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I had the perfect Comic-con this year so I immortalized my adventure at San Diego for all to enjoy. I took photos with many and got to meet many more! Some of these people I took photos with while others I just met and talked to while they were in the middle of their con duties. I met Kyle D. Higgins, Paul Dini, Yuri Lowenthal, Steven Moffat, Tara Platt, Tara Strong (She was with her kids so no time for a photo:( ), Greg Capullo, Scott Snyder, Dan Jurgens, Tom Taylor, Brian Buccellato, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Colins, Robert Singer, Mark Sheppard, Larry Herb and the entire Comicvine team! Whoever said that meeting your heroes would be a disappointment can suck it because all these people were awesome! Posted pictures in my comicvine albums tagged under SDCC 2013. If anyone I met at San Diego from the Comicvine staff reads this, I just want to say you all are absolutely amazing and I look forward to seeing you again next year at Comic-Con 2014.

@inferiorego You photobombed me so hard. You sir were not a disappointment despite what you claim. I don't lag Matt! No mattter what you say :) You were the first person I met from Comicvine and you had the most zeal out of the whole bunch. You set the positive tone for the rest of the Comicvine team i met that day.

@k4tzm4n It was great to finally meet you in person!! I'm glad you've convinced my to get the new TMNT game! We made Uros cry manly tears but, hopefully next year we reunite with Uros in tow! Meeting you was an absolute must and I'm glad I found you last minute on Sunday. You're a great friend to meet on Xbox and an even better one in person:)

@missj You were the most injured of the bunch yet, you pushed on with a knife wound and blisters as if you were dusting dirt off your shoulders! I declare you and Kyle to be the power couple of comics. You both need your own on-going! Your life since the last few weeks has been more exciting than most of the comics on stands these days anyway ;)

@g_man I have no idea where to stick my two Comicvine stickers you gave me. It feels like an important decision that I can't take back. You knew I was trying to track you down and despite that you were working non-stop, you still found time to meet a little viner like me and make his day. It was the coolest thing any one person did for me all weekend at the Con:)

Thank you all again and I will continue to be a proud and happy comic enthusiast in this great community that is Comicvine!

Remember Hall H.... Never Again...

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