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    Samus Aran is the heroine of the Metroid universe and is an intergalactic bounty hunter. Samus is also one of the first playable female video game character.

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    Samus Aran was born on the planet K2-L. She was the daughter of Virginia and Rodney Aran. Her family ran the local mining operation of Afloradite. When she as three years old, a Chozo (a bird like race of creatures with incredible intelligence) came to the mine to ask for Afloradite. Samus met the old bird, and the two became close friends, despite Samus being only three years old. She affectionately came to name him "Bird Granpa". Unfortunately, the Chozo were turned down because of regulations, and left the planet. A day later, a fleet of Space Pirates-a sinister criminal organization in the galaxy-caught a scan of the leaving Chozo ship, and discovered the Afloradite mine. Afloradite was a unstable mineral, but was an incredible source of fuel and explosives. Immediately the planet was raided, and in the process, Samus's mother was killed. Unwilling to die by the Pirate's hands and sacrifice the Afloradite, Samus's father intentionally detonated the whole payload, which killed many of the Space Pirates, save for their leader, the dragon-like Ridley.

    A few hours later, the same Chozo detected the explosion and came to investigate, finding the young Samus as the only survivor.

    The Hatchling

    After the raid of K2-L, the Chozo returned Samus to their own planet, Zebes. It was uninhabitable by humans, and Samus could only survive a few days in her current condition. Bird Granpa, becoming emotionally attached to Samus, did the only thing he could. She was put into an incubator and infused with the blood of the Chozo, giving her abilities far above any human, and enabling her to survive on the harsh conditions of Zebes. For eleven years she lived with the Chozo uneventfully, training to be a soldier. As a gift to her, the Chozo gave Samus her most efficient weapon: the Power Suit.

    It was a suit of incredibly efficient armor that increased her power and granted her extraordinary abilities. She trained long and hard with the Power Suit, trying to become proficient with it, with slow gradual success. After a particularly frustrating day of training, Samus stumbled upon a group of flowers. Thinking them as beautiful things, she gathered them and began showing them to the Chozo. It was immediately realized by Bird Grandpa that they were the poison species of flower that grew on the planet called "The Bajar Glove". They were incinerated by Chozo defense robots, but the poison had spread to some local species of giant butterfly. The insects grew hostile, and began to attack anything in sight. Fearing that the Chozo's A.I. advisor, Mother Brain, would order the butterflies exterminated, she fended them off in her first showing of skill with the Power Suit. After calming from the effects of the toxin in the flower, Mother Brain still ordered the butterflies to be incinerated, to Samus's horror. After her showing of skill with the situation, it was then that Bird Granpa knew that Samus had the skills to leave Zebes. He sent her off-to her dismay- stating that she was ready to protect the universe. She traveled the universe, taking on small jobs, but also applied to the Galactic Federation, and received extra years of combat training from them (The Galactic Federation is the government of the Metroid Universe). She worked under a C.O. named Adam Malkovitch for a time, until a event caused her to leave the job and become a permanent bounty hunter.

    After her leave of Zebes, something disastrous occurred. The Space Pirates assaulted the planet full-scale, and exterminated the peaceful Chozo. Samus would not be aware of this event for some time, however, as she did not contact her adopted family.

    Zero Mission

    Years passed with Samus doing simple tasks for various customers. However, she was contacted by the Galactic Federation once again. It seemed the Space Pirates were back, and had begun a vicious campaign of destruction across the universe. Their main weapon was the Metroid, a creature capable of draining the life-force from living creatures. With thousands in their possession, the Space Pirates posed a serious threat to the galaxy, and could annihilate entire planets. Immediately accepting the job, Samus headed back to her home planet and the new base of the Space Pirates: Planet Zebes. After destroying the Chozo, the Space Pirates made one of their main bases in a section of Zebes called Tourian. Once landing, Samus searches the planet, discovers the base, and hunts down the Space Pirate forces. She kills one of the generals of the criminals, the massive Kraid, and eventually finds Ridley, extracting vengeance upon him also. Gradually working her way down into Tourian, she rampages through the base, destroying Metroids and Space Pirate forces, until finding the true mastermind behind the organization-Mother Brain, the former Chozo A.I. Essentially helpless to attacks, Samus easily destroys the being. However, upon her destruction, Mother Brain activates the self-destruct mechanism of the base, leaving Samus moments to escape. As Samus was flying off-world in her ship, however, she took anti-air fire from the Space Pirate space craft, and crashes. She survived, but her suit was damaged beyond repair. Samus left the armor behind and then left to infiltrate the mother ship in her Zero-Suit.

    Sneaking through the mother ship and past its forces, she found an old Chozo temple. Inside, she was attacked by a glowing orb of energy, but destroyed it. The burst of energy that followed reconstructed the Power Suit. It was a fail safe devised by the Chozo should Samus ever need a replacement. Going on a rampage through the mothership, Samus damaged much of it and destroyed a large amount of Pirate forces. However, one more foe blocked her path-a robotic version of Ridley, much more powerful than the actual creature. After a battle, Samus destroyed the robot, but once again, a self-destruct device was activated and she was only given moments to escape. After hijacking a Pirate fightership, she finally managed to escape the planet, and the "Zero Mission" was complete.

