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(*From events in All Star Superman)

Samson is a a time-traveling powerhouse who traveled the cosmos in his custom time machine, the Chronovolt. He developed his fighting skills, and participated in numerous exploits/adventures alongside his ally, Atlas. When Krull launched an attack on Metropolis (which is later revealed to be part of Samson’s plan) on the same day as Lois Lane’s birthday, Samson and Atlas arrive and quickly defeat Krull and his army of Subterranosauri. They then begin challenging Superman to a series of challenges in Lois' honor in their attempts to court her, despite the fact that Superman was trying to have a private (and extravagant) date with her.

While in the underground land of the Subterranosauri, Samson presented Lois with a necklace made of Irradiated Crown Jewels that he and Atlas claimed to have "borrowed" from the UltraSphynx during the first dynasty of Atom-Hotep of the 80th Century BC. This was a ploy to gain the affections of Lois, since Samson had time traveled to the future and learned of Superman’s imminent death. He intended to use that tragedy to manipulate Lois’ sorrow for his benefit. Suddenly, the UltraSphynx itself appeared, revealing that the Jewels had been stolen (not “borrowed”) by Samson and Atlas, and held Lois in a trans-chronological status field as a hostage. While Samson offered to help Superman fight the UltraSphynx to save Lois, Superman instead successfully solved the Sphinx's riddle, allowing it to return with the Jewels and leaving Lois unharmed, and Samson unpunished.

Tired of Samson and Atlas's egoism, Superman agrees to a simultaneous arm-wrestling contest against them, “for the hand of Lois.” The force of their efforts were so tremendous, that the land formations on the remote coastline where the contest takes place underwent seismic changes. Superman effortlessly defeated them both (and injured Samson in the process) and won the challenge. Samson and Atlas concede, and leave Superman and Lois to finish their evening.


Sampson has tremendous superhuman prowess, that make him a top-tier powerhouse.

Superhuman Strength - Samson's strength is vast enough to effortlessly defeat Krull by hurling him from the streets of Metropolis into earth’s orbit. His blows can also demolish buildings, but his strength level falls somewhat short of Superman’s (especially when Kal-El is hypercharged with solar radiation) . Samson also possesses super-human stamina and durability, speed and reflexes all of which are sufficient enough to allow him to fight against Superman on equal terms.


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