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Jack VS. HIMSELF! It's a hit or miss. Trust me.

Jack fights himself! Writers Jim Zub and Andy Suriano [artist as well] join the man out time on another adventure.

The Good

It's got the Samurai Jack
It's got the Samurai Jack "feel", but that is about it.

So in this issue, it's only action [no dialogue] as Jack fights himself! Whether or not you should be reading this issue, or maybe even this series, is entirely up to you. Because trust me, there's not much good about this issue.

Like I said, this is an all action issue with no dialogue! The Samurai Jack TV series has done this more than a handful of times; and, each time that the show had a "silent" episode, it was handled nicely. To stay positive, the writers did a good job at setting it up so that it could "feel" like one of those episodes. The action was decent and it had an "okay" story that is more than enough passable for this series standards at least. That is what I enjoyed about this issue.

The artwork by, Andy Suriano, was fantastic [as usual] he continues to make this comic look like the Samurai Jack TV series.

The Bad

You can only go on feeling for so long.
You can only go on feeling for so long.

The story is the problem. This is issue eight of ten! Jack has gone on so many adventures in this series, that it feels like when it reaches #10; the series will disappoint. This series was meant to bring closure to the Samurai Jack saga, and from the looks of this issue; I don't think issue 10 will live up to fans, and my, expectations! And that ties in deeply with this issue's story and how the writers are going for a "feeling" instead of closing doors that were opened in the TV series.

This issue went 100% for a feeling, instead of making at least some progress to hinting how Samurai Jack will get back to the past. That's the major problem I had with this issue. I was hoping that the writers would realize that they only have this issue, and two others, left before it all ends. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the writers have a awesome finale that will wrap up the Samurai Jack saga, and do it justice! However, from seeing how the writers just want to give us loyal SJ fans a "feeling" instead of a really well written story, it proves to me that the ending won't be that good.

The Verdict

Read at your own risk, or don't read at all! 2 out of 5. Until the next issue.

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