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    The main human protagonist of the Transformers film

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    Sam Witwicky first appears in the 'Transformers' movie. He has inherited his grand-grandfather's old artifacts and treasures. Archibald Witwicky was among the first men who discovered Antarctica in 1897.

    Sam is set up as a bit of a loser, who desperatley wants a car, so he can get a girlfriend. The same day the movie is set, Sam's father purchases a car for him. The car manipulates its surroundings so it will be an obvious choice for Sam. The car is in fact Bumblebee, an Autobot sent to gaurd Sam from danger. Sam, being a young teenager, drives to a party near a lake with his friend Miles. Miles proceeds to embarrass him, while Sam and Trent get into an argument, with Sam coming out on top (if subtely). As a result of how Trent treats Mikaela, she breaks up with him, and Sam attempts to offer her a lift home (kicking out his friend in the process). Sam unintentionally makes a few sexual jokes, but finally does get Mikaela into his car. After Bumblebee stops, Mikaela inspects the engine, and it is very high tech for such a cheap car. After failing at fixing the car, Mikaela decides to walk. Sam beings to feverishly try to get it started, and Bumblebee wakes up.

    Sam defending the Allspark cube in Mission City
    Sam defending the Allspark cube in Mission City

    than meets the eye in her. That night Sam's car was "stolen" and after a chase, the car just stood up. No one believed Sam, the police suspected that he took some drugs. Later the car was "stolen" again and he went after it on his mother's bike, when he encountered Mikaela again. Thinking that he's crazy ,Mikaela followed him. Sam was "saved" by a cop, but the car transformed and he was looking for Ladiesman217, which is Sam's username on eBay. The robot called Barricade, wanted Archibald's glasses. Mikaela made her appearance there looking for Sam. He warned her to run as fast she can because a monsters is in his trail. Sam's car suddenly appeard and saved them both. The car was revealed to be a robot too called Bumblebee, one of the Autobots.. After a fierce fight between the two robots, Bumblebee was victorious.Later he transformed to a Camaro 2009 version, and took them to the meeting place of the Autobots ,which now arrived to the Earth. Optimus Prime, Jazz, Ratchet and Ironhide together with Bumblebee are the Autobots. They wanted the glass too because they're are some coordinates inplanted on it which is from the Allspark. Both the Autobots and the evil Decepticons want from themself the power of the Allspark,but the difference was(as later it turned out)that Optimus wanted to sacrifice himself to destroy the Allspark once and for all.Bumblebee was caught by Sectors 7 after he wanted to save Sam and his girlfriend Mikaela from the agents who claimed that Sam is in possession of a secret that is threatening the whole planet. Later Sam forgive Mikaela about not telling her past.Sector 7 had Megatron, who was found in Antarctica frozen by Archibald Witwicky .Mikaela and Sam joined forces with Lennox and the other Autobots to defeat the Decepticons led by all-powerfull Megatron who escaped from the base with the help of Frenzy, a little robot who can take anyform of electronic device.Megatron killed Jazz and damaged very badly Optimus,Bumblebee was damaged too during the fight.Sam put the Allspark into Megatron's chest killing him off together with the cube. After the battle in Mission City, Sam began to date Mikaela.


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    In the 2009 sequel Revenge of the Fallen, Sam is going to college and is trying to have a normal life and get away from the world savior status. But while getting ready, Sam finds a sliver of the Allspark on his jacket which give him visions similar to his great grandfather, causing him to suffer a mental breakdown as a result. Optimus turns to him for help in convincing the human government to allow the Autobots to stay. Sam refuses, saying he wants a normal life and Optimus doesn't need him anymore to which Optimus replies that they need Sam more than he knows. One of the girls in Sam's dorm who apparently likes him, Alice, turns out to be a Decepticon who attacks him. Sam is saved by Mikaela, who kills Alice. Sam is then later abducted by Decepticons to acquire the information in Sam's mind before Megatron can vent out his aggression on the boy. But after being saved by Optimus, who is killed during the fight, Sam ends up leading Mikaela, Bumblebee, his roommate Leo, the Twins: Skids and Mudflap, and Simmons in a quest to find the Matrix and use it to revive Optimus. During the final battle, Sam is killed by Megatron until he was revived by the Dynasty of Primes so he can resurrect Optimus, allowing him to kill The Fallen and save the Earth. With Earth saved once more, Sam finally admits he loves Mikaela. On an aircraft carrier later, he and Optimus thank each other, Optimus thanking Sam for saving his life and Sam for Optimus believing in him.

    Transformers Dark of the Moon

    In this movie we see Sam out of college living in Washington D.C. struggling to find a job. Bumblebee is no longer with Sam at the beginning of the movie.


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