Samantha Argent

    Character » Samantha Argent appears in 42 issues.

    Samantha is an Ultra Sapien with uncontrollable energy powers. She is the leader of the Hunter-Killers field squad.

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    She is a take charge commander and is known for giving people a hard time. As the field commander of the Hunter Killers, she is sent on missions where a screw up would cost the lives of millions. The burdens of command are not easy to bear. She carries a mysterious black check list filled with black and red hash marks. Only she knows what the marks mean. It might be a balance sheet for her soul. Every decision, every call, every move is her choice.

    Samantha was first discovered on a mission to capture the rogue Wolf on a westbound Amtrak twenty miles out of Denver.

    Wolf was killing passengers and agents in his attempt to get away. Samantha unleashed her powers to stop Wolf and prove to herself that she is not a curse and danger to others. Samantha killed most of the people on the train except her and wolf. She killed a total of one hundred and thirty two people in her first manifestation of her powers.

    It was after this incident that she was brought into the fold of Hunter-Killer world by Morningstar.

    Samantha Argent is a stellar and focused operative, but she has never forgotten the victims of that train. Nor does she ignore the casualties she feels responsible for when in the field. Samantha keeps a tally sheet of those lives she feels responsible for taking and those that she has saved, black marks for the rescues while red marks for the terminated.


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    Aside from being a hard yet avid leader willing to make the tough decisions when other cannot. Samantha's predominant Hunter Killer ability is the involuntary emission of enhanced bio-electrical energies from her being, energies she can focus through specially made handguns and other such firearms designed for her by the project.

    Weapons which concentrate and project the extremely destructive energies as potent blast charges of varying impact force. But more so than that; a conduit/discharge unit to siphon off her abilities, be they in use at the time or not.

    Without them however she quickly loses containment and disperse it without discretion, destroying everything in said forces wake from within a 20 mile radius of herself. In truth however the weapons aren't really necessary to properly conduct her power, as morningstar once said her dependency on such technologies is more a mind game than a necessity. All she really needs is a focusing object to channel herself with which just about anything will do.


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