    Metroid Prime

    Cruising the galaxy, Samus picked up a signal and discovered a seemingly abandoned Pirate frigate called the Orpheon. Upon further investigation, she discovered that the frigate had been badly damaged from the inside. By scanning the Pirate data left in the consoles, she found out that the Pirates have been experimenting on creatures with a dangerous chemical called Phazon. By giving the captured life-forms on board freakish strength and abilities, they had rampaged through the frigate and killed almost all Pirates on board. Delving deeper into the facility, Samus was then attacked by a large creature, a mutated Parasite Queen. After mortally wounding the creature, it falls into the frigates power reactor, causing it to spin wildly off axis and begin exploding. During her escape, she discovered that the Pirate had been rebuilding Ridley with cybernetics. The monster awoke, and flew out of the frigate. Samus also escaped, but her suit was badly damaged during the frigates explosion, and she lost some of it's abilities. Following Ridley onto the nearby planet of Tallon IV, she discovered that the Pirates has been rebuilding their forces in a new base. She also found out that Tallon had once been inhabited by the Chozo-but they had been wiped out by a Phazon meteor which corrupted much of the planet. She took cleaning this up as her responsibility, and so, headed out to destroy the Pirates once more. She explored the planet long, and exterminated many hostile creatures that had been infected with Phazon. She regained her lost abilities, and also earned the Gravity Suit and the Phazon Suit (the latter after a particularly hazardous battle with a giant Space Pirate). After obtaining Space Pirate data, she read that a Metroid had been mutated into something extremely powerful and threatening-the Metroid Prime. It's home lay in the Impact Crater of the Phazon Meteorite. Deciding that she had to exterminate the creature, she collected 12 Chozo artifacts that would open a secret doorway to the Crater. Upon collection and gathering of the twelve in the designated area, she was attacked by Ridley. Burning off his wings, she wounded him badly, but the final blow was struck by the 12 Chozo statues, which used a defense system to knock Ridley off of a cliff. The passageway was open, and Samus entered the Impact Crater, a hellish place poison, fire, and danger. She made her way to the center, and confronted the Metroid Prime. After a initial battle, she knocked the beast down a tunnel, and into the core of the planet. She followed it, and found that the creature had abandoned it's outer casing, revealing it's true form. Unable to do normal damage to the Metroid, she used her Phazon Suit to channel the pools of Phazon into her arm-cannon, and finally defeated the monster. As it's sole inhabitant lay dieing, the Impact Crater began to collapse. She began to leave the crater, but the Metroid grabbed a hold of her, and stole the Phazon essence out of her suit-effectively taking away the Phazon Suit. Nevertheless, Samus escaped the deadly environment, and flew off planet.


    The Ultimate Parasite - Metroid Prime
    The Ultimate Parasite - Metroid Prime

    Weeks later, Samus received a distress call from Planet Aether. Flying through the planets unstable atmosphere, a lightning bolt hit her ship, forcing her to land for repairs. It was here where she learns the origin of the distress call-a Galactic Federation transport ship. It crashed in the same manner as her's had. Unlike her, all of the crew was dead, killed by some unknown source. She checked the ships log files, and watched a video-tape of the crew's last moments. Hundreds of creatures had attacked the crew, and killed them all. She investigated, and discovers that the planet was really two planets. Another Phazon meteor collided with Aether, and the disturbance split the planet into two planets inhabiting the same space, but in different dimensions-one being natural, and the other being composed of darkness. She then found the one true indigenous species of Aether: The Luminoth. Only one remained awake, the rest remaining in cryo-stasis. U-Mos was the sentinel of the Luminoth, the only awake Luminoth. For long, the Luminoth had waged a war with the inhabitants of the dark side of Aether, a race of vicious creatures called the Ing. The beasts could possess other creatures, and use them for their own bidding. Samus first realizes this when she entered Dark Aether, for the Ing possess the bodies of Space Pirates. However, as she explored the dimension, she was ambushed by a doppelganger of herself, which destroys the only thing protecting Samus from the Ing and the hazardous environment-a bubble of light created by a crystal. A horde of Ing attacked her, and through the combined damage she lost most of her abilities. She barely escaped Dark Aether, but returned later, as the way to destroy Dark Aether and return the planet to it's original state was to steal the gathered energy from the planet and return to it the light side. Once it was all gathered, Dark Aether would collapse on itself. She then journeyed throughout Dark Aether, collected all of the energy, and returned it to Aether. However, she would have to travel to one more place-the Hive of the Ing. She entered it, defeated the Emperor Ing, and was escaping the crumbling dimension as Dark Samus returned for a final attack. With seconds left, the two foes engaged in a duel. Before it ended, Samus would realize that her clone was really the Metroid Prime reborn from the fragments of her Phazon Suit. After defeating Dark Samus, she escaped as the dimension collapsed, and was greeted by the grateful Luminoth. Waving off their thanks, she flew off the planet.

    Metroid Prime Hunters

    A group of special units within the Galactic Federation who had long range telepathy received a telepathic message stating that the key to the ultimate weapon in the universe was located in the Alimbic circle of planets. However, several other organizations also became aware of this, and hired mercenaries to find it for them. The Galactic Federation, seeing the competition, turned to Samus for assistance, deploying her to find this weapon. When Samus arrived at this complex system, she found that this civilization was destroyed, and Samus started to investigate 2 planets that were orbiting the Sun of Alimbic.

    The society of Alimbic was very spiritual, but one day a meteor fell into the planet, and inside there was a terrible creature named Gorea by the inhabitants of the Alimbics. Gorea took the cellular structure of the Society, and mimicked the Alimbic weapons and then destroyed the society.

    The last act of the civilization was to try and trap Gorea, so the danger would be put to rest. All the Alimbics fused themselves together into telepathic energy, and created Gorea a "Seal Sphere" and sent it into a starship named "Oubliette", which was flown into the center of the Infinity Void, a dimensional rift.. The Oublitte would launch out if the Infinity Void was closed down, only when eight artifacts called "Octoliths" were assembled. Samus traversed the planets, engaged in the other bounty hunters, and gathered the eight Octoliths to open the Infinity Void, with the other hunters in hot pursuit.. However, unaware of the history of the Void they were unprepared for Gorea, and thus were all defeated, and their power was drained. Samus, alone, used a conjunction of her gathered weapons to turn the monster into it's true form, which prompted the recreation of the Omega Cannon, an ancient weapon belonging to the Alimbics. Fighting Gorea with the cannon, Samus manages to free the other hunter's from the beast's grasp and eventually destroy it. It would appear that the original psychic signal sent out was from Gorea itself, manipulating the events so it would be freed from it's prison in the starship. As the hunters go their separate ways, three spirits of the Alimbics come and thanks Samus with a salute.

