Character » Samaritan appears in 57 issues.

    A man who came from the 35th century to save the world from a catastrophic event. An empyrean fire in the Time stream gave him his powers. He is one of the most powerful heroes of the Astro City Universe.

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    Sent back in time to save a dying world through technical assistance of the space shuttle, our heretofore unnamed hero was infused by empryean fire which gave him powers beyond all mortals in a super-powered world. The adjusting to his new senses and powers took so long that he no longer had the time to finesse with saving the day.

    Casting the fire into empryean webs he caught the shuttle and saved it from imminent destruction, changing the time stream for the better.

    When interviewed about saving the shuttle, he merely said that he was a good samaritan. The name Samaritan stuck.

    With his future technology he can select the news as it happens for which events to take care of, whether they be a tidal wave or a cat in a tree. This is quite useful in his alter ego Asa Martin (anagram of a Samaritan)

    If Samaritan's time wasn't measured in the fractions of seconds he would like to find love and spend his time flying.

    On the one day off that the heroes insisted that he have, he spent it worrying over the news with Winged Victory in a sort of date. Needless to say, the date went fairly poorly as both were distracted the whole time.

    Powers & Abilities

    • Superhuman Speed: Samaritan can fly at hyper-sonic speeds being able to fly from New York to the Philippines in 6.2 seconds.
    • Superhuman Strength: He has super-strength, which could either be from his energy output or just from himself.
    • Energy Manipulation: Samaritan can use his energy manipulation to lift objects much larger than himself.
    • Super Hearing: He has super hearing, similar to the super hearing of Superman.
    • Dimensional Manipulation: Samaritan can travel through different dimensions with relative ease. He usually travels to his "closet" dimension, where he puts all his awards and trophies he receives because of his heroics.

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