SDCC 2011: Dan DiDio Interview

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It actually made me smile to see that quick shot of the new Justice League. I think I'm warming up to the changes. :)

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Bunny suit lol. That was funny.  Alright I can buy Supes not being with Lois yet since as of right now he's still coming to his own and is on his own road to self discovery (Didio's words). Still think its funny though that Didio said the new changes being made now he had wanted for like 5 years now...well why did those not come out with the conclusion of Infinite Crisis hmm? Still seems nobody wants to admit that the Superman lawsuit may have been the prime motivation behind all this. 

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Reboot Superman is pretty much a 48 issue limited series. Just sayin' 
..and now a word from DC comics. I hear Jock & Snyder are killing it on detective!

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I've been fluctuating between optimistic and skeptical about the DC relaunch. DiDio, unfortunately, put be back on skeptical. The fact that Lois Lane's marriage to Clark Kent never happened sounds a little "One More Day" to me. That and the fact that The Killing Joke and Cassandra Cain's stories probably never happened. I like that they're making a big attempt to tell new and different stories, but I just resent it when creators get rid of any character development they want because they think it's what's best.

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Q: Why reboot DC into "new 52"? 
A: Heroes Reborn got a bum rap! 

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Dan DiDio is such a likeable person. 
Nice Interview! 

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 Superman lawsuit had nothing to do with the changes.   rightttttt !!
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Not quite sure what's more entertaining. The awesome interview or the amazing crowd passing buy in the background. Hard to focus on both of those.

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Man.. This guy needs an inhaler.

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I know it's old and I've harped on it before but i just can't get past the blatant lying. DC: "it's not a reboot." DD: "We didn't get rid of the marriage, the marriage never happened."

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i want xombi

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While I hate the guy's writing and I am not a fan of the rehoot, I think I'd like Dan as a person a fellow comic-enthusiast and i have to hand it to him, at least he seems really into the whole thing, despite it being a minefield (and he knows it). 
Btw, am i the only one that has the feeling the DC people who appeared at SDCC all went to some kind of bootcamp where they were trained to auto respond to certain questions that end up with; 
Read Flashpoint 5. Barry is the Flash. Wait till September. It's a new continuity 'stuff' never happened? 

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I am excited about day and date release that DC is doing. I was so excited about I had not noticed that it is actually going to be more expensive to get digital. WTF!!!! its digital as in you do not have ship it, print it, or pay diamond. So basically we are paying more for a product that will be cheaper for them to make, when we already pay too much for comics. Print is dead people so why force us towards print with a higher price on digital :@

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Based on what he said I hope Superman is gay with Jimmy Olsen

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I don't get Didio's way of thinking there about Batgirl.
So when you ask general people they say that Batgirl is Barbara Gordon.
Yet you get rid of the orignal Blue Beetle in this reboot and keep his replacement. That makes no sense.

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