    The other hunters involved in this event were....

    • Sylux: Sylux is much like Samus (from methods to weapons), but has a deep hate for the Galactic Federation. Oddly, his suit, weapons, and ship were all stolen from the government. His Alt-form is the Lockjaw, a small craft that, like Samus, can drop bombs. However, if three bombs are arranged in a circle, it creates a field of high-voltage electricity. His special weapon is the Shock Coil, which is an electric weapon that drains the energy of his enemies, and transfers it to himself.
    • Kanden: Kanden is a Federation bio-experiment gone insane. He investigates the Alimbrics to have the ultimate power and prove to the Federation that he is the ultimate life-form. Kanden can morph into the Stinglarva, a robotic worm that releases his tail to create explosions. Kanden prefers a rare electric weapon-the Volt Drive, which distorts his enemy's vision.
    • Weavel: Weavel was a pirate general, whom Samus almost killed on Brinstar. He was repaired and upgraded by the other Pirates, and in doing so, gave him many robotic systems that he needed to live, which made his into a advanced cyborg. The only organics in Weavel's body is his brain and spinal cord. Weavel's Alt-form is the Half Turret. This Alt-form is very unique, as he splits into two separate parts. One is a turret that shoots his enemies-this half is his legs, transformed-and the other half has him moving quickly using his arms, and slashing his enemies with a energy sabre connected to one of them. This Alt-form makes him very vulnerable, as he is in two weaker sections. His special weapon is the Battle Hammer which is a fast shooting energy weapon, much like the Power Beam. It is very popular among Space Pirates.
    • Noxus: A rare Vhozan that is a "law enforcer" hunter. He wanted the Alimbics power to keep in a safe place. His Alt-form is Vhoscythe, a top with a blade that extends to damage enemies. He prefers the Judicater weapon. This weapon is like the Ice Beam that Samus uses, but the Judicator fires missiles which bounce everywhere, and when fully charged the Judicator freezes anything it touches.
    • Trace: Trace is from the Kriken empire, a race of malicious insect-like warriors. He is actually searching for planets that the Empire can invade, which would make him ruler of said planet. His Alt-Form is the Triskelion, a large insect that slashes with claws. If Trace stays still for long enough, he will turn invisible-a natural defense mechanism of the Krikens. Trace is-and his species-are hated throughout the universe for their twisted conquests.


    Approximately six months after the incident on Planet Aether, Samus was contacted again by the Federation. She boarded the G.F.S. Olympus, and met Admiral Dane, the commander of the Federation fleet. Samus also met three other hunters, Hunter Ghor (who has the ability to control and join with machines), Hunter Rundas (who has the ability to generate and control ice), and Hunter Ghandrayda (who has the ability to shape-shift). Dane hired them all to solve a massive problem concerning the Federation. For twenty years, the G.F. had been using organic supercomputers known as "Aurora Units" to co-ordinate and serve the G.F. But, mysteriously, a virus spread among the AU's, which numbered in the thousands. The G.F. cut off the infected AU's from the rest, essentially crippling the entire Federation from maintaining important contact. In the process, a training ship, the G.F.S. Valhalla, was attacked and presumably destroyed. The Admirable hired the four Hunters to go to the infected AU's and purge them of the virus. Without the system online, the Federation was in serious danger of Pirate attacks. Samus and the other Hunter then meet the Olympus's AU, AU 242. As the briefing ends, a red alert signals throughout the fleet, warning the soldiers of a impending Pirate attack.. The planet the fleet had been orbiting was Norion, which was the main center for the Federation Navy. If it was destroyed, then the universe was helpless from attack. Sensing this, Dane orders the four hunters to touchdown on Norion and defend the planet from attack. Samus makes her way down the flagship, but is attacked several times by Pirate boarding parties. Eventually, she passes through the hazards and reaches the docking bay, when-out of nowhere-Samus is attacked by a Berserker Lord, a Pirate trooper mutated to giant size through Phazon. Samus defeated it, and knocked the Berserker Lord out of the docking bay and into space, where it collides with a Pirate fighter. Unhindered, Samus flew down to Norion. Upon her landing, she learns that a giant bioform, a "Leviathan Seed" has appeared approaching the planet on a direct collision course. If it were to collide, untold destruction would spread across the planet. Samus and the other hunters are tasked with with getting the three main generators online and reactivating the Orbital Defense Cannon. With assistance from Gandrayda, Samus activates one generator. While moving to activate the next, Samus is attacked by several Pirate carriers and troopers. As she begins to become outnumbered, Rundas appears and destroys several. The two went their separate ways to activate the last generators. Just as she is about to get hers online, Ridley flies down and tackles her down into the gaping chasm underneath the generator. Samus and Ridley engage in a fierce battle while plummeting down the 2000 meter long pit. Getting the upper hand, Samus pries open Ridleys mouth and fires a blast into it, knocking the dragon out. Rundas-using one of his ice slides-goes down the pit and grabs Samus, taking her back up to the top, and leaves her to activate the generator. After the generator was online, the four hunters converge to the Control Tower to activate the Cannon. Arriving at the top, the group is surprised attacked by a revived Dark Samus. After a short skirmish, Dark Samus defeats the hunters with a large Phazon beam, and departs. Gandrayda, Ghor, and Rundas are all down, but a severely wounded Samus manages to activate the cannon before slipping into unconsciousness. The cannon successfully fires, and destroys the giant Leviathan Seed before it can collide with the planet.

