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    Ishiro Tsuburaya (Samurai) was a member of Mutant Liberation Front, with the same powers as his brother Kamikaze.

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    Member of the terrorist group the Mutant Liberation Front. His brother, Kamikaze, is also a member.


    Samurai was written by Fabian Nicieza and drawn by John Romita, Jr.


    During a period in which Stryfe sends out his lackeys to collect Apocalypse related artifacts, Samurai is placed on a team that breaks in to a museum in Egypt to boost a hieroglyph. Upon entering, however, the MLF squad finds Cable waiting for them. They are unable to grab the item. They willingly retreat, but not before Cable shoots Samurai in the arm. He must have never healed from this, as he is never seen again.

    Side note: In the altercation with Cable, Samurai is also called Kamikaze. Whether the editors simply missed that Samurai should not have been a new character but the already existing Kamikaze, or if they just slipped since the characters look so similar, we'll never know. They could, however, have been meant to be the same person.


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