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    Samuel is the head of a carnival ring which collects evolved humans.He is often called "Butterfly man'' by Hiro. He is currently in The Company jail.

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    Fourteen years ago at the carnival, Edgar and Lydia stoled the fortune teller's crystal ball but they were caught by Samuel who punched Edgar in face for disrespecting them.He said that it's a good think that Joseph didn't saw their behavior.

    Joseph's funeral
    Joseph's funeral

    Samuel gives a speech about people with abilities and acceptance at his brother's, Joseph Sullivan's funeral.In the end he throws a compass into the grave praying for his brother to find his way back home again, than fills the grave up with dirt.The people from the carnival are leaving as Samuel stays behind mourning his brother in silence.

    Not much later,Lydia goes to Samuel and he takes a long stick and injects some kind of ink in her back.The ink spreads through her back revealing an image of Emil Danko.Lydia is able to tell Samuel about Danko and he summons Edgar to take care of him.Edgar hesitates about this telling Samuel that he wouldn't ask him to kill someone only if it is absolutely necessary.Samuel get's nervous and injects the ink into Edgar which began to choke him.Samuel apologieses and tells him that this is the last time he asks something like this.

    Shortly after this incident, he creates another tattoo in Lydia's back now showing him Hiro Nakamura.In order to recruit him to the carnival,Samuel goes to the eldest member,to Arnold who's a time traveler too and asks him to send him back in time fourteen years.

    Now back fourteen years, Samuel meets up with time traveler Hiro Nakamura.Samuel claims that they are going to be great friends and shows him his compass tattoo.After that, he helps Hiro fix some mistakes he made and goes back to the present.

    Back at the carnival Edgar asks if Arnold will be replaced but Samuel tells that family can't just be replaced like that and creates another tattoo on Lydia's back this time showing his future enemies:Peter Petrelli,Claire Bennet and Sylar.

    Next morning, Samuel takes on a suit and flees to New York where he claims that his name is William Hooper and he was involved as a victim in a bus crash whom been saved by Peter Petrelli himself.Not believing this Peter goes to the reception to make sure he is who he claims to be.Later that afternoon, Samuel broke into Peter's apartment and inserted the ink into a picture that was cut out from a newspaper and have shown the victims from that accident.Peter comes home and when he takes a closer look to the photo, he sees Samuel among them.

    Peter goes after Samuel and apologies for his behavior.While they're walking at the Central Park, Samuel talks about his old life and that once he lived with his brother, Joseph in New York, but Joseph died in the bus accident and now he wants to see one more time his old home.Peter suggested to take a visit.

    After a while Samuel goes to the house where he knocks and claims that his parents were working there as butlers but the woman sends Samuel away.Samuel goes away but than turns back having a vengeful plan.

    When Peter is called by Hesam to go on working they notice that the house is gone from the face of the earth,Peter doesn't understands what has happened.Suddently Peter's arm began to itch and as Samuel watches him and smiles from behind, a compass tattoo appears on Peter's arm.

    A week later, Samuel finds Lydia and Edgar talking about him.Edgar claims that too many people have joined the carnival since Joseph passed away.Lydia goes inside the trailer as Samuel tells Edgar that it's their inheritance to expand the family and recruit more people.When Samuel enters the trailer, he creates a tattoo on Lydia's back and sees that the face appears is Noah Bennet.Samuel asks why is she showing him Noah, because he left that life behind.Lydia suggested that he may have changed his mind.

    Next morning at the breakfast, Samuel sit's down and claims that by the end of the day, there will be no sit left empty.

    At the trailer, Samuel is creating another tattoo on Lydia's back to see who is 'the chosen one' who has to join the carnival but with no succes.Rebecca Taylor arrives saying hi to Samuel and it is revealed that Samuel is her uncle and Rebecca has the power of invisibilty.

    That night, Sylar is chased by the police.He runs through the forest and when he goes out, he finds the Sullivan Bros. Carnival entrace and Samuel who is holding his arm out for Sylar.Sylar goes inside with him and when he asks what is that place, Samuel generously replies 'home'.