    Hypercharged - The PED Suit
    Hypercharged - The PED Suit

    Samus awakes a month later on the Olympus. It is revealed to her by a Federation scientist that her body has been self-generating Phazon-a side effect of the beam from Dark Samus. It is also revealed that the Federation outfitted Samus's armor with a PED, a Phazon Enhancement Device (which Samus had seen Federation Troopers using earlier on Norion, to outstanding effect), which allows Samus to temporarily enter "Hypermode", a powerful state where Samus is invincible and deals destructive Phazon weaponry. The other Hunters had awoken two weeks earlier, and were sent on their missions to destroy Levianthan Seeds that had collided with other planets. Contact with all the Hunters ceased seven days earlier. Samus is then sent to accomplish the tasks that the other Hunters seemingly failed. She first went to planet Bryyo, a primeval planet once inhabited by a genius race. However, all that remains of the society are ruins. She discovers that the Leviathan Seed on the planet has a energy shield guarding it-she cannot destroy the Seed while the shield is online. Samus deactivates one of the shield generators, but while deactivating the other, she is attacked by Pirates. While fending them off, Rundas appears and quickly dispatches the remaining forces. He was not in his right mind, though, and attacks Samus, who defeats him. He is then killed by his own ice-powers going wild, as three icicles impale him. Suddenly materializing, Dark Samus absorbed the defeated hunter, despite the best efforts of Samus. The apparition disappears, and Samus deactivates the shield generators. She also destroys the anti-air turrets guarding the other shield generators, and bombs them with her ship. With the Seed vulnerable, Samus enters it. Making her way deeper in, she finds the core of the Seed, and it's keeper, the giant golem Mogenar. Samus defeats it, and destroys the core by overloading it with Phazon, but in the process has even more phazon enter her body. She flies away from Bryyo as the Seed explodes.

    The next planet that has a Seed on it is planet Eysia. Skytown, a giant, deserted research station in the sky, in the closest area to the Seed, and Samus touches down there. She soon finds another Aurora Unit in the installation. Samus purges the AU of the Phazon Virus, and reactivates it. It is still cut off from the main system, so Samus enters its processing area to connect it. She is suddenly attacked by Ghor-also seemingly mad-and in the ensuing short fight, the mechanics that allow the AU to connect to the system are damaged. Ghor retreats. The only thing that could repair the AU would be Ghor's Nova Cannon. Samus sets off the hunt him down, but does not need to search far as she receives a distress call from her ship. Returning, Samus finds Ghor, back into his mech. After a battle, Ghor is defeated.. Again, Dark Samus appears to absorb the Hunter, and Samus tries to-in vain-stop her. Samus retrieved Ghor's Nova Cannon, and returned to the AU. She then repairs it and connects it to the system. The AU advises Samus on how to destroy the shield to the Seed, as the shield generator is inaccessable. Samus must assemble a Theronian Bomb, a weapon capable of destroying the Seed. Samus gathers the necessary parts and assembles them. Transporting the bomb over the Seed, she is attacked by Pirates, whom she fends off. Dropping the bomb, Samus escapes as a massive explosion destroys the shield guarding the Leviathan seed. Samus, once again, enters the Seed, makes her way to the core and battles it's guardian, the robotic Helios. She defeats the guardian, destroys the core, and escapes, flying off of planet Elysia. Again, her body is more corrupted by the Phazon.

    While floating above Elysia, Samus receives a transmission from Aurora Unit 242. The ruins of the training ship Valhalla had been found. She is also informed that the Federation is preparing for an attack on the Pirate Home world. Landing on the Home world, Samus is stopped from advancing by a perpetual fall of acid rain. However, she receives a transmission from a G.F. Trooper, captured during the attack on Norion. He had escaped confinement, and had vital information on how to bypass the acid rain. Meeting the trooper, Samus defends him from Pirates. However, the soldier was really Gandrayda, who had been planning a sneak attack. The two have a battle, where Gandrayda mimics Berserker Lords, Ghor, Rundas, and Samus herself, but she is defeated and subsequently absorbed by Dark Samus. Samus then flies off world back to Elysia, and retrieves the Spider-Ball, which will allow her to enter the Hazard Shield building area. Retrieving the hazard shield back on the Home world, she traverses through the acid rain. Contacted again by Admiral Dane, Samus is instructed to deactivate the planet's orbital shield which will allow the Federation ships to attack. Successfully disabled, the Federation launches a full-assault on the planet. Samus protects G.F. Demolition Troopers, as they are the only ones with the necessary explosives to bypass several Pirate areas. After a prolonged battle, the way to the Seed is blown clear. Entering the bioform, she meets the Homeworlds guardian, a new and Phazon enhanced Ridley. She destroys the dragon, in a apparent final duel. Overloading the core, she successfully destroys the Seed, and is then even more corrupted, a full 75% of her body infected by the poisonous Phazon. The AU from Elysia then discovers-by figuring out the trajectory and speed of the Seeds-where the Leviathans came from. A planet, composed almost entirely of Phazon, had been spawning the Seeds. The Federation discovered that the only way for the Leviathans to move such a far distance away would be to open a wormhole, and it is deduced that the Leviathans have this ability. One is found orbiting the Pirate Homeworld, but the Federation have no way to control it and attack the Phazon planet, named Phaaze by AU 242. Samus investigates the Valhalla, and not only finds the command codes to control the Leviathan, but finds that the AU for the Valhalla had mysteriously disappeared. Nevertheless, Samus uses a warp on the Homeworld to board the Leviathan, and orders it open a wormhole to Phaaze. It does, and the entire Federation fleet goes through and launches a full-scale attack on the planet, where Dark Samus (who had been in control of the Pirates this entire time by Corrupting them. It was also discovered that she had Corrupted the other Hunters with the Phazon inside of them, taking control and attacking Samus with them) and the main Pirate Force are stationed. A massive battle occurs in orbit of Phaaze, and Samus slips by and lands on the planet. As soon as her feet touch the surface, she is overloaded by massive amounts of Phazon. The only way for her to survive was to vent all of her Energy Tanks, putting her in permanent Hyper mode. As long as she did not have too much more Phazon enter her body, she would survive. She makes her way down the Sentient planet, and drops down several long tunnel/pits to reach the core, where she destroys a infant Leviathan while battling Phazon Metroids (also noted is, inside crevices in the walls are husks of many Metroid Primes). After the infant is destroyed, a final, massive tunnel appears in the ground, and Samus jumps down. Slamming into the bottom, Samus encounters Dark Samus, and the two opposite beings dual for one last time.

