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Samantha Stephens is a “witch” from a race of beings who, while looking like humans, live for centuries (Sam is seems is at least 200 years old) and are able to manipulate reality with no more than simple gestures or occasionally with the use of a short rhyming couplet. Like most of her people she has no surname, and has few weaknesses other than a few rare diseases exclusive to “witches" and warlocks” and an allergy to the rare black rose.

Samantha, called Sam by many, is perhaps the first witch to marry a human and as such has met with the disapproval of her people, in particular her immediate family, in time she would have two children with the human Darrin Stephens, a girl Tabitha Stephens, who inherited the abilities of her mother’s race, and a boy, Adam, who seems to be human.


Samantha Stephens was a character played by Elizabeth Montgomery on the television series Bewitched (ABC 1964 – 1972) that was inspired in part by the movie Bell, Book and Candle, and the novel Conjure Wife by Fritz Leiber.

As was typical in the day the TV show was adapted for the comics by Dell.


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