    The following morning,Samuel talks to Lydia about his theory that Sylar could be the most powerful evolved human in the world.Lydia claims that so far Sylar wasn't much but a big disappointment.Samuel goes to Sylar where he realises that maybe someone with the power of telepathy could purged out Sylar's memory.He shows Sylar around the carnival to help him renember but with no succes.Than Samuel goes to Edgar informing him that he may got a plan how to jumpstart the real Sylar.Although the plan didn't exactly work because Edgar became jelous on Lydia for hanging around with Sylar and the two began a fight wich ended with Sylar throwing Edgar telekinetically into a wheelbarrow.After that Samuel asks Edgar to deliver a ticket to Captain Lubbock who was chasing Sylar, while Sylar will regain his memory with the help of another carny member, Damien.Damien's plan didn't exactly works, because when Sylar saw how many people he have killed, he freaked out and at his way to the exits, the police officer confronts him.He is unable to kill him, so Edgar get's the job done for him.

    That night, Samuel performs a baptism on Sylar and greats him at the carnival.Edgar asks what use is like this and Samuel claims that they will rebuild a new Sylar and when they're done, he will be theirs forever.

    Samuel confronts Tracy Strauss shortly after Jeremy Greer who is a healer is arrested by the police.Samuel takes Tracy to the carnival where he claims that she and Jeremy could have a good and better life, than gives her a compass wich will led them to him.

    Not much later,Jeremy is killed and to exact revenge, Samuel using his fatal terrakinesis, crushes and destroyes the whole

    Samuel has his vengace
    Samuel has his vengace

    police station building.The dust spreads all over the street as he walks away in agony.

    Next night, Samuel exits his trailer and tells Lydia, that Arnold is dying and they don't have much time to recruit a new time traveler member for the carnival.He than renembers Hiro Nakamura and paints another tattoo with the help of the ink to Lydia's back to see where can he find Hiro.On her back, Hiro Nakamura,Charlie Andrews and Sylar appears.Lydia than tells Hiro that Charlie has died three years ago and Hiro may have gone back to prevent her death.Saying, that isn't a problem claims that desperate times seeks desparate meassures and goes to Arnold for a last request.

    Now that Hiro is back three years in the past, he tries to confront Sylar to stop Charlie's death but before he could do anything,

    Samuel confronts Hiro in the past
    Samuel confronts Hiro in the past

    Samuel arrives and drags Hiro away where no one can see them.Samuel reminds Hiro about the butterfly effect thing and that the whole place is a mine field, one mistake and the whole present could be ruined.Hiro says that he needs to step on the right butterflies and than he could change the past without damaging the present.With few manuevers, Hiro saves Charlie from dying.They get together and decide to live a happy life together, but than suddently Charlie disappears.Hiro asks Samuel what has happened and he says that he ordered Arnold to hide Charlie somewhere in time so that he can trick Hiro to work for him and crush some butterflies.The only problem now is that they're both stuck in 2006 and they need to go back in 2009 to the carnival.Hiro get's angry and they teleport back.Hiro accepts Samuel's offer and asks what he has to do. Samuel says that he made a mistake eight weeks ago than it is shown that he has killed Mohinder Suresh.

    Hiro goes back eight week to 'erease' Samuel's mistake.He finds out that Samuel was born in 1961 at the Coyote Sands base camp.During his birth he have killed his parent because he couldn't control his ability.Than Mohinder goes to the carnival where he has an encounter with Joseph Sullivan who claims that Samuel isn't aware of his true power.Mohinder tells Joseph that he has a tape about the incident in 1961 and after Mohinder goes back to his hotel room, Samuel arrives asking for the tape.When Mohinder says no for his request, than Samuel crushes a stone with his hands and hurls the fragments into Mohinder's chest appareantly killing him.Samuel apologizes and runs away.Hiro arrives just in time to save Mohinder than takes the tape, locks Mohinder into a facility where he can be safe for the upcoming eight weeks and goes back to the present to hand the tape over to Samuel,but he says that soon he will find his sweet Charlie and goes back to dinner celebrating the victory.

    During the Thanksgiving at the Carnival,Lydia and Hiro found out that Samuel himself was the one who actually murdered

    Samuel kills Joseph
    Samuel kills Joseph

    Joseph Sullivan,his own brother, not the Company.The compass which was Joseph's was made by Mohinder Suresh.

