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    Col. Samantha Carter is a member of the flagship team SG1 operating out of Stargate command in Cheyanne Mountain.

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    Samantha Carter was first transferred from the pentagon after the Goa’uld attacked earth via the Stargate in 1992, a few years after the first Stargate Mission to Abydos. Previous to the Goa’uld attack it was thought that the Stargate only led to Abydos, this was late proved incorrect by Samantha Carter working with Doctor Daniel Jackson.

    Sam is a theoretical astrophysicist with a Ph.D. is Astrophysics who originally joined the Air Force as a gulf war pilot during the Gulf war. During that time she logged over 100 hours in enemy air space, a feat that impressed even Colonel O’Neill. Working at Stargate Command she has shown an aptitude for working with Ancient technology including being one of the foremost experts on The Stargate, Goa’uld Hand Devices and Ring Transporters as well as numerous other Ancient Technologies and Goa’uld technology.

    Along with Doctor Rodney McKay she was one of the experts who originally designed the Stargate Dialling system which Stargate Command uses instead of a DHD, she has also shown an aptitude for Quantum Physics, software programming and biology in addition to being able to ‘adapt’ to various alien technology and understanding Ancient weaponry and technology.


    Sam’s father, Major General Jacob Carter is currently the host for the Tok’ra Symbiote Selmak, her mother died when she was in high school, this caused a rift between Sam, her father Jacob and her older brother Mark.


    Sam was once engaged to Captain Jonas Hansen, this was first established in “The First Commandment” episode of Stargate SG1

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    • Jack O’Neill - Through the entire series of SG1 there has been much speculation about the nature of the relationship between Sam and Colonel Jack O’Neill. Despite being against air force regulations it was brought to the forefront in the episode “There but for the grace of god” where Sam is engaged to Jack O’Neill in an alternate reality. Again in the episode “Point of View” is was established that the Sam and Jack from the alternate reality had been married for over a year.
    • In the episode “Window of Opportunity”, O'Neill resigns so that he can live out his fantasy of kissing Sam while they are stuck in a “time loop” so that he doesn’t have to deal with the fallout of it. In the episode "Divide and Conquer", both Sam and Jack openly admit that their feelings go beyond the professional. In the episode "Grace", Sam hallucinates an encounter with Jack in which she kisses him.
    • During the period where Samantha was the host to Jolinar, Sam appeared to receive the same emotional feelings from the symbiote towards another Tokra Martouf and his host Lantash. In a separate alternate reality they establish a long term relationship.
    • Rodney McKay, Rodney has a single minded attraction to Sam that ran through the entire series, though it was never reciprocated by Sam due to Rodney’s rude and arrogant personality and the way he deals with other people.
    • Orlin, Orlin was an ascended being from another planet that follows Sam back to earth out of curiosity for her species. In time they get to know each other and the two have a ‘mutual relationship’ of sorts which ends abruptly when he is forced to retake human form in that of a child.
    • Narim of the Tollan, Narim appeared several times through the series and showed a deep connection to Sam, though they never actually explored their relationship by the time that the Goa’uld attacked the Tollan home planet killing everyone including Narim.
    • Pete Shanahan – Sam was engaged to Pete for several months, possibly her longest relationship. The two are forced to break it off however after he learns of the Stargate program.

    After the end of the series Stargate SG1, Sam is promoted to a ‘full bird’ Colonel and is assigned to the creation of the “Mid Way Station” between Stargate Command and Atlantis. After the apparent death of Doctor Weir at the hands of the replicators however Sam is given full command of Atlantis.


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