), and only made it to about 6 panels all week. 
  One of the main things i was looking forward to when i first found out i was were the Wayne Casino DC poker chips. I was adimant on getting all of them, and through a combination of major luck and perseverance, i got all of them(and a couple spares)!
 .... and now im not sure what to do. I am not a collector. I only have about 3 comics in plastic, and all of the trades i have signed are purely so i can point and say "look what i did!"
  ... so what should i do with them? I see complete sets selling on Ebay for almost 200 dollars. Should i sell them? and If so, should i wait until the scramble has died down in a few weeks? or years?
i just know something stupid will happen to them if i just let them sit on my shelf. Any ideas?

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Whither you want to sell them on eBay or put them on your wall, I think it would be best to frame them. :) Or else play with them in a poker game (with each counting for $50 or something). 

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