    Lydia told the truth Edgar's who stood up during the dinner and wanted the truth from Samuel.Not much to do, Samuel double crossed Edgar and accused Edgar itself for killing Joseph.Samuel preapred to kill Edgar when Hiro arrived and freezing the time, saved Edgar.

    Next week, Claire and Gretchen arrived to the carnival with the help of the compass.Samuel greeted them and asked Claire to take a look around and if she won't like what she sees than he will take her back.

    Actually Claire really loved the place and decided to join the carnival.

    Lydia asked Samuel why is he interested in Claire.After a brief moment of silence , Samuel replied that it's not Claire who he's after.

    Samuel gaved another speech about people with abilities but this time he altered a bit what he said last time and suggested to the people around him(now including Claire Bennet) to try and live in peace with the world even if they don't accept them.

    Samuel ordered Eli to spy on Claire while he's out there in the City looking for people with abilities.Samuel met Emma whom help he found Ian who can manipulate nature.WIth Ian's help Samuel remade the paradise outside the carnival and told Claire who was preparing to leave that this will be their new home and she will be always greeted there.

    Next night Samuel drawed a picture of Venessa who was her love but suddently Eric Doyle was thrown to the table unconscious by Sylar who was claiming that he returned 'home' to kill Samuel but for a certain reason he couldn't do it.Using the advantage, Samuel quickly knocked Sylar unconscious and ordered Lydia to use her charm in order to find out what's wrong Sylar.

    Sylar told Samuel that he mimiced Lydia's empathic ability and wanted Samuel to use the ink in his body to see what the future holds him.The ink showed Sylar Claire Bennet's face and Sylar took his pulover and left the place claiming that this isn't the right place for him to be.

    Samuel the following week went to California to met his chlidhood girlfriend Venessa Wheeler but turned out that it was a trap set by Noah Bennet and Matt Parkman to catch Samuel.Noah ran after Samuel to catch him while Matt Parkman was hold off by the copies of Eli.Noah had a clear shot on Samuel but thanks to his terrakinesis, Samuel easly distracted Noah and took of with Eli and Venessa back to the carnival.Noah and Matt went after them but with no luck.

    At the carnival, Samuel reunited with Venessa.She wanted to go home and Samuel made a deal with her:He will show her something and if she think's isn't beautiful what he wants to show her than he will take her back home.

    Venessa woked up and Samuel shaved his face and invited her to launch.While drinking cherryshake they were talking about their childhood memories.

    Back at the carnival Samuel kissed Venessa and showed her the place he made for her:I camp full of flower and cherrybloom tries and a house in the middle of it.Venessa kissed Samuel and told him that all of that is beautiful but her life isn't there and left him there hearthbroken.

    It's time for others to play by his rules.
    It's time for others to play by his rules.

    Next day, Samuel was sitting in the same dinner with a cherryshake alone and hearthbroken.The waitress arrived asking Samuel if there's a problem.Samuel loosed his temperature got angry on the waitress because of the way she looked at him and told her that now it's time to play 'by his rules' and with an earth shattering earthquke he destroyed the dinner and a whole village.

    That night, Samuel Sullivan returned to the carnival angry and closed himself up into his trail.

    Next morning Samuel was walking outside his trailer and everybody was scared of him,Lydia told him that she doesn't trusts him.Seeing that everybody thinks of him as a villain, Samuel hired Eli to wait until Noah Bennet arrives than with a sniper shoot him only to wound him that kill some other carnies with this giving them 'someone worse than a villain'.Everything went

    '...brave new world'
    '...brave new world'

    according to the plan.Carnie people are hurt badly,Samuel is shoot in arm,Lydia is dead and Claire and Noah Bennet are captured.

    Emma and Edgar returned to Samuel and her told his people that now it's time to unite and face the people on the other side who doesn't understood them and create a brave new world.

    Samuel confronted Claire Bennet and took her to the house of mirrors where her father, Noah Bennet is hold prisoner and with Damien's help, he revealed her Noah's dark past before the Company was formed.

    'The Biggest Show EVER!'
    'The Biggest Show EVER!'

