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    He was born in Japan and disliked Americans. He made a battle suit to slay the son of Howard Stark, [Tony Stark]. He later died as a result of an explosion in space.

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    Yoshida was born deformed in 1945 due to the radiation from an Atomic Bomb dropped in Japan. His parents died of leukemia when he was a youth. He made a company, Asano Robotics and he proceeded to build a battlesuit and swore revenge on America and the developers of the Atomic Bomb, such as Howard Stark, father of Tony Stark [ Iron Man]. He then tested the suit, flying to North Korea and he battled a group of fighter jets, he destroyed one but was unable to destroy the rest and he returned to his company. Tony Stark and his pilot came to visit the facility, and one of the workers gave them a tour. Soon, Yoshida put on the suit and attacked them and his own factory. Not caring if he killed his own workers, he collapsed buildings hoping to kill Stark. Iron Man emerged, and they fought. Steel fired a beam, which missed Iron Man and hit the main reactor of the factory. Not wanting to hurt Japan with another nuclear blast, he flew the reactor to space where it exploded and presumably killed him. 


    Samurai Steel was created by Rich Yanizesky and Randall Frenz in 1990 and his first appearance was in Iron Man # 257.

    Powers & Abilities

    His armor gave him super strength and stamina. It also had an electro shield, a beam cannon, and boot jets. Yoshida was also a genius, he was handicapped and his robotics allowed him to walk normally.


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