    The mad doppelganger - Dark Samus
    The mad doppelganger - Dark Samus

    Samus repels the creature, but just then, the stolen Aurora Unit from the Valhalla emerges out of the core of the very planet, corrupted by Phazon. Dark Samus merges with it, and attacks Samus. Prying open it's weak spot, Samus blows apart the joints connecting the AU to the core. Then, after a final long and blistering battle, Samus destroys the AU. Dark Samus reemerges, and explodes is a final shower of Phazon by Samus, ending the menace of the Doppelganger once and for all. Samus appears to be finished, but the Phazon is purged from her body. The Pirate Fleet battling the Federation all self-destruct as the control established by Dark Samus fails. Opening a wormhole, the Fleet manages to escape just as the Planet explodes, with the last Leviathan Seed destroyed in the blast.

    The Federation fleet suffered 37% casualties, but for the most part, survived. No contact between Samus and the rest of the Fleet had been established. It is assumed that Samus died in the explosion. But, finally, Samus flies by the G.F.S. Olympus, and sends one message to the Flagship.

    Mission Complete.

    With a thumbs up and a salute passing between Samus and Admiable Dane, Samus flies off. She lands on Elysia, and thinks back to the three Hunters that she served beside. Removing her suit, she enters her ship, and speeds off in hyper-drive. Seconds after Samus's ship disappears, one emerges in orbit around Elysia. it is none other than Sylux. He takes off after her....


    Not wanting to repeat the incident with the Space Pirates, the Galactic Federation sent several strike teams to the Metroid home world of SR-388 to destroy the Metroids. None of them returned. Eventually realizing that only one person could fully do this task, the Federation contacts Samus again, and commands her to go to SR-388 and annihilate the entire Metroid species. Samus accepts the job, lands on the planet, and works her way down the maze that is SR-388. She observes that the Metroids evolve during their lifetime, from the small jelly-fish creature to massive, lizard-like Omega Metroids. She defeats all of the Metroids save for one: the Queen. Engaging in a battle with it, Samus destroys the Queen, ending the threat of the Metroids. However, with the Queens destruction, the volcano that is the nest of the Metroids begins to erupt, and Samus runs to her ship. On the way, she finds one last Metroid egg. As she prepares to destroy it, it hatches, and imprints on her, as it thinks it is it’s mother. With one moment of humanity in this mission of genocide, Samus spares it’s life, and escapes with it. Flying off the planet, Samus realizes the massive scientific opportunities that the Metroid possesses, and hands it over to the Ceres Space colony for examination.

    Return to Zebes

    A few hours after dropping off the Metroid with the scientists, Samus received a distress call from the Ceres Space Colony. Flying back to the colony, Samus finds it in ruins and the scientists slaughtered. Suddenly, Ridley flies by and away, holding the Metroid hatchling. He had activated the self-destruct system, leaving Samus with only a few seconds the scape. The colony explodes behind her, and Samus chases after Ridley, tracking him down to Zebes. She finds that the base she destroyed in her first trip to the planet has been rebuilt. She goes through every area, and destroys each general, including a rebuilt Kraid and Ridley. Working her way down Tourian, the core of the base, Samus finds several genetically engineered Metroids. She destroys them all. About to enter the final area, she is attacked by a massive Metroid. It drains her power away, and flies off. Samus realizes that the Metroid was really the Hatchling, and it had been growing to a giant size. Recovering, Samus enters the final area, and finds a rebuilt Mother Brain. She destroys it, and is about to leave when it attaches itself to a giant robot body, and unleashes an colossal energy beam at Samus, nearly killing her.

    The Final Hazard - Mother Brain
    The Final Hazard - Mother Brain

    As Mother Brain is about to finish her off, the Metroid Hatchling attacks her, rescusing Samus. It drains power away from Mother Brain, and gives the energy it stole earlier to the bounty hunter, healing her wounds. Mother Brain, however, recovers, and destroys the Metroid, leaving it’s remains on Samus. With new power, Samus unleashes the incredibly powerful Hyper Beam on Mother Brain, destroying it once and for all. Doing so triggers a bomb in the base, and Samus escapes as the planet explodes in a massive supernova. On the way, she saves some of the planet’s indigenous species: Etecoons and Dachoras.

    Metroid Fusion

    In Cosmic year 20x5, a Galactic Federation exploration vessel discovered an unknown organism on SR388. The hovering creature was a Metroid, an entity that exhibited frightening parasitic, energy-absorbing properties.

