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A Samurai and a Scotsman walk into an enchanted leprechaun forest and get their genders swapped......

THE STORY CONTINUES! Written by Jim Zub with artwork by Brittany Williams and with colors by Josh Burcham.

The Good

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It's an adventure with this series! It has it's ups-and-downs, but in the end it does hold up to the Samurai Jack standards. While I'm still not sure about how this series will end, I do know that getting to that point has been so far! Take this issue for example.

Jack and the Scotsman walked into a leprechaun forest and got their genders swapped, it was extremely amusing because this is the kind of humor/storytelling that I've come to expect from the Samurai Jack series. Nothing really is too stupid for Samurai Jack's series, as he's a man (well in this case a woman, temporarily of course) out of time and has to defeat the evil Aku. Typical hero storyline, but the writers add twist like adding robots, or aliens, or (in this issue's case) leprechauns and giant rock monsters. Jim Zub does an excellent job at writing this issue and keeping the humorous part of Samurai Jack, humorous, and not making it feel like a copy-and-paste from the TV show or it being forced into this comic.

The artwork by Brittany Williams with colors by Josh Burcham is great! They know exactly what the animation style of Samurai Jack is, and they capture it perfectly in this comic book.

The Bad

No complaints.

The Verdict


5 out of 5.

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