    Later Claire told Samuel that her father may be an evil man but she still stands by his side and went to the souvenir trailer to release her father, but Samuel using his ability buried them alive forty feet under ground and called Eli to take care of Peter Petrelli and Sylar,than he told him that they moving the Carnival to the Central Park in New York City where they will hold their biggest show ever.

    Samuel with the help of the carnies, moved the whole carnival into the Central Park in New

    Peter and Samuel engage into a terrakinetic duel
    Peter and Samuel engage into a terrakinetic duel

    York City.Soon Claire and Noah Bennet show off after being rescued by Tracy Strauss, and plan to put an end to Samuel's plan.Noah manages to get Edgar on his side while Claire confesses to the people of the carnival what Samuel really did:He murdered his own brother,framed Edgar,killed Lydia with Eli's help and put the blame on Noah Bennet and now he is trying to kill thousands of people in New York, so he can 'reach' so other,ordinary people fear him.

    Samuel went out to the stage and began using his ability, killing already a few people and making a real chaos but Peter Petrelli arrived in time and the two engaged into a terrakinetic battle.

    The Grand Failure
    The Grand Failure

    The carnival people with Hiro's and Ando's help, teleported out from the city before Samuel could kill all those people,now a powerless stood there while Peter began punching him and eventually dropped him outside, to the middle of the carnival.

    Samuel Sullivan kneel down and screamed in his agony.His game was over, he lost,his family abandoned him.

    Thanks to Lauren,Noah managed to put Samuel into a special cell in the old Company.

    Brave New World

    Preparing for that night, Samuel makes a speech to the assembled carnies about how this is their night to come out to world to which all but Edgar are enthusiastic. Later, Samuel explains Emma's part of his plan to her, having gotten a second cello for her to use. Seeing it and remembering what Peter said about his dream, Emma realizes Peter was right all along and confronts Samuel about his plan. Samuel's indifferent response confirms it for her and she refuses to help, so Samuel has Eric Doyle control her so she'll play.

    Samuel's plan to lure thousands of people to Central Park works and he prepares backstage when Claire interrupts to stop him. Claire tries to convince the other carnies to leave Samuel which will strip him of his incredible powers, but they don't believe what Claire tells them about Samuel's plan and order her to leave. With the help of Noah, Edgar and a brainwashed Eli, Claire convinces the carnies of the truth about Joseph and Lydia's deaths and gets them to leave. Samuel, enraged, yells at them to go and that they won't get far enough before rushing on-stage to start the earthquake. After proclaiming this to be "the greatest show on Earth", Samuel starts the earthquake causing a lot of chaos before Peter hits him with a flying tackle, knocking Samuel off-stage and breaking his concentration on creating the earthquake, stopping it. Samuel attacks Peter, but Peter had replicated his power during the tackle and the two enter a terrakinetic battle which stays at a draw as both are equally matched. Samuel tries to get Peter to join him, but fails.

    Finally, Hiro manages to teleport all of the carnies away with the help of Ando supercharging him and Samuel is rendered practically powerless. Samuel tries to punch Peter, but Peter blocks him and punches him in return before throwing him on-stage. Samuel, desperate, staggers through the Carnival, calling out for anyone, refusing to believe he has been completely abandoned. Samuel collapses to his knees in despair as the reality of the situation hits him. Samuel is later arrested by the CIA for his actions which are covered up.

    Powers and Abilities

    Samuel Sullivan has the power of Terrakinesis wich allows him to move earth or everything that is connected to it like for example the ink.

    Later it was revealed that Samuel can only use his ability if they are other people with special ability around him.The more they are the more his power increases.If he is the only one without an ability around that he is powerless.

    Samuel has the ability to move earth and manipulate minerals with the power of his mind. He has shown that he has a mental influence over the earth, as well as a form of ink. In addition,Chandra Suresh postulated that the presence of large numbers of evolved humans in a single area produces a phenomenon similar to magnetism, which has the effect of amplifying Samuel's abilities. As a consequence of this, he can also sense when powerful evolved humans are near (Slow Burn). It has been shown that with as few as four other evolved humans around, his power is nearly useless. (Brave New World)


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