    Some time later, gifted bounty hunter Samus Aran was dispatched alone to engage the Zebesian Space Pirates who abducted the Metroid specimen for use as a weapon. On Zebes, Samus also encountered the biomechanical Mother Brain, leader of the Space Pirates, and dispatched her in a bitter fight. From then on, Metroids were viewed as a highly dangerous life form.

    Eventually, Samus Aran was sent to SR388 to exterminate the last remaining Metroids, but only after an entire Federation platoon was wiped out in an earlier attempt.

    At the end of her battle on SR388, one Metroid hatchling was born before Samus’s eyes and it imprinted upon her as a mother figure. Samus took this larval Metroid, the last in the universe, to the Galactic Space Academy for observation and research.

    This research revealed several possible applications for Metroid-based technology for the betterment of humanity. The unique energy-absorption properties of Metroids could be harnessed when they were artificially reproduced in captivity.

    Just when it seemed as if peace might prevail in the galaxy, Space Pirates returned to the Metroid hatchling and took it back to Zebes.

    Samus followed the Pirates back to Zebes and fought to exterminate their threat and save the last Metroid.

    In the final battle with Mother Brain, the hatchling saved Samus, giving up its life in the process. Samus succeeded in defeating the Mother Brain, but the universe lost the promise of using Metroids for the power of good.

    SR388. A vile planet, former home of the Metroids. After so many years, the remaining creatures on this planet still seemed to be trying to recreate a natural hierarchy, one without Metroids at the top.

    Biological Space Labs was hired by the Federation to observe this restructuring of the ecosystem. And because of Samus’s experience on SR388, the Federation governor for this sector hired her to provide field assistance on the planet. So, once again she found herself drawn to that forsaken rock.

    The biological sample collection was going smoothly on the planet’s surface when she came into contact with an organism that she had never before encountered.

    The organism was an undiscovered, unnamed parasitic life form, which the researchers later called “X.” Thinking little of it at the time, she boarded a ship and set out for the next collection point. Suddenly Samus felt her entire body seize up, and she lost consciousness. The ship began to drift away from planetary orbit toward an asteroid belt.

    Thankfully, an auto-escape pod jettisoned her from the craft before the ship was destroyed. The researchers in the newly-constructed research station orbiting SR388 sent a shuttle to recover the pod shortly thereafter. However, in the time since Samus’s infection, the X had multiplied rapidly in her body and had even infected her Power Suit.

    Samus’s heart rate and blood pressure dropped rapidly as she fell into a deep sleep coma. The Onboard Medic Simulation predicted only a 0.873% prognosis for survival. Samus was transported to Galactic Federation HQ for emergency medical treatment.

    The fact that the Power Suit contained biological components and was also integrally connected to Samus’s body seemed to worsen the matter. The Federation surgeons were unable to remove the suit while Samus was unconscious. Their only choice was to cut and remove parts of the infected suit from her still-unconscious form. Immediately after, they sent the suit parts to the Biologic Space Labs research station for study.

    Even with the parts removed, the X infection was spreading rapidly through Samus’s nervous system, and the researchers monitoring her deterioration knew of no cure.

    Someone proposed a desperate treatment. A vaccine was created from Metroid cells. Apparently the Federation had preserved a cell culture from the last Metroid. The scientists quickly prepared and administered the vaccine. The symptoms of the infection disappeared instantly, and all of the X parasites within her died in moments.

    When Samus woke, the scientists told her that the hatchlinghad saved her once again.

    Almost immediately after she awoke, a distress call was received from the research station.

    It said “Emergency! Explosion of unknown origin in the Quarantine Bay!” The screams from the com receiver were loud enough for Samus to hear even in the infirmary. She knew that something terrible was about to happen. Samus immediately boarded the ship the Federation had provided her and sent a message. It read “Docking with Biologic Space Labs station in 10 minutes. Prepare the landing bay!”

    To Save The Universe

    Months later, Samus received a job offer from the Federation once more. They wanted her to escort and bodyguard a group of scientists looking to collect creatures of SR-388. Samus accepted, and touched down on the planet. On the first expedition, a hostile creature attacked the scientists. Samus destroyed it, but then something else came. A free-floating parasite creature emerged from the hostile, and attacked Samus. Not seeing any apparent injuries, the group of scientists decided that they were finished and leaf the planet with Sa,s following close behind. As she begins to depart, she blacks out at the controls of her ship, and drifts into an asteroid belt. Moments before the collision, her ship ejects the escape pod with Samus in it, and the Biologic Space Labs ship picks it up drifting. It turns out that the parasite creature infects it’s host, ultimately killing it and stealing it’s body. Samus was only given a short time to live. Fighting to save her life, the scientists removed all of the infected parts of Samus's Power Suit. However, since the Suit was connected to her nervous system, she was conscious as the scientists did surgery on her. Fearing that hope of life was lost, someone searched for some form of cure, and eventually found it. It seemed that the Federation had preserved a DNA sampling of the Metroid Hatchling. Metroids were the main predator of the parasites, now being called the “X”. The DNA was made into a vaccine right away, and injected into Samus. She survived, and is given a new lease on life, and her suit is irreversibly changed into a new appearance.

