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    The Good

    It's a Samurai Jack comic book!!! What's more to like? The art is superb and fantastic, and perfectly captures the atmosphere of the T.V show. The dialogue and character development is top notch and also, like the art, captures the atmosphere of the show. It follows the first few episodes, and each panel is beautiful, and you can't even tell the difference. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if they actually just took pictures, frame by frame of the television show, then photo-shopped dialogue bubbles in!

    The Bad

    I couldn't really find anything bad about this, other than the fact that they never really made any other Samurai Jack comic books. They featured him in a couple of DC/Cartoon Network Action Packs, but he never got another solo series.

    The Verdict

    A must buy for Cartoon Network/Samurai Jack fans, old school or new school. This is a comic book that is staying in my shelf for a very long time.

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