    Second Life - The Fusion Suit
    Second Life - The Fusion Suit

    She realizes that she owes the Metroid Hatchling her life twice over. Samus is given a ship, but as a price, it has a A.I. CO on it, and she must complete a mission. She has been tasked with investigating the vessel where her parts and the infected creatures were stored. It seems an explosion has rocked the station, and none of the personnel are responding. She investigates the station, and finds that the explosion originated in the Quarantine Bay where the X hosts were being stored. The X had escaped their captivity, and quickly moved through the entire station, which is composed of various habitats for creatures. After trying several times to destroy the X, the A.I. CO reveals to Samus that the one that caused the explosion was none other than an X that remade her using the infected components of her suit. It is named the SA-X by the CO, who Samus names Adam, as a tribute to Samus's first commanding officer The SA-X, Adam explains, is superior to Samus in the fact that it has all of the suit's abilities and defences. If Samus were to engage it in direct combat, she would only have a eleven percent chance of survival. It then becomes the duos main priority to get Samus to her full power, so she can end the X once and for all. While investigating the station, she finds that the same Etecoons and Dachoras she rescued from Zebes have been in captivity. She frees them, and they hide out in her ship, after the CO has checked to make sure that they are free of X parasites. From gathering various support data from the Federation, Samus receives a good portion of her abilities. She is nearly at full battle capacity, and during a task from the CO she discovers a secret entrance, and enters a off-limits area of the station. It is there that she finds dozens of Metroids in captivity. While investigating, an explosion rocks the section, and Samus finds the SA-X trying to destroy the Metroids. The damage is sufficient enough to begin to detach the section from the rest of the station, and Samus escapes seconds before it separates and explodes. Getting back to the CO, she finds a fully healthy Ridley in cryo storage, frozen. Before her very eyes, a X parasite infects the frozen monster, and Ridley falls apart. She follows the X, and it turns into an evolved form of Ridley. After a long battle, Samus defeats it, and regains the Screwball. Finally making her way back to a comms room to talk with the AI, Adam reveals to her that after she gave the Metroid Hatchling to the Federation, they cloned it using it’s DNA samples. That is how the cure for the X virus was found so fast, and that is why there were Metroids in captivity. The Federation were speed growing them, and within weeks the Metroids were evolving from the basic form to the giant Omega Metroids. However, the X sensed the biggest threat to them was the Metroids, so the SA-X attacked them instead of Samus. It is then revealed to Samus that-since the X reproduce asexually-there are no less than ten SA-X’s on the station. Samus is furious at this, and insists that they must destroy the station. However, Adam locks her in the room, telling her that the Federation will come and capture the X for military purposes. Samus says that it is madness, the X will devour those that come aboard, and use their memories to gain knowledge, and will ultimately destroy all sentient life in the universe. Samus pleads will the AI, and accidentally calls the CO Adam in front of it. The AI begins to question Samus about Adam, and it is revealed that Adam died to let Samus live. Having a change of heart suddenly, the AI tells Samus that the only way to truly eradicate the X would be to program the station to crash into SR-388, wiping them out from both areas. The A.I. unlocks the doors, and asks Samus “Any objectives, Lady?", like Adam did to her. Samus heads to the main control room, and right before ahe reaches her destination, another SA-X attacks her. Samus proves to be more than a match for it, and destroys it. As she is about to absorb the X parasite, it floats off and escapes. Samus programs the course to crash on SR-388, and is only given 6 minutes to escape to the Docking Bay. Samus arrives, but her ship is no where to be seen, and there is a broken Metroid egg. Suddenly, a monstrous Omega Metroid attacks Samus, and catches her off guard, almost destroying her. Before it can strike the final blow, the SA-X comes and rescues Samus, sensing that the Omega Metroid was a bigger threat. It is destroyed, however, and Samus absorbs the X parasite, gaining back the Ice Beam, the Metroids one true weakness. She destroys the Omega Metroid. Suddenly, her ship flies in and picks her up, and she escapes. The B.S.L. station crashes into SR-388, both are destroyed in a huge blast, and the X are eradicated. Samus realizes that the Federation implants the memories and minds of dead CO’s into AI’s. Adam is alive again to Samus. However, something still troubles her. Her ship could only be piloted manually, and Adam couldn’t do it himself. She asks him, and he responds “They lent me a hand”, and shows her that the Etecoons and Dachoras piloted the ship as a repayment to Samus, saving her. Samus is left to ponder how the citizens of the universe will handle her actions, but then dismisses it. Someone will understand. They have to.


    • *Metroid Manga (One Girl In All The World. The Hatchling section)
    • *Metroid (Zero Mission section)
    • *Metroid Prime (Metroid Prime section)
    • *Metroid Prime Hunters (Metroid Prime Hunters section)
    • *Metroid Prime 2 (Aether section)
    • *Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Corruption section)
    • *Metroid 2: The Return Of Samus (Genocide section)
    • *Super Metroid (Return to Zebes section)
    • *Metroid Fusion (To Save The Universe section)

    Powers and Abilities

    After being enhanced by the transfusion of Chozo blood, Samus's physical capabilities were enhanced beyond that of any human. Once inside of her Power Suit, her durability is increased exponentially, allowing her to take massive damage and still remain combat ready. The defense of the suit increases with every Energy Tank that Samus collects-with the maximum amount, it takes dozens of explosive weapons until she begins to show sign of damage. The suit itself, though genius Chozo engineering, is compatible with every weapon or equipment system ever created or ever to be created. This is what allows Samus to take new abilities from fallen foes. Her suit is directly connected to her nervous system-to take it off quickly, it only requires a mental command, and vice versa. The suit has almost no programming, so it is unable to be hacked. However, it does have a data storage component, which is where Samus puts the acquired information of scanned foes. While using the Power Suit, Samus also has superhuman reflexes and physical strength. In order to use the Power Suit, she needs to use superhuman levels of mental concentration. Due to her Metroid DNA, Samus is also capable of absorbing life energy.


    Samus's suit has been upgraded many times. While travelling, she has even found upgrades that change her suit to another, with upgraded characteristics.

    • Power Suit - Built for her by the Chozo people. It is integrated with her body, acting as a sort of second skin, not only does it provide shielding in battle and augmented physical strength, but its life-support systems allow her to survive in water and even space without additional equipment.
    • Varia Suit (which allows her to survive massive temperatures) - With the Varia Suit, Samus is able to survive extremely high temperatures. Some versions grant her immunity to acids or cold.
    • Gravity Suit (allows Samus to move unhindered in water) - The Gravity suit negates the effects of water, allowing Samus to move and jump normally even while submerged. Some versions render her immune to magma. Metroid: Other M's suit protects from other impediments like explosive decompression and extreme gravity.
    • Phazon suit (Samus takes no damage from Phazon)

    Samus's suit also has other attributes, such as allowing her to breath and survive in space, and a meter that shows how close she is to danger.

    The suit is compatible with any weapon system, and thus, it's combat applications are nearly endless. Because of this compatibility, Samus has amassed a huge stockpile of abilities and powers throughout her adventures. These include practical ones, such as the Space Jump (allowing her to repeatedly jump, and essentially fly), the Speed Booster (a device which allows her to move almost as fast as her beams, which is nearly the speed of a bullet. In this, she can run through walls-whether they be mountains or steel. She can also harness this speed into a move called "Shinespark", which allows her true flight until she hits something which stops her), Morph Ball (allows her to be folded down into a ball, and go into otherwise inaccessible areas), and the Grapple Beam (allows her to shoot out a electromagnetic beam that she can swing on. She may also use this ability to pull something to her, or drain energy from something). Weapons include multiple beams (Wave, which goes through walls and disrupts electronics-Spazer/Wide, which fires three shots simultaneously-Plasma, which fires rounds of superheated plasma capable of passing through multiple opponents-Ice, which freezes enemies. The fatal weakness of Metroids-and Phazon, which fires powerful energy blasts powered by Phazon), Missiles (rockets which are able to bring down large structures. Can fire up to six at a time, and home in on enemies. Also, a missile has a combo with any beam. Include creating miniature dimensional holes or flamethrowers), Bombs (small bombs dropped in Morph Ball mode. Can also drop a Power Bomb, which launches out a explosion about fifty feet high and wide that easily vaporizes Space Pirates. This technique may also heal Samus fully through the massive release of energy, though it is risky and may backfire), and the Screw Attack (a electricity field which surrounds Samus when she Space Jumps. She can deflect most attacks while doing so, and almost anything organic that she touches is blow to pieces). She can also charge her beams for a more powerful effect (a charged Power Beam, which is the default beam Samus uses, is stronger than three missiles).

    After being attack by Dark Samus on Norion, Samus was infected with Phazon. She could temporarily harness this with the usage of the PED suit (Phazon Enhancement Device), which allowed her to enter a supercharged state called "Hypermode". In this she took no damage whatsoever, dealt out exponentially more powerful attacks, and was granted more abilities. However, staying in this form for too long would corrupt her in a being much like Dark Samus. She was cleansed of the infection at the end of the attack on Phaaze, and is thus back to normal.

    Most recently, after being infected by the X, Samus had to have much of her Power Suit removed from her while she was still conscious-essentially being dissected while alive. However, she was injected with a Metroid vaccine, cleansing her of the infection and guaranteed that she could no longer become infected with any virus ever again. With this new Fusion Suit, Samus still retains all of the abilities that she use with her Power Suit.


    • Power Beam - Samus's standard beam. Can be fired continuously or charged up to fire a powerful blast.
    • Wave Beam - Fires three oscillating waves of energy. Has a limited homing effect.
    • Ice Beam - Can immobilize enemies briefly with a layer of ice. Some enemies are particularly vulnerable to this weapon, such as Metroids.
    • Plasma Beam - Launches streams of molten energy that can ignite some enemies and melt ice.
    • Bombs - energy based explosives that can be used while in the Morph Ball. Unlimited amount.
    • Power Bomb - Super-powered bombs that will affect everything within a certain distance of their explosions. Limited amount.

    The suit's storage capacity for combat applications also have no limits-when Samus picks up a missile, it would seem that the Power Suit is able to shrink it down and store it into her arm-cannon. Whether or not there is a limit is unknown, but the maximum amount Samus has carried at once is 250.


    The Power Suit has several different Visors. Among them are the...

    • Combat Visor - This default visor is standard for battle and provides Samus with all the general information she needs.
    • Scan Visor (which allows Samus to scan a target for attributes, abilities, and weaknesses. The bigger the target, the longer the scan) - When Samus uses the Scan Visor, a magnifying reticule will appear in the center of her visor, this reticule picks out anything that can be scanned. From creatures to computer terminals.
    • The Thermal Visor (allows Samus to see in infra-red) - The Thermal Visor allows Samus to track enemies using their heat signatures. Not only does this visor help locate enemies hidden in dark areas, but it can be used for acquiring alternate targets on enemies. A thermal scan can often find a hidden weak spot on an otherwise difficult enemy. Not only that, but thermal scans show other clues that the naked eye can't discern.
    • The X-Ray Visor (allows Samus to see in X-Ray vision, obviously) - The X-Ray Visor allows Samus to peer through walls to find hidden passages and even see invisible objects. This visor also helps track any enemies that use optical camouflage to render themselves invisible to the naked eye.
    • The Echo Visor (allows Samus to see in echolocation)

    Game List

    • *Metroid
    • *Metroid II: Return of Samus
    • *Super Metroid
    • *Metroid Fusion
    • *Metroid Prime
    • *Metroid Zero Mission
    • *Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
    • *Metroid Prime Pinball
    • *Metroid Prime: Hunters
    • *Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
    • *Super Smash Bros
    • *Super Smash Bros Melee
    • *Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    • *Metroid: Other M

    Also of note is that all three Prime games were re-released on the Wii in North America as Metroid Prime Trilogy, and in Japan as separate titles. The re-releases of the Gamecube titles offer new and improved motion controls, for more precise aiming.


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